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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Halls-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Thrahn Red BranchShattered Halls-US588.0Not updated
1Happyfury Red BranchShattered Halls-US588.0Not updated
3Metamucil Red BranchShattered Halls-US587.9Not updated
4Sinaptic Red BranchShattered Halls-US587.1Not updated
5Brianboru Red BranchShattered Halls-US586.8Not updated
6Iceandfire Red BranchShattered Halls-US586.3Not updated
7Wabbajackk FogOfWarShattered Halls-US585.9Not updated
8Nictayver Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.5Not updated
9Zodiacx Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.4Not updated
10Coldasballz Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.2Not updated
10Quadbaby Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.2Not updated
12Restochangeo Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.1Not updated
12Khraal Red BranchShattered Halls-US585.1Not updated
14Rokoki Red BranchShattered Halls-US584.9Not updated
15Zashule Red BranchShattered Halls-US584.6Not updated
15Nexviscus GetMadYouBadShattered Halls-US584.6Not updated
17Hawk Red BranchShattered Halls-US584.4Not updated
18Synnove Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US583.6Not updated
19Elementdark Red BranchShattered Halls-US583.3Not updated
20Achar Red BranchShattered Halls-US582.9Not updated
21Solarth Red BranchShattered Halls-US582.5Not updated
21Fulgur Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US582.5Not updated
23Trebal Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US582.3Not updated
24Trojan Red BranchShattered Halls-US582.1Not updated
25Kidmagics Red BranchShattered Halls-US582.0Not updated
25Camytha FogOfWarShattered Halls-US582.0Not updated
27Auninymityy FogOfWarShattered Halls-US581.9Not updated
27Arobyii Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US581.9Not updated
29Helgarte Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US581.1Not updated
29Trionairis  Shattered Halls-US581.1Not updated
29Grizzled FogOfWarShattered Halls-US581.1Not updated
32Magepewpew FogOfWarShattered Halls-US580.9Not updated
33Moonblue  Shattered Halls-US580.7Not updated
34Tictock Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US580.6Not updated
35Geriarin  Shattered Halls-US580.4Not updated
36Oskyris  Shattered Halls-US580.2Not updated
37Ayiana  Shattered Halls-US579.9Not updated
37Dfreshdolla FogOfWarShattered Halls-US579.9Not updated
37Fâyul Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US579.9Not updated
40Fayul Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US579.7Not updated
41Repairz FogOfWarShattered Halls-US579.5Not updated
42Pearlrayne Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US579.2Not updated
43Sigera Red BranchShattered Halls-US579.1Not updated
43Natiery FogOfWarShattered Halls-US579.1Not updated
45Themesong FogOfWarShattered Halls-US578.7Not updated
46Naughtycuffs EclïpseShattered Halls-US578.6Not updated
46Cyinn Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US578.6Not updated
48Gluthoric FogOfWarShattered Halls-US578.3Not updated
49Halluulin The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US578.2Not updated
50Thyck FogOfWarShattered Halls-US578.1Not updated
51Radagaz Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US577.9Not updated
51Qbert You Cereal Cpn KrunchShattered Halls-US577.9Not updated
53Unholykur EclïpseShattered Halls-US577.6Not updated
54Alex  Shattered Halls-US577.5Not updated
55Detherok Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US577.4Not updated
56Samesar The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US577.3Not updated
56Danieljmw Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US577.3Not updated
58Strangewood The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US577.1Not updated
58Ochossi EclïpseShattered Halls-US577.1Not updated
58Lottiedottie Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US577.1Not updated
58Pewpewkiwi  Shattered Halls-US577.1Not updated
62Maskedangel SnäppedShattered Halls-US577.0Not updated
63Yuukii EclïpseShattered Halls-US576.9Not updated
64Imoka FogOfWarShattered Halls-US576.8Not updated
65Moonfailia Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US576.7Not updated
66Yúlon Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US576.6Not updated
67Hólyó FogOfWarShattered Halls-US576.4Not updated
67Bootbuss EclïpseShattered Halls-US576.4Not updated
69Mikahail The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US576.3Not updated
70Darigaz FogOfWarShattered Halls-US576.2Not updated
70Deathrath EclïpseShattered Halls-US576.2Not updated
72Giwis EclïpseShattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
72Krantz FogOfWarShattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
72Strangesham EclïpseShattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
72Sintaruna The BrowncoatsShattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
72Jasatwo Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
72Durrek  Shattered Halls-US575.9Not updated
78Drakonia FogOfWarShattered Halls-US575.8Not updated
78Icepic The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US575.8Not updated
80Leeteracola FogOfWarShattered Halls-US575.7Not updated
81Orthelo You Cereal Cpn KrunchShattered Halls-US575.5Not updated
81Intns EclïpseShattered Halls-US575.5Not updated
81Quisse EclïpseShattered Halls-US575.5Not updated
84Acorn Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US575.4Not updated
85Infintality KJS EVERY THURSDAYShattered Halls-US575.3Not updated
85Shaid Red BranchShattered Halls-US575.3Not updated
87Ranumn Red BranchShattered Halls-US575.1Not updated
87Sillymonk FogOfWarShattered Halls-US575.1Not updated
89Imagenation Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US575.0Not updated
90Bremmi  Shattered Halls-US574.7Not updated
90Immvp GetMadYouBadShattered Halls-US574.7Not updated
92Droglock FogOfWarShattered Halls-US574.6Not updated
92Cryotess You Cereal Cpn KrunchShattered Halls-US574.6Not updated
94Rupertpupkin Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US574.5Not updated
94Willowynd Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US574.5Not updated
94Lonesumdove  Shattered Halls-US574.5Not updated
97Swiftpop Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US574.4Not updated
97Nofeeling FogOfWarShattered Halls-US574.4Not updated
99Strangechill EclïpseShattered Halls-US574.3Not updated
100Swindael Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US574.2Not updated

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