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Sen'jin-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Orczz Big CritsSen'jin-US587.5
1Sntpeter Big CritsSen'jin-US587.5
3Sintacs Big CritsSen'jin-US587.4
4Jabuzan Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US586.3
4Jorrd Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US586.3
6Astheria Big CritsSen'jin-US586.1
6Lethkar Big CritsSen'jin-US586.1
8Ethiliel Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US585.9
9Meatslicer Big CritsSen'jin-US585.8
10Tomoe Big CritsSen'jin-US585.6
10Alysrazor Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US585.6
10Cantbearyou Big CritsSen'jin-US585.6
13Orangepeel Big CritsSen'jin-US585.1
13Hoodovoodoo Big CritsSen'jin-US585.1
13Espoire Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US585.1
16Slipplock Big CritsSen'jin-US584.9
17Allería Big CritsSen'jin-US584.7
17Ailthas Big CritsSen'jin-US584.7
19Shadows Big CritsSen'jin-US584.6
20Jénnå RequìemSen'jin-US584.1
21Ducard Big CritsSen'jin-US583.9
22Suzushiirou Big CritsSen'jin-US583.8
23Sheiihan  Sen'jin-US583.7
24Geist Big CritsSen'jin-US583.2
24Rashnau Big CritsSen'jin-US583.2
26Mcvanquish Big CritsSen'jin-US583.1
26Cybb Big CritsSen'jin-US583.1Not updated
28Therec Big CritsSen'jin-US583.0
29Khiran Big CritsSen'jin-US582.9
30Nias PhantomSen'jin-US582.8
31Whísp Big CritsSen'jin-US582.6
32Slevd Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US582.5
33Em Big CritsSen'jin-US582.4
34ßruenor The DragonsSen'jin-US582.2
34Shadowofrolo  Sen'jin-US582.2
36Fimbulvintr ZombieSen'jin-US582.1
37Elorenia Imminent FailureSen'jin-US582.0
38Amaterasu Imminent FailureSen'jin-US581.6
38Elvikii PhantomSen'jin-US581.6
38Booneydune  Sen'jin-US581.6
41Tact Big CritsSen'jin-US581.5Not updated
42Demoralize Imminent FailureSen'jin-US581.4
42Kannata Big CritsSen'jin-US581.4
44Savíor PhantomSen'jin-US581.3
44Tîtan Big CritsSen'jin-US581.3
46Deadmeowse Imminent FailureSen'jin-US581.2
46Tunari  Sen'jin-US581.2
48Jiune Big CritsSen'jin-US581.1
49Mineerva Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US581.0
50Whisperwóod RequìemSen'jin-US580.9
50Pookìee Big CritsSen'jin-US580.9
52Undeadhazeus Big CritsSen'jin-US580.8
52Michealvi PhantomSen'jin-US580.8
54Essence Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US580.7
55Spinnawhy Big CritsSen'jin-US580.6
55Cmarc PhantomSen'jin-US580.6
55Pallyytank Big CritsSen'jin-US580.6
58Aybará ZombieSen'jin-US580.5
58Törmented ZombieSen'jin-US580.5
60Rudak RequìemSen'jin-US580.4
61Mokan Imminent FailureSen'jin-US580.2
62Musicmaker Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US580.1
62Ânathema Big CritsSen'jin-US580.1
62Beargonomnom RequìemSen'jin-US580.1
65Ballzinuit Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US580.0
66Dragule Imminent FailureSen'jin-US579.9
66Keldorn Imminent FailureSen'jin-US579.9
66Ukahen Big CritsSen'jin-US579.9
69Clucknorris Big CritsSen'jin-US579.7
70Lavran Imminent FailureSen'jin-US579.5
70Blitz Big CritsSen'jin-US579.5
70Kallani RequìemSen'jin-US579.5
73Baldfatguy SummuSSen'jin-US579.4
74Junified Big CritsSen'jin-US579.3Not updated
75Capslock PhantomSen'jin-US579.2
75Uvia Imminent FailureSen'jin-US579.2
77Aphexxlawl Big CritsSen'jin-US579.1
78Selexie RequìemSen'jin-US579.0
79Kellethz Big CritsSen'jin-US578.9
79Pressurë Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US578.9
81Vanguards PhantomSen'jin-US578.8
82Adessei RequìemSen'jin-US578.7
82Darkgoblin Big CritsSen'jin-US578.7
84Weathermaan PhantomSen'jin-US578.6
85Nosfor ZombieSen'jin-US578.5
86Nïas PhantomSen'jin-US578.4
86Fælmage PhantomSen'jin-US578.4
88Charlie Imminent FailureSen'jin-US577.8
88Tinran Big CritsSen'jin-US577.8
90Sesuj Big CritsSen'jin-US577.6Not updated
91Copperpocket PhantomSen'jin-US577.4
91Nomato Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US577.4
91Senivastus Easy ModeSen'jin-US577.4
94Spinnahow Big CritsSen'jin-US577.2
94Maleik RequìemSen'jin-US577.2
96Ballzelle Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US577.1
96Krampz Big CritsSen'jin-US577.1
96Sofronia Imminent FailureSen'jin-US577.1
96Asgardert Big CritsSen'jin-US577.1
100Fulgrimm Big CritsSen'jin-US577.0

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