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Shattered Hand-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Explosivo VictusShattered Hand-EU589.9
2Shogo VictusShattered Hand-EU589.4
3Rìku PracticeShattered Hand-EU589.0
4Meleena KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU588.7
4Beeson VictusShattered Hand-EU588.7
6Losaliya E V OShattered Hand-EU588.3
6Xenaké VictusShattered Hand-EU588.3
6Larppa KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU588.3
6Escaflown PracticeShattered Hand-EU588.3
6Proslayér VictusShattered Hand-EU588.3
11Kòk E V OShattered Hand-EU588.2
11Gabbexd PracticeShattered Hand-EU588.2
11Filtteri KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU588.2
14Keggek KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Emil VictusShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Ahya E V OShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Mishh PracticeShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Ikati Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Soirx E V OShattered Hand-EU587.9
14Zpzerot E V OShattered Hand-EU587.9
21Rahtae FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.8
21Rosslol FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.8
23Kvothe FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.7
24Blindvanish VictusShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Xern FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Ellizia FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Archseth KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Xiaoxiaxiami E V OShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Jäägarfan VictusShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Cyntrome PracticeShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Alexke Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Ashblock E V OShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Carolíne VictusShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Trailgun No RegretsShattered Hand-EU587.5
24Zorthne E V OShattered Hand-EU587.5
36Carlaena FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.3
37Nawky VictusShattered Hand-EU587.2
37Veryalive SPELShattered Hand-EU587.2
39Zeeyx PracticeShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Míneo PracticeShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Solacexd PracticeShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Aerolite KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Isildarlol FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Tekau FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Mythak DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU587.1
39Optikuzz DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU587.1
47Draloré VictusShattered Hand-EU587.0
47Ryukooh E V OShattered Hand-EU587.0
47Ccbataar VictusShattered Hand-EU587.0
50Boegroeff PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.9
50Gordon Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU586.9
50Ashinto PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.9
53Smexi PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.8
53Oseth Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU586.8
53Zuw FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.8
53Lame FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.8
53Santin VictusShattered Hand-EU586.8
58Shaven No RegretsShattered Hand-EU586.7
58Skatearn Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU586.7
58Entti KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU586.7
58Plaxizxd PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.7
58Tózz SPELShattered Hand-EU586.7
63Krayzee FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.6
63Spurgú KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU586.6
63Stilig Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU586.6
66Sonac No RegretsShattered Hand-EU586.5
66Runge  Shattered Hand-EU586.5
66Elfish No RegretsShattered Hand-EU586.5
66Nuumb PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.5
70Risodlarn DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU586.4
70Bubbleble E V OShattered Hand-EU586.4
70Zeedojin Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU586.4
73Cesva No RegretsShattered Hand-EU586.3
73Benisakura E V OShattered Hand-EU586.3
73Jasonmarz E V OShattered Hand-EU586.3
73Ziha Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU586.3
73Bearclooney  Shattered Hand-EU586.3
78Repaslapp PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.2
78Avicebron Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU586.2
78Snegarn VictusShattered Hand-EU586.2
78Keltsi KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU586.2
82Veliath DC klubbenShattered Hand-EU586.1
82Cykel FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.1
82Razecog FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.1
82Dazsh FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.1
86Tusn FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU586.0
86Methylsiá Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU586.0
86Niffsterxd PracticeShattered Hand-EU586.0
86Munksture  Shattered Hand-EU586.0
86Blacklait E V OShattered Hand-EU586.0
86Ceomao E V OShattered Hand-EU586.0
92Jezza VictusShattered Hand-EU585.9
92Lenövo E V OShattered Hand-EU585.9
92Unicko PracticeShattered Hand-EU585.9
92Leolai Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU585.9
92Darron SPELShattered Hand-EU585.9
92Zuckerhasi dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU585.9
98Xoroz VictusShattered Hand-EU585.8
99Åpocalypse ETHERShattered Hand-EU585.7
99Thaname KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU585.7

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