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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sylvanas-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Fearies Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU590.8Not updated
1Yaahea iPuGSylvanas-EU590.8Not updated
3Dárkvil End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU589.8Not updated
3Megafail Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU589.8Not updated
5Marsupilamí The ImperiumSylvanas-EU589.6Not updated
5Cokè  Sylvanas-EU589.6Not updated
5Ggeasy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU589.6Not updated
5Sylvarena Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU589.6Not updated
9Cyniq In ProgressSylvanas-EU589.5Not updated
9Razzÿel PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU589.5Not updated
9Conflíct Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU589.5Not updated
9Cenric In ProgressSylvanas-EU589.5Not updated
13Djßestkrizze Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU589.4Not updated
13Wickedrock The IncrementSylvanas-EU589.4Not updated
15Pancha Little Guild of HorrorsSylvanas-EU589.2Not updated
15Spawnizór Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU589.2Not updated
17Smigel PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Tchaikovsky The IncrementSylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Paroxysm  Sylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Moteha  Sylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Myltorky PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Taudir Ðanish TerraceSylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Blacklophina DepthcoreSylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Heîmdall Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
17Nizzlejezzle  Sylvanas-EU589.1Not updated
26Smoothy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU589.0Not updated
27Musava In ProgressSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Critable PerplexitySylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Zakkary In ProgressSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Totemfear DepthcoreSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Mubbe ReclaimedSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Tholomina was merely a setbackSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Trikita PerplexitySylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Hethar SquirtlesSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
27Cravshammy No Hype for WipeSylvanas-EU588.8Not updated
36Flameeye Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.7Not updated
36Rullakebu ValiokuntaSylvanas-EU588.7Not updated
38Madicuz iPuGSylvanas-EU588.6Not updated
38Shamonel PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.6Not updated
38Berlinia Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.6Not updated
38Beastly Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU588.6Not updated
42Omnis Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Élyas SquirtlesSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Scrumix PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Ekdal Vengeful MercenarySylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Màtori Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Shadodea De Glade VikingerSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Littleflesh Sober DwarfSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Samssy OxicaSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
42Apexî Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU588.4Not updated
51Theodrik Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Mote  Sylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Shebow Ðanish TerraceSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Hellspinner Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Fnatick PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Nemes  Sylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Golfmedbuler OxicaSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Darkwarr PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Angelyka Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Comfort Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Êsdeath SinceritySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Maedprime Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Roxicalf Ðanish TerraceSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Cridela Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Vegi Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Naksutin The IncrementSylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Necy Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
51Pufuletzz Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.3Not updated
69Délai  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Whiteskale  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Tomesz Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Simat Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Gilbatronika Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Pyllerøx  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Reddog PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Dårkknïght RenegadeSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Hanshou Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Strage Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Nitroboomkin Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Lpx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Exidion PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Krewger Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Nublete PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Qtchoken  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Falkèn  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Impp  Sylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Fatalripper Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Xavea The IncrementSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Heartlessx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
69Dísí Ðanish TerraceSylvanas-EU588.2Not updated
91Lizzom OxicaSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Gunsablaze Betrayers of HumanitySylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Roosy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Roaríng  Sylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Fogenx Little Guild of HorrorsSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Areane Sober DwarfSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Grimfearr LegionSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
91Mcbertul In ProgressSylvanas-EU588.0Not updated
99Neekko Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU587.9Not updated
99Nenni Beyond HarmlessSylvanas-EU587.9Not updated

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