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Suramar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Hippodotimus LogicSuramar-US588.2
2Atreyuu Damage ControlSuramar-US587.1
2Creeto LogicSuramar-US587.1
4Drkmalice LogicSuramar-US586.7
4Greybow Damage ControlSuramar-US586.7
6Dookblast LogicSuramar-US586.4
7Fasani LogicSuramar-US586.3
7Bladéfox LogicSuramar-US586.3
9Eddwin One JobSuramar-US585.9
9Trolltard Damage ControlSuramar-US585.9
11Galestrider Damage ControlSuramar-US585.8
12Swagnificent LogicSuramar-US585.5
12Acklar From ChaosSuramar-US585.5
12Icarium From ChaosSuramar-US585.5
15Magicbob LogicSuramar-US585.2
16Gammstein From ChaosSuramar-US584.9
16Liquorshot LogicSuramar-US584.9
16Austin LogicSuramar-US584.9
16Trolljin LogicSuramar-US584.9
20Obfuscius From ChaosSuramar-US584.8
20Shammyface LogicSuramar-US584.8
22Dwelvenor From ChaosSuramar-US584.7
22Neogeoracer LogicSuramar-US584.7
24Imlostagain Verbal JusticeSuramar-US584.6
25Jezter Verbal JusticeSuramar-US584.4
26Harmless Damage ControlSuramar-US584.3
27Jentoo The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US584.2
28Tulanis The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US584.1
28Sameha Damage ControlSuramar-US584.1
30Balthizar One JobSuramar-US584.0
31Woodbyrd Verbal JusticeSuramar-US583.9
32Avylnn Multifarious IncSuramar-US583.8
33Scrinald Verbal JusticeSuramar-US583.3
33Suppressed LogicSuramar-US583.3
35Lillii Verbal JusticeSuramar-US583.1
36Roundrox One JobSuramar-US582.9
36Edgy LogicSuramar-US582.9
38Runarck Damage ControlSuramar-US582.8
39Electro LogicSuramar-US582.6
40Elekid LogicSuramar-US582.5
40Warpasylum The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US582.5
42Nemsekilmit The Iron BandSuramar-US582.4
43Shöt LogicSuramar-US582.3
44Kataan From ChaosSuramar-US582.2
45Thuringwethl Verbal JusticeSuramar-US581.9
46Dyron  Suramar-US581.8
47Mortis OverblinkSuramar-US581.7
47Csara The Bronze TalonSuramar-US581.7
47Flowahchild LogicSuramar-US581.7
50Swedes LogicSuramar-US581.6
50Erisson The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US581.6
50Wakener One JobSuramar-US581.6
53Blufor The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US581.5
53Eshìn Verbal JusticeSuramar-US581.5
55Nicovante Damage ControlSuramar-US581.4
56Fistsofmight BloodbathSuramar-US581.3
56Tremmor LogicSuramar-US581.3
58Kenppachi The Bronze TalonSuramar-US581.2
58Alassar The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US581.2
60Gonnek Damage ControlSuramar-US580.9Not updated
61Mecha LogicSuramar-US580.7
61Jieh BloodbathSuramar-US580.7
63Honorlymine The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US580.6
64Sithandra UnreasonableSuramar-US580.5
64Vâknâ Avenging WrathSuramar-US580.5Not updated
64Zeelakk Who Is John GaltSuramar-US580.5
67Kashara UnreasonableSuramar-US580.3
67Milenka The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US580.3
67Ketei BloodbathSuramar-US580.3
70Grapecoolaid The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US580.1
71Hýpe Blood PromiseSuramar-US580.0
72Kharadmon The Bronze TalonSuramar-US579.9
72Torkken The Bronze TalonSuramar-US579.9
72Kallock One JobSuramar-US579.9
75Bastila Damage ControlSuramar-US579.8
75Kormogon Damage ControlSuramar-US579.8
77Tatsumaki One JobSuramar-US579.7
77Saiw  Suramar-US579.7Not updated
79Reios Verbal JusticeSuramar-US579.6
80Whyt UnreasonableSuramar-US579.5
80Crowsota LogicSuramar-US579.5
82Bránu Fel HeartSuramar-US579.4
83Brogra Who Is John GaltSuramar-US579.3
83Messmutaha The Bronze TalonSuramar-US579.3
85Zaye Damage ControlSuramar-US579.1
85Thermidor The Bronze TalonSuramar-US579.1
85Zoozo Thirteen DevilsSuramar-US579.1
85Ristra The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US579.1
89Lunish One JobSuramar-US578.9Not updated
89Draeb Three Inches of BloodSuramar-US578.9
89Roflbear Verbal JusticeSuramar-US578.9
89Twodubbies The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US578.9
93Sages Who Is John GaltSuramar-US578.8
93Phermee UnreasonableSuramar-US578.8
93Braygen Damage ControlSuramar-US578.8
96Kowen The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US578.7
96Enerstorm Verbal JusticeSuramar-US578.7
96Slepnir The Bronze TalonSuramar-US578.7
99Stormageddan Six to MidnightSuramar-US578.6
99Potaotao The Bronze TalonSuramar-US578.6

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