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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Sargeras-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Tigerladyirl MidwinterSargeras-US593.8
2Fite ResurrectedSargeras-US591.9
2Kaowa MidwinterSargeras-US591.9Not updated
4Rageshot Zodiac BravesSargeras-US591.6
5Keres RiotSargeras-US591.0
6Ed V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US590.8Not updated
7Dinglesberry VulgarSargeras-US590.6
8Chiichan MidwinterSargeras-US590.0Not updated
8Phatte Vs The UniverseSargeras-US590.0Not updated
8Maeen Delicate SensibilitiesSargeras-US590.0Not updated
11Hsp MidwinterSargeras-US589.9Not updated
11Leofricg Slow MotionSargeras-US589.9Not updated
11Angz MidwinterSargeras-US589.9Not updated
11Sÿd ALTernate ArrangementsSargeras-US589.9
11Lumgina Executive DecisionSargeras-US589.9
11Razorfiend Divine VigilanceSargeras-US589.9Not updated
17Terenar V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US589.8Not updated
17Ruuzulu HallowedSargeras-US589.8
19Angryatheist Business ClassSargeras-US589.6
19Fluent VulgarSargeras-US589.6
19Nahmay Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US589.6Not updated
19Fantuzzi DevoutSargeras-US589.6
19Pandellect DevoutSargeras-US589.6
19Loli Top ShelfSargeras-US589.6
19Eviel ImperviousSargeras-US589.6Not updated
26Warpersona Praetorian GuardsSargeras-US589.5
26Gondlemo MidwinterSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Toxicpoptart Top ShelfSargeras-US589.5
26Titaanz Noodle FactorySargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Aldis RiotSargeras-US589.5
26Doge FateSargeras-US589.5
26Halps Top ShelfSargeras-US589.5
26Tankermanse MidwinterSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Dac MaliceSargeras-US589.5
26Bigbirde OmnipotentSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Cleyvan Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Boomkanye Seriously CasualSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Sëxygoose Delicate SensibilitiesSargeras-US589.5Not updated
26Rasau Realm LastSargeras-US589.5Not updated
40Krygan The Family BusinessSargeras-US589.4
40Bloodsowrd Divine VigilanceSargeras-US589.4Not updated
40Krotôs OmnicideSargeras-US589.4
43Stealheals VulgarSargeras-US589.2
43Cawpaw DevoutSargeras-US589.2
43Incendi Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US589.2Not updated
43Rydhia ResurrectedSargeras-US589.2
47Wushen OmnipotentSargeras-US589.1Not updated
47Hajz The Higher ClassSargeras-US589.1
47Outcider OmnicideSargeras-US589.1
47Jøhn Livin LargeSargeras-US589.1
47Getbigson Slow MotionSargeras-US589.1
47Lalikku Totally Rad GuildSargeras-US589.1
47Kurield Praetorian GuardsSargeras-US589.1
47Rovs Seriously CasualSargeras-US589.1Not updated
47Gravesend Realm LastSargeras-US589.1Not updated
47Astryn OmnipotentSargeras-US589.1Not updated
57Porthios OmnipotentSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Neidish Zodiac BravesSargeras-US589.0
57Oobyqt Seriously CasualSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Grafarion MidwinterSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Biovaat V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Tugmysword The Family BusinessSargeras-US589.0
57Cery Realm LastSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Ìsàbèllà AirSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Katterra OmnipotentSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Skiddoosh Divine VigilanceSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Deathdefier The Family BusinessSargeras-US589.0
57Siory MidwinterSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Aoi Wendigo Brewing CompanySargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Anmity The Family BusinessSargeras-US589.0
57Lemonberry AirSargeras-US589.0Not updated
57Duallight ResurrectedSargeras-US589.0
73Onemillionk OmnipotentSargeras-US588.9Not updated
73Syrynity Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US588.9Not updated
75Bloodgale Praetorian GuardsSargeras-US588.8
75El HallowedSargeras-US588.8
75Teknikal Business ClassSargeras-US588.8
75Eleazer  Sargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Tonnes Get Well SoonSargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Comburo  Sargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Xiomara SymbiosisSargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Pikagirl RiotSargeras-US588.8
75Devìous The OdysseySargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Valdran OmnipotentSargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Tardbagel Zodiac BravesSargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Andryna SymbiosisSargeras-US588.8Not updated
75Yuckyqt ClockworkSargeras-US588.8
75Laye DevoutSargeras-US588.8
75Plucker Executive DecisionSargeras-US588.8
75Xuneh AscentSargeras-US588.8
91Glartfoo DevoutSargeras-US588.7
91Pacifista OmnipotentSargeras-US588.7Not updated
91Plaguewall Business ClassSargeras-US588.7
91Diosito Noodle FactorySargeras-US588.7Not updated
91Peyday stalk and killSargeras-US588.7
91Cruelinator Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US588.7Not updated
91Mastertank Realm LastSargeras-US588.7Not updated
98Raconlok HallowedSargeras-US588.6
98Fieryballs Slow MotionSargeras-US588.6
98Ezekiel Divine VigilanceSargeras-US588.6Not updated

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