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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Hand-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vernia AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US590.4Not updated
2Jarlim EnclaveShattered Hand-US590.2Not updated
3Oggy TyrannyShattered Hand-US589.8Not updated
4Vraine TyrannyShattered Hand-US589.5Not updated
5Zugmaster ApophasisShattered Hand-US589.1Not updated
5Tulani TyrannyShattered Hand-US589.1Not updated
7Spirillum TyrannyShattered Hand-US589.0Not updated
7Zenaide EnclaveShattered Hand-US589.0Not updated
7Sarah EnclaveShattered Hand-US589.0Not updated
7Erran TyrannyShattered Hand-US589.0Not updated
11Sathria AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US588.8Not updated
11Beantot AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US588.8Not updated
13Echoics TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.7Not updated
14Jakesterwars TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.6Not updated
14Arij TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.6Not updated
16Protostout TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
16Vinceypoo EnclaveShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
16Tyrindor TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
16Dirigible EnclaveShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
16Luhrsy EnclaveShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
16Sayj Whack a GnomeShattered Hand-US588.3Not updated
22Scragula TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
22Moogykins TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
22Wuffle TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
22Multichill ApophasisShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
22Cuddlebears EnclaveShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
22Fr TyrannyShattered Hand-US588.2Not updated
28Nagello ApophasisShattered Hand-US588.0Not updated
29Mosumoto EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Errancawz TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Evacaneer EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Monaz EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Dadric EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Adeno TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Töë ApophasisShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Particle  Shattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Monsoonqt TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Pretzul TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Captdeadman TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Kràtos EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Illusion EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Decoran EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Kanye EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
29Thaleous TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.9Not updated
45Zurick TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.8Not updated
46Furrjin AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US587.6Not updated
46Guily  Shattered Hand-US587.6Not updated
48Kylixen AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Poppincapsyo TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Bethiana AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Thoroden AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Zorosblade  Shattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Iysdexia TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Drewader TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Skroesec TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Crowbarx ApophasisShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Deya TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Darksecretz EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Infinity EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Foops ApophasisShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Prõdigy ApophasisShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Fiona TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
48Nivia AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US587.5Not updated
64Ricket TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.3Not updated
65Zerogorn EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Errandos TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Ulchi TyrannyShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Pem Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Tombkeeper Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Asokan EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Nightdemonxx ApophasisShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
65Serenity EnclaveShattered Hand-US587.1Not updated
73Sean ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.8Not updated
73Chibrewz ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.8Not updated
73Crivertemer Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US586.8Not updated
73Fron AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US586.8Not updated
77Slàpler EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.7Not updated
77Shaznô AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US586.7Not updated
77Anvion ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.7Not updated
77Yurqx ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.7Not updated
81Elethea TyrannyShattered Hand-US586.6Not updated
82Epirote EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.5Not updated
83Pashmatatoe EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.4Not updated
83Sephurik TyrannyShattered Hand-US586.4Not updated
83Deimos AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US586.4Not updated
83Dakkian EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.4Not updated
83Deychi TyrannyShattered Hand-US586.4Not updated
88Vilesilencer EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.3Not updated
88Cardiabifida TyrannyShattered Hand-US586.3Not updated
90Intrepid TyrannyShattered Hand-US586.2Not updated
90Hypnotiq AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US586.2Not updated
92Mariochief EnclaveShattered Hand-US586.1Not updated
93Zodicoos ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.0Not updated
93Sithlol ApophasisShattered Hand-US586.0Not updated
93Vemo  Shattered Hand-US586.0Not updated
96Laniellin EnclaveShattered Hand-US585.9Not updated
96Infernos Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US585.9Not updated
96Viì AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US585.9Not updated
99Dragon AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US585.8Not updated
100Oltanya TyrannyShattered Hand-US585.6Not updated

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