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Skywall-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Shalavan AudacitySkywall-US585.9
2Hassa AudacitySkywall-US585.2
3Ulrefned Light BrigadeSkywall-US585.0
4Hornicao TherapySkywall-US584.9
5Rut AudacitySkywall-US584.6
6Drag AudacitySkywall-US584.3
7Màss TherapySkywall-US583.9
7Hippodamia TherapySkywall-US583.9
9Violente TherapySkywall-US583.8
9Hamnurabi TherapySkywall-US583.8
11Rellok AudacitySkywall-US583.7
12Wahnsinn TherapySkywall-US583.5
13Bittersorrow Be Your True MindSkywall-US583.1
14Marrx Light BrigadeSkywall-US582.9
15Bowwow TherapySkywall-US582.7
16Lustfordeath Light BrigadeSkywall-US582.6
17Remaked Light BrigadeSkywall-US582.3
18Feralwarrior TherapySkywall-US582.1
19Selstrom TherapySkywall-US581.9
20Ellement AudacitySkywall-US581.8
21Clianton Light BrigadeSkywall-US581.6
21Oroweat Light BrigadeSkywall-US581.6
23Furryone Light BrigadeSkywall-US581.3
24Irkenfox Almost SaneSkywall-US580.8
24Ghoulraiser TherapySkywall-US580.8
26Dimmu AudacitySkywall-US580.7
27Ghazz Almost SaneSkywall-US580.6
27Metah Light BrigadeSkywall-US580.6
27Fusore  Skywall-US580.6
30Ixiatchicual AudacitySkywall-US580.4
31Zippers Be Your True MindSkywall-US580.3
32Clynlyn TherapySkywall-US580.2
32Linesk TherapySkywall-US580.2
34Kelena Light BrigadeSkywall-US580.1
35Selexi Almost SaneSkywall-US579.6
35Aluaa Dark AnimositySkywall-US579.6
37Chandy AudacitySkywall-US579.4
37Metacercaria Light BrigadeSkywall-US579.4
39Cassara Be Your True MindSkywall-US579.1
40Vynlarran TherapySkywall-US578.9
41Khaozz Almost SaneSkywall-US578.7
42Utreatmewong TherapySkywall-US578.6
43Ocyrix Pocky NinjasSkywall-US578.5
43Rahael Be Your True MindSkywall-US578.5
45Rvr TherapySkywall-US578.3
46Thalkrin Legions of HonorSkywall-US578.2
46Bobfu AudacitySkywall-US578.2
48Braenne TherapySkywall-US577.9
48Wackytabacie TherapySkywall-US577.9
48Flaeta Almost SaneSkywall-US577.9
51Funyun Be Your True MindSkywall-US577.8
51Athan TherapySkywall-US577.8
53Luluboom Chosen OnesSkywall-US577.6
54Innocense Almost SaneSkywall-US577.4
55Rhude TherapySkywall-US577.3
56Kolen Light BrigadeSkywall-US577.2
56Furuichi TherapySkywall-US577.2
58Prieses Almost SaneSkywall-US576.9
59Rahlar HARMONYSkywall-US576.8
60Bullweevil TherapySkywall-US576.6
61Ezzinosa TherapySkywall-US576.5
61Paulbunyon Almost SaneSkywall-US576.5
63Shadowfawks Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US576.3
64Vailnis TherapySkywall-US576.2
65Lightstryker Be Your True MindSkywall-US576.1
66Reddistari Be Your True MindSkywall-US575.9
67Emthree Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US575.8
68Hunterchic TargaryensSkywall-US575.7
68Strangerer PowerslavesSkywall-US575.7
70Faunaphobia TherapySkywall-US575.6
71Worldonlock InsanítySkywall-US575.5
71Bushsbuddy Seven Day BanSkywall-US575.5
71Telesphoruus Chosen OnesSkywall-US575.5
74Drywater Second ChanceSkywall-US575.3
74Norrek TherapySkywall-US575.3Not updated
74Saphraa CriticalErrorSkywall-US575.3
74Enyó Pocky NinjasSkywall-US575.3
74Shrpshooterz Squirrels Gone WildSkywall-US575.3
79Medpak C H A O SSkywall-US575.2
80Mysticreaper DauntlessSkywall-US575.1
80Wildbeautee Crusaders of the nightSkywall-US575.1
80Furymain Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US575.1
83Pogeytech Skywall EnforcersSkywall-US575.0
84Greylan Seven Day BanSkywall-US574.9
84Stfortuna Light BrigadeSkywall-US574.9
84Warchic TargaryensSkywall-US574.9
87Slinkyminx Be Your True MindSkywall-US574.8
88Pallykazaam Be Your True MindSkywall-US574.7
88Jaärk Be Your True MindSkywall-US574.7
90Doileag Paws for ConcernSkywall-US574.6
90Cynnil Be Your True MindSkywall-US574.6
92Requinix TorturedSkywall-US574.5
92Troubles ARMXSkywall-US574.5
92Bustinguts SWATSkywall-US574.5
92Snâil  Skywall-US574.5
96Perico Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US574.4
97Dethklokpaly Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US574.3
97Hilly AudacitySkywall-US574.3
97Justaslayer PowerslavesSkywall-US574.3
100Bearburger Second ChanceSkywall-US574.2

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