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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Suramar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Laullix Les AssassinsSuramar-EU588.8Not updated
2Gälmärd ImhotepSuramar-EU588.4Not updated
3Læstat Les AssassinsSuramar-EU588.3Not updated
4Billoul OrigoSuramar-EU588.0Not updated
4Tuehamalou Les AssassinsSuramar-EU588.0Not updated
6Lilwhites Les AssassinsSuramar-EU587.9Not updated
7Kungfou OrigoSuramar-EU587.2Not updated
8Shadowswar Les AssassinsSuramar-EU587.1Not updated
9Impoortant Les AssassinsSuramar-EU586.9Not updated
10Vincerocade OrigoSuramar-EU586.8Not updated
11Gilrohel ImhotepSuramar-EU586.7Not updated
11Vorhawks ImhotepSuramar-EU586.7Not updated
13Tonioeusk OrigoSuramar-EU586.6Not updated
14Ergoht ImhotepSuramar-EU586.4Not updated
14Filoumago OrigoSuramar-EU586.4Not updated
16Kraøs ImhotepSuramar-EU586.3Not updated
16Orvart Les AssassinsSuramar-EU586.3Not updated
18Veyron OrigoSuramar-EU586.2Not updated
18Jocallagan ImhotepSuramar-EU586.2Not updated
20Jeru ImhotepSuramar-EU586.0Not updated
20Bracken Les AssassinsSuramar-EU586.0Not updated
22Valentinos ImhotepSuramar-EU585.9Not updated
22Tækethat ImhotepSuramar-EU585.9Not updated
24Garudo OrigoSuramar-EU585.6Not updated
25Missheal I am sterdamSuramar-EU585.5Not updated
25Nestrale Les AssassinsSuramar-EU585.5Not updated
25Chimas Les AssassinsSuramar-EU585.5Not updated
25Yokheved OrigoSuramar-EU585.5Not updated
29Marzyn ImhotepSuramar-EU585.4Not updated
29Blassreiter OrigoSuramar-EU585.4Not updated
29Silvaran The Furious FriendsSuramar-EU585.4Not updated
32Alicandar The Furious FriendsSuramar-EU585.2Not updated
32Menélor Les AssassinsSuramar-EU585.2Not updated
32Koshnak Les AssassinsSuramar-EU585.2Not updated
35Akry OrigoSuramar-EU585.1Not updated
36Bourdon Division CarnageSuramar-EU584.9Not updated
36Ydil OrigoSuramar-EU584.9Not updated
36Daedraas Les AssassinsSuramar-EU584.9Not updated
39Kÿrâ I am sterdamSuramar-EU584.8Not updated
39Eraghone ImhotepSuramar-EU584.8Not updated
39Sânglânt ImhotepSuramar-EU584.8Not updated
39Løvejøy ImhotepSuramar-EU584.8Not updated
39Mamersime  Suramar-EU584.8Not updated
44Kunag Les AssassinsSuramar-EU584.7Not updated
44Ärck Les AssassinsSuramar-EU584.7Not updated
44Criters OrigoSuramar-EU584.7Not updated
47Alvi ImhotepSuramar-EU584.6Not updated
47Lamastu Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU584.6Not updated
49Knitours les ames perduesSuramar-EU584.1Not updated
49Kïara OrigoSuramar-EU584.1Not updated
49Xtetsuo Les AssassinsSuramar-EU584.1Not updated
52Polopretress SkidbladnirSuramar-EU584.0Not updated
52Elloane ImhotepSuramar-EU584.0Not updated
52Ziqel Øne ShooTSuramar-EU584.0Not updated
55Dèsö euphorieSuramar-EU583.9Not updated
56Gaiah ImhotepSuramar-EU583.8Not updated
57Mistake ImhotepSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
57Aïwa ImhotepSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
57Akashia ImhotepSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
57Skyro OrigoSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
57Æky Le Lotus PourpreSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
57Vendellin SkidbladnirSuramar-EU583.7Not updated
63Lexamal LégendairesSuramar-EU583.4Not updated
63Arthold Les AssassinsSuramar-EU583.4Not updated
65Turindo Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU583.3Not updated
65Praha  Suramar-EU583.3Not updated
65Heynvirâ ImhotepSuramar-EU583.3Not updated
68Lid OrigoSuramar-EU583.2Not updated
68Chaxx Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU583.2Not updated
68Strygoï euphorieSuramar-EU583.2Not updated
68Vietrus Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU583.2Not updated
68Tømyun Le Lotus PourpreSuramar-EU583.2Not updated
68Karfax  Suramar-EU583.2Not updated
74Loturos Harmonia MundiSuramar-EU583.1Not updated
74Phaleonopsis Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU583.1Not updated
76Drìft Division CarnageSuramar-EU582.9Not updated
77Jimbey Division CarnageSuramar-EU582.8Not updated
77Cfrancos La Confrérie du PhoénixSuramar-EU582.8Not updated
77Shinaya  Suramar-EU582.8Not updated
77Liliebunny OrigoSuramar-EU582.8Not updated
77Chamdrox  Suramar-EU582.8Not updated
77Kurøsawa The Dead Raid TheorySuramar-EU582.8Not updated
83Röÿ ImhotepSuramar-EU582.6Not updated
84Shax euphorieSuramar-EU582.5Not updated
84Kagömé  Suramar-EU582.5Not updated
84Darkryder ImhotepSuramar-EU582.5Not updated
87Llëa Division CarnageSuramar-EU582.4Not updated
87Moytura The Dead Raid TheorySuramar-EU582.4Not updated
87Oturanh CalimehtarSuramar-EU582.4Not updated
87Prêtrebrume SkidbladnirSuramar-EU582.4Not updated
87Poüm euphorieSuramar-EU582.4Not updated
92Radagàst OrigoSuramar-EU582.2Not updated
93Gabb ImhotepSuramar-EU582.1Not updated
93Magixmagi  Suramar-EU582.1Not updated
93Verø Eutopia LegacySuramar-EU582.1Not updated
93Baju Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU582.1Not updated
97Razoredge Division CarnageSuramar-EU582.0Not updated
97Heynvirà ImhotepSuramar-EU582.0Not updated
97Aälphä  Suramar-EU582.0Not updated
97Salmonela Dragoons LegendSuramar-EU582.0Not updated

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