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Scarlet Crusade-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Bric Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US576.0
2Treastril Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US573.6
3Exemplar Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US573.2
4Kayulani Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US572.8
5Waldonty Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US572.3
6Tracerz Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US571.9
6Xiongmaö MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US571.9
8Hukä Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US571.6
8Bionico Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US571.6
10Elaurn Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US571.5
11Tallen Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US571.1
12Ajaxin MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US569.6
12Marick The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US569.6
14Leutien The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US569.4
15Janthu MischiefScarlet Crusade-US569.0
16Physix The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US568.9
17Soblak i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US568.8
18Waraharic MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US568.6
19Garunt MischiefScarlet Crusade-US568.2
19Norgee MischiefScarlet Crusade-US568.2
21Darkrobbed The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US567.9
22Blacknirvash MischiefScarlet Crusade-US567.8
22Bloodthorn MischiefScarlet Crusade-US567.8
24Hellewise i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US567.6
25Ackumi MischiefScarlet Crusade-US567.4
25Leilau MischiefScarlet Crusade-US567.4
27Ninji The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US567.2
28Neenu The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US567.1
28Merianna AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US567.1
28Brantu The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US567.1
28Blewmee The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US567.1
32Gttnjgywitit MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.9
33Tathlyn MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.7
33Ardenthoof AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US566.7
35Roatch MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.6
35Axx MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.6
35Bossakula MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.6
35Sincline MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.6
39Kaiøken MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US566.5
39Anokan The Crimson WarriorsScarlet Crusade-US566.5
41Gravollet MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.2
41Maeril The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US566.2
41Narid The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US566.2
44Nightevil The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US566.1
44Shadów The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US566.1
46Greimyst MischiefScarlet Crusade-US566.0
47Glynnys MischiefScarlet Crusade-US565.9
47Mygrane AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US565.9
47Veldrina AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US565.9
50Shuopao The HeartlessScarlet Crusade-US565.8
50Crypts MischiefScarlet Crusade-US565.8
50Ilaria AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US565.8
50Accel MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US565.8Not updated
54Aszun The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US565.7
54Precioso The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US565.7
56Miyth MischiefScarlet Crusade-US565.6
57Helash KindredScarlet Crusade-US565.4
57Dumplings  Scarlet Crusade-US565.4Not updated
59Loupin The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US565.2
60Jesterr The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US564.9
61Ozekiel MischiefScarlet Crusade-US564.8
61Agoril Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US564.8
63Macellarius  Scarlet Crusade-US564.7Not updated
64Bluewhisper The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US564.5
65Altatia The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US564.4
66Rozerna The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US564.3Not updated
67Tasmoo MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US564.1Not updated
67Aldier The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US564.1
67Ajax MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US564.1
67Bromacusii The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US564.1
67Anakhellion Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US564.1
72Minlei The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US563.9
72Wyndywalker MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US563.9
72Skelster Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US563.9
75Sunnigummi The Crimson WarriorsScarlet Crusade-US563.8Not updated
76Ddoth  Scarlet Crusade-US563.7Not updated
77Nef LegendsScarlet Crusade-US563.6Not updated
78Twisted MischiefScarlet Crusade-US563.3
79Mërc The Dark CompanyScarlet Crusade-US563.2
80Mithaniel Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US563.1Not updated
81Nebulus Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US562.8Not updated
82Twîsted HarlequinScarlet Crusade-US562.7Not updated
83Anthem KindredScarlet Crusade-US562.6
83Poomä Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US562.6
85Ocarr MischiefScarlet Crusade-US562.5
85Ague MischiefScarlet Crusade-US562.5
85Darkmonkz Boondock saintsScarlet Crusade-US562.5Not updated
88Feshi Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US562.4
88Painchaud AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US562.4
88Xanus MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US562.4Not updated
91Shafrog Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US562.1
92Soreyn AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US562.0
93Zinjallah AnathemaScarlet Crusade-US561.9
93Skydncer Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US561.9
95Homeright Legion Of ChaosScarlet Crusade-US561.7
96Bigdaddypane LegendsScarlet Crusade-US561.6
97Flamingwolf Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US561.5
97Boomshoklaka i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US561.5Not updated
99Volaric  Scarlet Crusade-US561.1Not updated
99Joxxer The Crimson WarriorsScarlet Crusade-US561.1

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