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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Scarshield Legion-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Spiritbreakr FerusScarshield Legion-EU589.6Not updated
2Icer CircusScarshield Legion-EU587.9Not updated
3Aeries CircusScarshield Legion-EU587.6Not updated
4Spirituella ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU587.1Not updated
4Grinkle ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU587.1Not updated
6Hesselius ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU586.7Not updated
6Joscelyn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU586.7Not updated
8Garthmerenge CircusScarshield Legion-EU586.0Not updated
9Lorrka CircusScarshield Legion-EU585.3Not updated
10Mizeth FerusScarshield Legion-EU585.2Not updated
11Dakran  Scarshield Legion-EU584.8Not updated
12Hogan ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU584.6Not updated
13Tangaroa  Scarshield Legion-EU584.4Not updated
14Abráham ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU584.2Not updated
14Mannerheim ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU584.2Not updated
16Skippy ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU584.1Not updated
16Kaylié FerusScarshield Legion-EU584.1Not updated
18Rammy CircusScarshield Legion-EU584.0Not updated
19Gorrish Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU583.7Not updated
19Nuthriel FerusScarshield Legion-EU583.7Not updated
21Rykuu CircusScarshield Legion-EU583.5Not updated
22Torbock CircusScarshield Legion-EU583.2Not updated
23Aeriss  Scarshield Legion-EU583.1Not updated
24Bullheaded CircusScarshield Legion-EU582.9Not updated
24Tryl  Scarshield Legion-EU582.9Not updated
26Tebus NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU582.8Not updated
27Saphreall  Scarshield Legion-EU582.7Not updated
28Kheeri FerusScarshield Legion-EU582.6Not updated
29Devilix NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU582.4Not updated
29Septinor ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU582.4Not updated
31Sanzara FerusScarshield Legion-EU582.1Not updated
32Arbogast CircusScarshield Legion-EU581.7Not updated
33Winnetou  Scarshield Legion-EU581.2Not updated
33Kejt  Scarshield Legion-EU581.2Not updated
33Sancrits FerusScarshield Legion-EU581.2Not updated
33Bulzén AftermathScarshield Legion-EU581.2Not updated
33Unholyspawn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU581.2Not updated
38Seccrine FerusScarshield Legion-EU581.1Not updated
38Lyciana DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU581.1Not updated
40Zakali DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU580.8Not updated
40Asak  Scarshield Legion-EU580.8Not updated
42Jilian DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU580.3Not updated
43Splath AftermathScarshield Legion-EU579.9Not updated
44Gormador DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU579.8Not updated
45Drakonis DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU579.6Not updated
46Atilius NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU579.4Not updated
46Dyhri Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU579.4Not updated
48Evadeth DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU579.1Not updated
49Wax ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU579.0Not updated
50Bifocals Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU578.9Not updated
51Zuleyka FerusScarshield Legion-EU578.8Not updated
52Bedezee  Scarshield Legion-EU578.5Not updated
53Aym DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU578.4Not updated
54Vilentreth PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU578.2Not updated
55Faera DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU578.1Not updated
56Loffelololaf  Scarshield Legion-EU577.8Not updated
56Lyvana  Scarshield Legion-EU577.8Not updated
58Melvill NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU577.6Not updated
58Lauraná ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU577.6Not updated
60Sylasia and her altsScarshield Legion-EU577.5Not updated
61Langi NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU577.4Not updated
62Earthweaver AftermathScarshield Legion-EU577.1Not updated
62Valkyrian  Scarshield Legion-EU577.1Not updated
64Caprio CircusScarshield Legion-EU576.9Not updated
65Krustyclown Cotton eye JoesScarshield Legion-EU576.8Not updated
66Kittee CircusScarshield Legion-EU576.7Not updated
66Inddigo Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU576.7Not updated
68Carnak DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU576.6Not updated
69Cruciform DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU576.5Not updated
70Gastomar CircusScarshield Legion-EU576.3Not updated
70Someguy NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU576.3Not updated
72Sveron ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU576.2Not updated
73Baiyun FerusScarshield Legion-EU576.1Not updated
74Heksar  Scarshield Legion-EU575.9Not updated
74Selene CircusScarshield Legion-EU575.9Not updated
74Meishella ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU575.9Not updated
74Hollow  Scarshield Legion-EU575.9Not updated
74Asaverthia PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU575.9Not updated
79Checkmate  Scarshield Legion-EU575.7Not updated
80Tytanit PogranicznicyScarshield Legion-EU575.5Not updated
80Azurebow SphereScarshield Legion-EU575.5Not updated
82Enkoberta ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU575.4Not updated
82Loffelaffe  Scarshield Legion-EU575.4Not updated
84Dimagey CircusScarshield Legion-EU575.1Not updated
85Buckethead AftermathScarshield Legion-EU575.0Not updated
86Yára DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU574.8Not updated
87Evoequinox Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU574.7Not updated
87Saydra DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU574.7Not updated
87Qualka FerusScarshield Legion-EU574.7Not updated
90Oakheart Destiny UnknownScarshield Legion-EU574.4Not updated
90Denkedenk FerusScarshield Legion-EU574.4Not updated
92Mieszko  Scarshield Legion-EU574.2Not updated
93Arisaka CircusScarshield Legion-EU574.1Not updated
93Piro ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU574.1Not updated
95Dahunt Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU573.8Not updated
95Innerpiece The Reaping SoulsScarshield Legion-EU573.8Not updated
97Minurva Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU573.7Not updated
97Mello Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU573.7Not updated
99Coto DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU573.6Not updated
100Mormelor TenmenitScarshield Legion-EU573.4Not updated

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