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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Tanaris-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Clipe The UnnamedTanaris-US589.6Not updated
2Deathmonki AnubisTanaris-US588.4
3Ionderoice The UnnamedTanaris-US588.3Not updated
3Zascha The UnnamedTanaris-US588.3Not updated
3Deathzknight The UnnamedTanaris-US588.3Not updated
6Youn The UnnamedTanaris-US588.2Not updated
7Rakez The UnnamedTanaris-US587.9Not updated
7Brandonos The UnnamedTanaris-US587.9Not updated
7Xemik The UnnamedTanaris-US587.9Not updated
7Remedie The UnnamedTanaris-US587.9Not updated
7Nokto Eighty SixTanaris-US587.9
12Clipeskeg The UnnamedTanaris-US587.6Not updated
13Gladonel Eighty SixTanaris-US587.5
13Steelblood Eighty SixTanaris-US587.5
15Veveren Eighty SixTanaris-US587.4
16Holeyshifter Eighty SixTanaris-US587.1Not updated
16Mordenov The UnnamedTanaris-US587.1Not updated
18Cressen The UnnamedTanaris-US587.0Not updated
19Mâj Eighty SixTanaris-US586.8
19Castíel The UnnamedTanaris-US586.8Not updated
19Reuerb The UnnamedTanaris-US586.8Not updated
19Solanith The UnnamedTanaris-US586.8Not updated
23Bolorice The UnnamedTanaris-US586.7Not updated
23Twistedsouls Eighty SixTanaris-US586.7Not updated
23Deathwithin Eighty SixTanaris-US586.7
26Anhora Eighty SixTanaris-US586.4
26Craggl Eighty SixTanaris-US586.4
26Experiment SlainteTanaris-US586.4
29Graffy The UnnamedTanaris-US586.3Not updated
29Krent The UnnamedTanaris-US586.3Not updated
31Caladain The UnnamedTanaris-US586.2Not updated
32Aeriscats The UnnamedTanaris-US586.1Not updated
33Ignîte Enduring VisionTanaris-US586.0
33Kanikuba The UnnamedTanaris-US586.0Not updated
33Syler The UnnamedTanaris-US586.0Not updated
33Reforge The UnnamedTanaris-US586.0Not updated
37Gangnamstyle AnubisTanaris-US585.9
37Llythian The UnnamedTanaris-US585.9Not updated
37Gatito SlainteTanaris-US585.9
40Teodora CoreTanaris-US585.6Not updated
41Felheals The Exiled FewTanaris-US585.5Not updated
41Scamwow Eighty SixTanaris-US585.5Not updated
41Erynnus Enduring VisionTanaris-US585.5
41Taterdotz Eighty SixTanaris-US585.5
41Velarox The UnnamedTanaris-US585.5Not updated
41Abhimage Eighty SixTanaris-US585.5
47Cjpal Eighty SixTanaris-US585.4
48Whaler Eighty SixTanaris-US585.3
48Àlas Eighty SixTanaris-US585.3
50Casba Eighty SixTanaris-US585.2
51Aerien AnubisTanaris-US585.1
52Adrinaria AnubisTanaris-US585.0
52Herc The UnnamedTanaris-US585.0Not updated
52Fleas The UnnamedTanaris-US585.0Not updated
52Astraelon The UnnamedTanaris-US585.0Not updated
56Rárity The UnnamedTanaris-US584.8Not updated
56Agame Eighty SixTanaris-US584.8Not updated
58Tharsis SlainteTanaris-US584.6
59Valsione Eighty SixTanaris-US584.5Not updated
59Northmán Eighty SixTanaris-US584.5Not updated
61Missbessie JadedTanaris-US584.4
62Saintly The UnnamedTanaris-US584.2Not updated
63Drallnu Figure It OutTanaris-US584.1Not updated
63Eusis Eighty SixTanaris-US584.1Not updated
65Tattoo SlainteTanaris-US584.0
66Setras The UnnamedTanaris-US583.7Not updated
67Krónic Eighty SixTanaris-US583.6Not updated
67Biggblu The Exiled FewTanaris-US583.6Not updated
67Sebastian SlainteTanaris-US583.6
70Gobbledygook SlainteTanaris-US583.3Not updated
71Touli Enduring VisionTanaris-US583.2
71Hollyblue Eighty SixTanaris-US583.2Not updated
73Bremstrahlug AnubisTanaris-US583.1
73Maps The UnnamedTanaris-US583.1Not updated
73Misfðrtune  Tanaris-US583.1Not updated
76Nevvera The UnnamedTanaris-US583.0Not updated
77Duracellrat Enduring VisionTanaris-US582.8
78Kemanorel The UnnamedTanaris-US582.7Not updated
78Allnu Enduring VisionTanaris-US582.7
78Crunchynuget Eighty SixTanaris-US582.7Not updated
81Decimate AnubisTanaris-US582.5
82Cathaleria Enduring VisionTanaris-US582.4
82Rekari SlainteTanaris-US582.4
82Cpldowden SlainteTanaris-US582.4
82Tryxi SlainteTanaris-US582.4
82Szam Eighty SixTanaris-US582.4Not updated
87Evenstar Eighty SixTanaris-US582.3
88Connoisseur SlainteTanaris-US582.2
89Iownyouall JadedTanaris-US582.0
90Myrri SlainteTanaris-US581.9Not updated
90Hexagrammos JadedTanaris-US581.9
90Highntight JadedTanaris-US581.9
93Fallingleaf JadedTanaris-US581.8
94Baubles SlainteTanaris-US581.6
94Sydeous Enduring VisionTanaris-US581.6
96Theholeynom The Exiled FewTanaris-US581.5Not updated
96Arcimius SlainteTanaris-US581.5
96Shenglong SlainteTanaris-US581.5
96Xyar SlainteTanaris-US581.5
100Gammanlord The Exiled FewTanaris-US581.4Not updated

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