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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadowmoon-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1夢之聖痕 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW597.3Not updated
2古蛋蛋 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW597.2Not updated
2聖光電燈泡 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW597.2Not updated
4深紅虞美人 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW596.9Not updated
5醉環真 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5斷弦的吉他 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5拉賓 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5黑如此強大 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5Elkeid UnicusShadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5水漾漾 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5古越西施 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
5Nilaya 老爺快點夫人會看見Shadowmoon-TW596.5Not updated
13嚴重程式錯誤 Warm nestShadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13里見孝太郎 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13Verrisa  Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13彼蘊濤 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13Arcjoe UnicusShadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13一塊狼肉 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13寶利達逼 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13影之光月 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13紅月在天 Invisible HandShadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13一雲中龍一 雪焰之月Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13妖精黑天使  Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13聖光女武神 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
13和諧獸王丸 一路饅頭後援會Shadowmoon-TW596.1Not updated
26小以 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26沐月天光 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26劍舞飄飄 TouchShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26天堂秋風 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26命運之綺 轉動命運之輪Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26雲妡 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26拉哈爾 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Kieke 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26夜殤神話 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26胖達兒 美美家族Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Xce  Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Apdo 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26果爆爆 pinnacleShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26喇椒船長 Emerald DreamShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Marianna NIMALAShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26夜冰瑩 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26一陸雪琪一 無盡的遠征Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26件貳參 雷遍暗影Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26不趴 伊斯特Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Viburnum 黎明曙光Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26打死不承認 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26款冬 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
26Odina pinnacleShadowmoon-TW595.8Not updated
49Redmooninsky 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49您好鹽酥雞 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49霏莉希亞  Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49Fallenext Last ExileShadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49韓玲紗 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49幽冥獵人  Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49絕望的終點 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49你快到碗裡來 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49茜翎 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49Babykuma 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49冥滅蒼龍 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49心落無痕 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49風鈴月光 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49馡雪 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49烏德 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
49德魯果果 Quiet summerShadowmoon-TW595.7Not updated
65開箱不要錢 TouchShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65蒼羽之首 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65功夫饅頭 NIMALAShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65一今生無悔一 一非法入侵一Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65馬克斯蘭 NIMALAShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65四葉霜霜 Lightning RaiderShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65菲采 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65朵拉根史雷普 Last ExileShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65胖咖 NetherwingShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65瓦姆烏 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65萌萌蛋 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65萊玖雷特 Walk the EarthShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65貓小詩 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65壞滅 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65Polypipi 老爺快點夫人會看見Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
65劍舞飄揚 白色獠牙Shadowmoon-TW595.4Not updated
81阿賓哥 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81睡蛋仔 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81Ava 提里奧之誓Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81越飛越高 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81火眼婧婧 聖譽Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81酒醉夢醒 Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81黛安那 NIMALAShadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81幽冥瑾軒  Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81芷小絮 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81Carrol 轉動命運之輪Shadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
81淺淺梨窩 Patron of the moonShadowmoon-TW595.3Not updated
92夢想的起點 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW595.2Not updated
93亞斯塔祿 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93Listing 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93圈叉你個三角 LunaShadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93危險的小龍 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93希莉婭允玥 Whisper The FaithShadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93Macos NIMALAShadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93寧芯 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated
93晴朗  Shadowmoon-TW595.0Not updated

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