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Spirestone-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1嗜血武姬 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW596.5
2小酥肉 ElantrisSpirestone-TW596.1
2Davidroman Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW596.1
2焰玥 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW596.1
5Puttje Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.7
5幻影無雙 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.7
7神就這樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.4
7崩塔 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.4
7日出茶太 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW595.4
7心蝶兒 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.4
7熊加羊 Boundary of ConquestSpirestone-TW595.4
12姿瑤 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.3
12尼中計了 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.3
12Hkfelix Eternal PeaceSpirestone-TW595.3
15Pika Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.0
15奧梵 ElantrisSpirestone-TW595.0
15渺渺兮予怀 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.0
15櫻花飛舞 ElantrisSpirestone-TW595.0
15跌破眼鏡 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW595.0
15非凡之血 MyTeammateMyHeroSpirestone-TW595.0
21殺很滿 ArchangelSpirestone-TW594.9
21優羽 Evil EmpireSpirestone-TW594.9
21玥芽兔 ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.9
21Hidi Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.9
21彼利鳥 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.9
26Hopkins Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.8
26Llideter ArchangelSpirestone-TW594.8
28神要怎樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.6
28古董公爵 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.6
28安東波瓜 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.6
31蒼天創世 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW594.5
31Yveliny ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.5
31Basilr ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.5
31Uranus ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.5
31血翼皇 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.5
31一影十字一 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW594.5
31龍悟 ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.5
31斷紙鶉 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.5
31星河夜雨 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.5
40風采 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.4
41靜靜輕輕的听 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.3
42Broggen Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.2
42岸久一鳴 DHARMASpirestone-TW594.2
42Warlaslol Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.2
42小女警香香 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.2
42幾何傳說 Boundary of ConquestSpirestone-TW594.2
42夜空之希望 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.2
48狂暴小丹尼 ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.1
48Antieke Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW594.1
48達日水 ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.1
48蘭特沛瑞斯 ElantrisSpirestone-TW594.1
48神不一樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW594.1
53尼那羊 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.9
53Uranuse ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.9
53斷紙鳶 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.9
53近戰法師 ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.9
53Ulysse ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.9
53Yvelina ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.9
53冬日楠  Spirestone-TW593.9
60阿爾喬姆 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.8
60愛上陰天 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW593.8
62牽獅虎 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW593.7
62季末不寂寞 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW593.7
64白羊座冰冰 The Requiem of RangersSpirestone-TW593.6
64一直放水屁 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW593.6
64予芷 ArtemisSpirestone-TW593.6
67Ascape 不敗神話Spirestone-TW593.5
67戰慄時空 MyTeammateMyHeroSpirestone-TW593.5
67Memorize Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW593.5
67齁哩雪特 ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.5
67暴力熊依莎貝 不敗神話Spirestone-TW593.5
72風羽天穆 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.4
72齁鋰雪特 ElantrisSpirestone-TW593.4
74日出茶汏 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW593.3
74阿捏喔 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW593.3
76Maoyoo MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW593.2
76驚呆了的瓦拉 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.2
78絕戀 Evil EmpireSpirestone-TW593.1
79神能怎樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW593.0
79神仙姐姐 EternitySpirestone-TW593.0
81Cliff Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.9
81娘嘲萎 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.9
81熊喵髮絲 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.9
81維尼吃哈密瓜  Spirestone-TW592.9
81乂藏龍乂 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW592.9
81神仙婆婆 青春之曉Spirestone-TW592.9
81弗蘭梭瓦 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.9
88神也一樣 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.8
89黎個淺笑  Spirestone-TW592.7
90我壞壞 ArchangelSpirestone-TW592.5
90Nazgulduke Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW592.5
90九毛九 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW592.5
93小女警涵涵 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.4
94魁霸天 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW592.3
94鳳凰戰神 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW592.3
96卍荒野大飆客 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW592.1
96土豆燒排骨 城管Spirestone-TW592.1
96疾風翔慟 不敗神話Spirestone-TW592.1
96奇幻騎士 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW592.1
96斷紙鵑 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592.1

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