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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tarren Mill-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Roro NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU592.2Not updated
2Ðøzo NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU590.8Not updated
2Methador HostileTarren Mill-EU590.8Not updated
4Spîx HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU590.6Not updated
4Lacus IridiumTarren Mill-EU590.6Not updated
6Trylessyo NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU590.4Not updated
7Toscar Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU590.2Not updated
7Sqwert InfiniteTarren Mill-EU590.2Not updated
7Fortune SublimeTarren Mill-EU590.2Not updated
10Echoo DracoTarren Mill-EU590.0Not updated
10Ohtar HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU590.0Not updated
12Affinchi NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU589.9Not updated
12Eníígma Special Needs ProgramTarren Mill-EU589.9Not updated
12Idrage PerfectionTarren Mill-EU589.9Not updated
12Ukalna Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU589.9Not updated
12Gráphx Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU589.9Not updated
17Fezzaa HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU589.8Not updated
17Susanó PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.8Not updated
17Ryian Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.8Not updated
20Iviy RegimeTarren Mill-EU589.6Not updated
20Omarlol The Otakus DojoTarren Mill-EU589.6Not updated
20Zammy FlurryTarren Mill-EU589.6Not updated
23Vindecare ZanityTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Deftoned HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Rêî ZanityTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Rainshadow ParantolaTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Døzo NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Nirt XtraHordinaryTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Paupau CatalystTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Cloudwolfe CerberusTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
23Fishnuts EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU589.5Not updated
32Jayels AngeredTarren Mill-EU589.4Not updated
32Xaav NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU589.4Not updated
32Jackechan HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU589.4Not updated
35Ralphsson EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
35Nyks ParantolaTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
35Narî ÐefianceTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
35Lozön Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
35Shamanting PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
35Reviled Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.2Not updated
41Zinava Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Kibu Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Anymalz CursedTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Grimkash EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Bombkat PerfectionTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Tùrtle Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Sanzela Special Needs ProgramTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Barragán PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Forceq Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Frazzen  Tarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Nnogga PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Narcoliez PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Ayumix HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
41Edgeis Thieves and BeggarsTarren Mill-EU589.1Not updated
55Scrín Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Targetdummíe Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Deadswag PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Fish PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Destroyêr  Tarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Déathwing PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Slonsmaus PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Zalival PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
55Aldonoth PrimeTarren Mill-EU589.0Not updated
64Razea InfiniteTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Belfíx CatalystTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Perd Generation SwineTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Knupzz Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Tonii Generation SwineTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Healplix UnityTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Feliara Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Clu PrimeTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Drainnolifer Chop ChopTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Xavus HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Panthea CatalystTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Nebet Eternal DawnTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Achet Knights of DawnTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Pegàz HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
64Säh RefrigeraidersTarren Mill-EU588.8Not updated
79Manablues  Tarren Mill-EU588.7Not updated
79Zephos HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU588.7Not updated
79Lymphocyte InfiniteTarren Mill-EU588.7Not updated
82Skunkworker  Tarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Skýý Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Ediel Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Gouca PrimeTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Ereb HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Astis PerfectionTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Nymez PrimeTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Loif SublimeTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Nezuc NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Zirfallon NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Coilie EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
82Turhis ParantolaTarren Mill-EU588.6Not updated
94Zerathine RealítyTarren Mill-EU588.5Not updated
94Bobomonk Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU588.5Not updated
96Crimsonray ContingencyTarren Mill-EU588.4Not updated
96Roetelm FlurryTarren Mill-EU588.4Not updated
96Aeerìs SublimeTarren Mill-EU588.4Not updated
96Inphy ÐefianceTarren Mill-EU588.4Not updated
96Uncherished IridiumTarren Mill-EU588.4Not updated

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