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Spinebreaker-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Periklos HomageSpinebreaker-EU585.8
2Thedevìl HomageSpinebreaker-EU585.5
3Nicòl The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU585.1
4Soxus  Spinebreaker-EU584.8
5Helikon The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU583.3
6Gámbít The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU583.2
7Æthelstan The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU582.9
7Deathcreed The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU582.9
9Sîouxsîe HomageSpinebreaker-EU582.7
10Nicyia HomageSpinebreaker-EU582.1
10Souldust  Spinebreaker-EU582.1
12Reeku The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU581.6
13Buffadin HomageSpinebreaker-EU581.2
14Blizzstore Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU581.1
15Roccosiffred The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU579.7
16Lalle HomageSpinebreaker-EU579.6
17Colthas The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU579.3
18Decandion LaldSpinebreaker-EU578.0
19Festina HomageSpinebreaker-EU577.8
20Ølper LaldSpinebreaker-EU577.2
21Heebsalot The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU577.1
22Leimu The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU576.7
23Babeofbow The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU576.3
24Flappies LaldSpinebreaker-EU576.1
25Xcerety HomageSpinebreaker-EU575.9Not updated
26Beefman LaldSpinebreaker-EU575.8
27Shash HomageSpinebreaker-EU575.4
28Sivis Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU574.9
29Oux LaldSpinebreaker-EU574.6
30Arieen The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU574.5
31Despar Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU574.3
31Fläskläpp LaldSpinebreaker-EU574.3
33Frozty LaldSpinebreaker-EU574.1
34Ruanna Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU573.9
34Sharlinea The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU573.9
36Yujiro Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU573.8
37Barøn North LegionSpinebreaker-EU573.7
38Snubab Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU573.5
39Nathi  Spinebreaker-EU572.8
39Belestra HomageSpinebreaker-EU572.8
41Parranoya HomageSpinebreaker-EU572.5
41Predátór HomageSpinebreaker-EU572.5
43Minionator  Spinebreaker-EU571.9
43Aiothtil HomageSpinebreaker-EU571.9
43Mistyblitz LaldSpinebreaker-EU571.9
46Fluba KOMIATSpinebreaker-EU571.5
47Sunblight The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU571.3Not updated
48Elríc The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU571.2
49Eviltitii Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU570.7
50Madason Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU570.5
50Enlightend HomageSpinebreaker-EU570.5
52Hannsolo The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU570.4
53Dkfrisko Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU570.3
54Serenitee Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU570.1
54Eviltiti Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU570.1
56Guzmann HomageSpinebreaker-EU569.9
57Razzlock The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU569.4
58Grönbh LaldSpinebreaker-EU569.3
59Droktar The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU569.0
60Semperfie Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU568.9
61Tvättbräda LaldSpinebreaker-EU568.8
62Devoon The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU568.6
63Chopfee Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU567.9
64Alessandrá The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU567.7
65Lòckcreed The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU567.0
66Akaad Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU566.9
67Hannesdaw The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU566.8
68Kinselldræn Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU566.7
69Emilith HomageSpinebreaker-EU566.3
70Grommelyn LaldSpinebreaker-EU566.2
70Sherrmin Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU566.2Not updated
72Holycreedz The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU565.8
73Valah  Spinebreaker-EU565.7Not updated
74Bouncè The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU565.5
75Doiran The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU565.1
75Brootje Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU565.1
77Krayzie Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU564.9
77Yuhi RejectedSpinebreaker-EU564.9
79Smillah Svenskt KöttSpinebreaker-EU564.8
79Taurentony Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU564.8Not updated
81Noxxys Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU564.6
82Gridor Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU564.4
82Pluxi DanishFightersSpinebreaker-EU564.4
84Mirakelix Svenskt KöttSpinebreaker-EU564.3
85Déadéye The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU564.2Not updated
85Huuntrez DanishFightersSpinebreaker-EU564.2
87Thel Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU564.1
87Rise The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU564.1
87Arayana The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU564.1
90Soluna The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU564.0
91Glasseyy Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU563.9
92Eitje Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU563.8Not updated
93Shardot The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU563.7
94Akiria LaldSpinebreaker-EU563.6
95Xipetotec Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU563.2Not updated
95Sempertje Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU563.2
97Semperstyle Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU563.0
97Stålplåt LaldSpinebreaker-EU563.0
99Zédék The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU562.9
100Paimeï Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU562.8

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