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Stormrage-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ultimecià In Other NewsStormrage-US586.1
2Tyrrae In Other NewsStormrage-US585.3
2Krishnar In Other NewsStormrage-US585.3
4Buffretdps In Other NewsStormrage-US584.6
5Shadowrader In Other NewsStormrage-US584.3
6Rhiannah In Other NewsStormrage-US583.9
7Op In Other NewsStormrage-US583.3
8Letterbomb In Other NewsStormrage-US582.8
9Salioh In Other NewsStormrage-US582.2
10Napalmgauge In Other NewsStormrage-US582.1
11Koranek In Other NewsStormrage-US580.9
11Idoc In Other NewsStormrage-US580.9
13Lexiir In Other NewsStormrage-US579.8
14Stumpan In Other NewsStormrage-US579.6
15Chriton In Other NewsStormrage-US579.4
16Catacalysmic In Other NewsStormrage-US578.5
17Howshockin In Other NewsStormrage-US578.1
18Cross In Other NewsStormrage-US577.4
19Zenìa In Other NewsStormrage-US577.1
20Avelica In Other NewsStormrage-US576.8Not updated
21Muphrid In Other NewsStormrage-US576.6
22Fenixdown In Other NewsStormrage-US575.1
22Rrell In Other NewsStormrage-US575.1
24Zahliah In Other NewsStormrage-US574.8
24Eubring In Other NewsStormrage-US574.8
26Thoranim In Other NewsStormrage-US574.3
27Midevilwitch In Other NewsStormrage-US574.1
28Nymphoroll In Other NewsStormrage-US574.0
29Riichard In Other NewsStormrage-US573.9
30Syrusrex In Other NewsStormrage-US573.6
31Bearlyheals In Other NewsStormrage-US573.1
32Milarepah In Other NewsStormrage-US572.9
33Aviendae In Other NewsStormrage-US572.7
34Kamilanea In Other NewsStormrage-US572.2
35Hezmata In Other NewsStormrage-US571.7
36Daized In Other NewsStormrage-US570.8
37Neanah In Other NewsStormrage-US570.2
37Avilah In Other NewsStormrage-US570.2
39Rikuxlli In Other NewsStormrage-US569.5
40Sparklebeard In Other NewsStormrage-US569.3
40Johndude In Other NewsStormrage-US569.3
42Kriyah In Other NewsStormrage-US569.1
43Rootee In Other NewsStormrage-US567.8
44Meteoritè In Other NewsStormrage-US567.5
45Meanrock In Other NewsStormrage-US567.2
46Gamgaar In Other NewsStormrage-US567.0
47Heavensgrac In Other NewsStormrage-US566.7
48Silentplague In Other NewsStormrage-US566.3
49Shravanii In Other NewsStormrage-US566.2
50Elgebar In Other NewsStormrage-US566.1
51Oakshlair In Other NewsStormrage-US565.6
52Lunarmist In Other NewsStormrage-US565.5
53Kevmogtu In Other NewsStormrage-US565.4
54Gampopa In Other NewsStormrage-US565.2
55Amikochan In Other NewsStormrage-US565.0
55Saviorpally In Other NewsStormrage-US565.0
57Madeinhaven In Other NewsStormrage-US564.8
57Nymphodin In Other NewsStormrage-US564.8
59Graflen In Other NewsStormrage-US564.1
60Ultiorigin In Other NewsStormrage-US563.9
61Dangazone In Other NewsStormrage-US563.7
62Helmira In Other NewsStormrage-US563.6
63Baart In Other NewsStormrage-US563.5
63Indigomøøn In Other NewsStormrage-US563.5
63Gograz In Other NewsStormrage-US563.5
63Izzysdk In Other NewsStormrage-US563.5
67Xyliia In Other NewsStormrage-US562.9
68Vylanis In Other NewsStormrage-US562.4
68Midcrisis In Other NewsStormrage-US562.4
70Zeejai In Other NewsStormrage-US561.8
71Yrvaken In Other NewsStormrage-US561.1
72Nomerci In Other NewsStormrage-US560.1
73Erodnes In Other NewsStormrage-US559.8
74Antofdeath In Other NewsStormrage-US559.1
75Smashêd In Other NewsStormrage-US558.9
76Marunar In Other NewsStormrage-US558.8
77Tavshi In Other NewsStormrage-US558.3
78Simak In Other NewsStormrage-US557.9
79Montclair In Other NewsStormrage-US557.7
80Felonias In Other NewsStormrage-US557.3
81Eminica In Other NewsStormrage-US557.2
82Griiff In Other NewsStormrage-US557.1
83Çapslock In Other NewsStormrage-US556.0
84Iblamepallys In Other NewsStormrage-US555.8
85Fathr In Other NewsStormrage-US555.4
85Lthrnck In Other NewsStormrage-US555.4
87Rikudied In Other NewsStormrage-US554.8
87Landorus In Other NewsStormrage-US554.8
89Chanhopark In Other NewsStormrage-US554.7
90Kyndi In Other NewsStormrage-US554.4
91Meansteel In Other NewsStormrage-US554.3
92Shadrana In Other NewsStormrage-US554.0
93Alnitam In Other NewsStormrage-US553.2
94Grafshu In Other NewsStormrage-US552.3
95Validation In Other NewsStormrage-US551.4
96Rikuxlil In Other NewsStormrage-US551.3
97Hematochezia In Other NewsStormrage-US551.0
98Tresda In Other NewsStormrage-US550.6
99Midevasion In Other NewsStormrage-US550.2
100Feardotcom In Other NewsStormrage-US550.0

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