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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Lapiñacolada From ScratchSargeras-EU589.9Not updated
1Tuuxx From ScratchSargeras-EU589.9Not updated
3Lophh VindictaSargeras-EU589.6Not updated
4Nightmarish la MeuteSargeras-EU589.2Not updated
5Temaru Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU589.0Not updated
5Lapinity From ScratchSargeras-EU589.0Not updated
5Shiinz From ScratchSargeras-EU589.0Not updated
8Esmæline EnhancedSargeras-EU588.8Not updated
8Miin Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU588.8Not updated
8Onicham EnhancedSargeras-EU588.8Not updated
8Pewkeys WraithSargeras-EU588.8Not updated
12Cowkyne EnhancedSargeras-EU588.7Not updated
12Razlð EsquisseSargeras-EU588.7Not updated
14Caeris La ShinraSargeras-EU588.6Not updated
14Rytnek From ScratchSargeras-EU588.6Not updated
14Amix From ScratchSargeras-EU588.6Not updated
14Merenween From ScratchSargeras-EU588.6Not updated
18Madangel VindictaSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Nøfêar Twisted MindSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Tchoobydoo From ScratchSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Slàun la MeuteSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Niarama BrotherhoodSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Dabeuuh Twisted MindSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Kyøni NightSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
18Bloodshot VindictaSargeras-EU588.4Not updated
26Tchïn From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
26Jazpr From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
26Lapimouth From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
26Teebo From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
26Zîm From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
26Nîxze From ScratchSargeras-EU588.3Not updated
32Skyö From ScratchSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Earthcrawler From ScratchSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Thérience VindictaSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Pröxx WraithSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Eywing From ScratchSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Botis From ScratchSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Elenä Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Xeï Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Cobrale EnhancedSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Lapintade From ScratchSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
32Titrap Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU588.2Not updated
43Chamoon Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU588.0Not updated
43Parabellùm la MeuteSargeras-EU588.0Not updated
43Utosham From ScratchSargeras-EU588.0Not updated
43Dreãmz la MeuteSargeras-EU588.0Not updated
43Shayers WraithSargeras-EU588.0Not updated
48Erzza Quorum SensingSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Wyrees  Sargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Démiinus Twisted MindSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Juggernote EnhancedSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Nutzs WraithSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Kkcx From ScratchSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Rhytmicx From ScratchSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Bêll Twisted MindSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Leybola From ScratchSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Trubble Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Shainà Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Nïrvana VindictaSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Prìme Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Fastkïll EnhancedSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Aleuh From ScratchSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Drinak Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Beinbein EnhancedSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
48Hightelion Twisted MindSargeras-EU587.9Not updated
66Tchooby From ScratchSargeras-EU587.7Not updated
67Vnd VindictaSargeras-EU587.6Not updated
67Drakblackz EsquisseSargeras-EU587.6Not updated
67Minioxli VindictaSargeras-EU587.6Not updated
67Nevrosé VindictaSargeras-EU587.6Not updated
67Killwill WraithSargeras-EU587.6Not updated
72Matamune Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Oriik la MeuteSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Nawette So SeriousSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Destrâl WraithSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Hashram EnhancedSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Zyul Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Kyù Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Oneij Start OverSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Tchïntchöng From ScratchSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Xaerkhan la MeuteSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Faabe Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Tyrra Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Varaniel Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Kappatau EnhancedSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Rytnouk From ScratchSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Edhën EnhancedSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Spyra Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Sindrõ la MeuteSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Nanyala From ScratchSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Yorc WraithSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Blàd  Sargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Balmoria EnhancedSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Hashq NightSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
72Smók From ScratchSargeras-EU587.5Not updated
96Detritux From ScratchSargeras-EU587.4Not updated
96Crountch Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU587.4Not updated
98Tuxinho From ScratchSargeras-EU587.3Not updated
99Rawn UnKnøwnSargeras-EU587.2Not updated
99Setsunà UfrogSargeras-EU587.2Not updated

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