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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Dubre Parental ControlStormscale-EU565.8Not updated
2Asalan Parental ControlStormscale-EU563.7Not updated
3Ibradotovic Parental ControlStormscale-EU550.0Not updated
3Mariqm Parental ControlStormscale-EU550.0Not updated
5Swagspéare Parental ControlStormscale-EU546.1Not updated
6Snilsolina Parental ControlStormscale-EU544.5Not updated
7Bajheeraz Parental ControlStormscale-EU538.8Not updated
8Solítaire Parental ControlStormscale-EU537.8Not updated
9Kaelly Parental ControlStormscale-EU535.1Not updated
10Xtronìc Parental ControlStormscale-EU534.6Not updated
11Dodjibree Parental ControlStormscale-EU534.2Not updated
12Henneyz Parental ControlStormscale-EU532.7Not updated
13Surgeón Parental ControlStormscale-EU532.5Not updated
14Lorrikeep Parental ControlStormscale-EU532.3Not updated
15Mjee Parental ControlStormscale-EU531.7Not updated
16Highjackx Parental ControlStormscale-EU530.8Not updated
17Villdukuras Parental ControlStormscale-EU530.3Not updated
18Fulsöt Parental ControlStormscale-EU528.6Not updated
19Clearpaw Parental ControlStormscale-EU527.6Not updated
19Miltere Parental ControlStormscale-EU527.6Not updated
21Knarkpundare Parental ControlStormscale-EU527.2Not updated
21Chroin Parental ControlStormscale-EU527.2Not updated
23Kulev Parental ControlStormscale-EU526.3Not updated
24Terriblefire Parental ControlStormscale-EU525.5Not updated
25Elronde Parental ControlStormscale-EU525.2Not updated
26Daveworstmag Parental ControlStormscale-EU523.1Not updated
27Zulblazt Parental ControlStormscale-EU522.2Not updated
28Gjonas Parental ControlStormscale-EU521.2Not updated
29Dorothee Parental ControlStormscale-EU518.6Not updated
30Lorriluring Parental ControlStormscale-EU517.5Not updated
31Niloim Parental ControlStormscale-EU515.5Not updated
32Snapkill Parental ControlStormscale-EU513.8Not updated
33Backii Parental ControlStormscale-EU512.6Not updated
34Wém Parental ControlStormscale-EU508.0Not updated
35Lumíx Parental ControlStormscale-EU505.1Not updated
36Discóhealz Parental ControlStormscale-EU502.5Not updated
37Cáésar Parental ControlStormscale-EU502.2Not updated
38Waurez Parental ControlStormscale-EU502.0Not updated
39Fomadbenchya Parental ControlStormscale-EU501.3Not updated
40Exècutè Parental ControlStormscale-EU500.5Not updated
41Piqaz Parental ControlStormscale-EU499.4Not updated
42Shoushan Parental ControlStormscale-EU499.1Not updated
43Herbez Parental ControlStormscale-EU497.4Not updated
44Nikoboss Parental ControlStormscale-EU495.6Not updated
45Rèckoning Parental ControlStormscale-EU494.7Not updated
46Evilpredator Parental ControlStormscale-EU492.9Not updated
47Hängpatten Parental ControlStormscale-EU492.5Not updated
48Tjuckah Parental ControlStormscale-EU491.7Not updated
48ßarbìe Parental ControlStormscale-EU491.7Not updated
48Qwode Parental ControlStormscale-EU491.7Not updated
51Mahaw Parental ControlStormscale-EU491.1Not updated
52Ráchid Parental ControlStormscale-EU490.8Not updated
53Crexs Parental ControlStormscale-EU490.3Not updated
54Fugal Parental ControlStormscale-EU489.9Not updated
55Lawlii Parental ControlStormscale-EU489.7Not updated
56Fleins Parental ControlStormscale-EU489.1Not updated
57Urequa Parental ControlStormscale-EU488.8Not updated
58Vonpoessje Parental ControlStormscale-EU488.7Not updated
59Zennjin Parental ControlStormscale-EU488.2Not updated
59Zenlas Parental ControlStormscale-EU488.2Not updated
61Nallarn Parental ControlStormscale-EU488.0Not updated
62Drustybro Parental ControlStormscale-EU485.6Not updated
63Igodmode Parental ControlStormscale-EU485.4Not updated
64Acronu Parental ControlStormscale-EU484.5Not updated
65Lorrivård Parental ControlStormscale-EU483.6Not updated
66Shadestalkér Parental ControlStormscale-EU483.0Not updated
67Qahpe Parental ControlStormscale-EU477.7Not updated
68Shadexz Parental ControlStormscale-EU477.4Not updated
69Fáce Parental ControlStormscale-EU476.6Not updated
70Elderton Parental ControlStormscale-EU473.3Not updated
71Greaver Parental ControlStormscale-EU466.4Not updated
72Selmá Parental ControlStormscale-EU462.9Not updated
73Piruperkele Parental ControlStormscale-EU451.9Not updated
74Zerthyo Parental ControlStormscale-EU387.1Not updated
75Flabben Parental ControlStormscale-EU369.4Not updated
76Kaôz Parental ControlStormscale-EU364.3Not updated

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