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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sunstrider-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Paradoxo Moral DecaySunstrider-EU589.6Not updated
2Terorr Moral DecaySunstrider-EU588.7Not updated
3Dan Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU588.6Not updated
4Next Moral DecaySunstrider-EU588.4Not updated
4Ballzakk The Laughing SkullsSunstrider-EU588.4Not updated
6Sami Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU588.3Not updated
6Cufflinks  Sunstrider-EU588.3Not updated
8Kornflake Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU588.2Not updated
8Auree Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU588.2Not updated
8Deita Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU588.2Not updated
8Warhawk Moral DecaySunstrider-EU588.2Not updated
12Shayan The CômpanySunstrider-EU588.0Not updated
13Zeddy Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.9Not updated
13Grafixx Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.9Not updated
13Nateqt Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.9Not updated
13Narkimic Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.9Not updated
17Oneway Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.7Not updated
18Erpy The CômpanySunstrider-EU587.6Not updated
18Mofro Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.6Not updated
20Boltsofchaos Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.5Not updated
20Nediyo Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.5Not updated
20Xavy Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.5Not updated
20Aquilo Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.5Not updated
20Incalcando Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.5Not updated
25Elfmoon Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.4Not updated
26Kafii Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.2Not updated
27Loganess Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Siorray Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Fluffydemon Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Ghrum Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Qixi Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Derpup Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Maldibion Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Hyenay The CômpanySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
27Vésper Moral DecaySunstrider-EU587.1Not updated
36Drigger Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.9Not updated
36Angelusmorts Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.9Not updated
36Theunderdog Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.9Not updated
39Loganesse Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
39Lotto Group TwoSunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
39Fluffytroll Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
39Swarles Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
39Hazemvp Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
39Werdup Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.8Not updated
45Aríoth Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
45Théomere Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
45Elomi The CômpanySunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
45Garrincha Hollow PointSunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
45Aridoma FlawlessSunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
45Gun Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.7Not updated
51Mentalpala The CômpanySunstrider-EU586.5Not updated
52Riftstalker Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.4Not updated
53Trissky Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.3Not updated
53Xekus Hollow PointSunstrider-EU586.3Not updated
53Ploto Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.3Not updated
56Fenika Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.2Not updated
56Quotey Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.2Not updated
58Nedíyo Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.1Not updated
58Skátiná Moral DecaySunstrider-EU586.1Not updated
60Acrylic Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.0Not updated
60Tjaernz Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.0Not updated
60Onty Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU586.0Not updated
60Ðruíd The CômpanySunstrider-EU586.0Not updated
64Spikihuve The CômpanySunstrider-EU585.9Not updated
64Perishot  Sunstrider-EU585.9Not updated
64Ávaríce CryMoreSunstrider-EU585.9Not updated
64Bwaah SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.9Not updated
68Morphh SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.8Not updated
69Kafí Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.7Not updated
69Rockhowl Moral DecaySunstrider-EU585.7Not updated
71Winspai SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Baah Hollow PointSunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Anasto  Sunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Unpure Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Objection Moral DecaySunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Snickles Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Starcallerx SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Mcquotey Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
71Softify Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.6Not updated
80Tyreens Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.5Not updated
80Manicminer WraithsSunstrider-EU585.5Not updated
82Lynixx Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU585.4Not updated
83Cindey Moral DecaySunstrider-EU585.3Not updated
84Chiká SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.2Not updated
84Mannerström The CômpanySunstrider-EU585.2Not updated
84Mentall The CômpanySunstrider-EU585.2Not updated
87Bakayoko The CômpanySunstrider-EU585.1Not updated
87Mutulica The CômpanySunstrider-EU585.1Not updated
89Defíler SynergizeSunstrider-EU585.0Not updated
90Saltebby Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU584.9Not updated
91Frissky Flat Earth SocietySunstrider-EU584.7Not updated
91Twinklordx  Sunstrider-EU584.7Not updated
91Morhoprst  Sunstrider-EU584.7Not updated
94Scots Moral DecaySunstrider-EU584.6Not updated
95Lucién SynergizeSunstrider-EU584.5Not updated
95Giom  Sunstrider-EU584.5Not updated
95Goldenheal Moral DecaySunstrider-EU584.5Not updated
95Ashyra  Sunstrider-EU584.5Not updated
99Allolo SynergizeSunstrider-EU584.4Not updated
99Speaki Boot CampSunstrider-EU584.4Not updated

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