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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Skywall-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Phantum TherapySkywall-US589.6Not updated
2Athan TherapySkywall-US587.9Not updated
3Dimmu AudacitySkywall-US587.6Not updated
4Toolban C H A O SSkywall-US587.5Not updated
4Violente TherapySkywall-US587.5Not updated
4Hilly AudacitySkywall-US587.5Not updated
7Ares Light BrigadeSkywall-US587.2Not updated
7Metah Light BrigadeSkywall-US587.2Not updated
9Marrx Light BrigadeSkywall-US587.1Not updated
9Bowwow TherapySkywall-US587.1Not updated
9Feralwarrior TherapySkywall-US587.1Not updated
9Rvr TherapySkywall-US587.1Not updated
13Lumidee TherapySkywall-US586.8Not updated
14Mafic AudacitySkywall-US586.7Not updated
14Shalavan AudacitySkywall-US586.7Not updated
14Furryone Light BrigadeSkywall-US586.7Not updated
14Nabetiger C H A O SSkywall-US586.7Not updated
18Hassa AudacitySkywall-US586.4Not updated
18Rut AudacitySkywall-US586.4Not updated
18Ardent Seven Day BanSkywall-US586.4Not updated
18Plotline TherapySkywall-US586.4Not updated
22Ocyrix Pocky NinjasSkywall-US586.3Not updated
23Aerinazrael TherapySkywall-US586.2Not updated
23Oroweat Light BrigadeSkywall-US586.2Not updated
25Ghoulraiser TherapySkywall-US586.1Not updated
26Groundwalker Light BrigadeSkywall-US586.0Not updated
26Braenne TherapySkywall-US586.0Not updated
28Ulrefned Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.9Not updated
28Vailnis TherapySkywall-US585.9Not updated
30Iceanna Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.8Not updated
31Llisae AudacitySkywall-US585.6Not updated
31Rellok AudacitySkywall-US585.6Not updated
31Kelena Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.6Not updated
31Renfy Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.6Not updated
35Oric Seven Day BanSkywall-US585.5Not updated
36Màss  Skywall-US585.3Not updated
37Kashii AudacitySkywall-US585.2Not updated
37Ixiatchicual AudacitySkywall-US585.2Not updated
37Lustfordeath Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.2Not updated
40Voprix Be Your True MindSkywall-US585.1Not updated
41Mysticreaper DauntlessSkywall-US585.0Not updated
42Wahnsinn TherapySkywall-US584.9Not updated
43Wackytabacie TherapySkywall-US584.8Not updated
43Blackcowman Be Your True MindSkywall-US584.8Not updated
45Clianton Light BrigadeSkywall-US584.7Not updated
46Vondo Be Your True MindSkywall-US584.6Not updated
46Bittersorrow Be Your True MindSkywall-US584.6Not updated
48Solá  Skywall-US584.5Not updated
48Feelmypain Holy ReignSkywall-US584.5Not updated
48Vynlarran TherapySkywall-US584.5Not updated
48Thunderdomè DysfunctionalSkywall-US584.5Not updated
52Utreatmewong TherapySkywall-US584.4Not updated
52Breakr Light BrigadeSkywall-US584.4Not updated
54Kolen Light BrigadeSkywall-US584.3Not updated
55Tanarsis AudacitySkywall-US584.1Not updated
55Drag AudacitySkywall-US584.1Not updated
55Greylan Seven Day BanSkywall-US584.1Not updated
55Lightstryker Be Your True MindSkywall-US584.1Not updated
55Innocense Almost SaneSkywall-US584.1Not updated
60Galcion Dark AnimositySkywall-US584.0Not updated
61Ezzinosa Be Your True MindSkywall-US583.8Not updated
61Cassara Be Your True MindSkywall-US583.8Not updated
63Abbathor AudacitySkywall-US583.7Not updated
63Minidots TherapySkywall-US583.7Not updated
63Remaked Light BrigadeSkywall-US583.7Not updated
63Illilli Light BrigadeSkywall-US583.7Not updated
67Ghazz Almost SaneSkywall-US583.6Not updated
67Shortcircuit AudacitySkywall-US583.6Not updated
67Fortuné Light BrigadeSkywall-US583.6Not updated
70Worldonlock PowerslavesSkywall-US583.5Not updated
71Jodax Seven Day BanSkywall-US583.4Not updated
72Grystone Be Your True MindSkywall-US583.2Not updated
72Irkenfox Almost SaneSkywall-US583.2Not updated
74Siuann Seven Day BanSkywall-US583.1Not updated
75Zeeshams Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US582.8Not updated
75Shadowfawks Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US582.8Not updated
75Ulnuk  Skywall-US582.8Not updated
78Duskvoid Second ChanceSkywall-US582.7Not updated
79Booneydune Seven Day BanSkywall-US582.5Not updated
79Emthree Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US582.5Not updated
79Zippers Be Your True MindSkywall-US582.5Not updated
82Willferel Be Your True MindSkywall-US582.4Not updated
82Medpak C H A O SSkywall-US582.4Not updated
82Tarismon Seven Day BanSkywall-US582.4Not updated
85Anyâ Almost SaneSkywall-US582.3Not updated
85Acatradow Skywall NforcersSkywall-US582.3Not updated
87Khaozz Almost SaneSkywall-US582.1Not updated
87Wesleysniper ReAwakenSkywall-US582.1Not updated
87Icfreemoney  Skywall-US582.1Not updated
87Furymain Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US582.1Not updated
87Rahael Be Your True MindSkywall-US582.1Not updated
87Funyun Be Your True MindSkywall-US582.1Not updated
93Pallykazaam Be Your True MindSkywall-US582.0Not updated
93Greytank Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US582.0Not updated
93Strengths Dark AnimositySkywall-US582.0Not updated
96Ellement AudacitySkywall-US581.9Not updated
96Dragette AudacitySkywall-US581.9Not updated
96Flaeta Almost SaneSkywall-US581.9Not updated
96Promisin Be Your True MindSkywall-US581.9Not updated
100Chandy AudacitySkywall-US581.8Not updated

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