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Rexxar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Spookydeath just bloodlustRexxar-US585.1
1Serei  Rexxar-US585.1
3Hollybell Afk PowernapRexxar-US585.0
4Mastigia Afk PowernapRexxar-US584.8
4Lifespan Time Well WastedRexxar-US584.8
6Alisaie A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US584.4
7Yunhan Afk PowernapRexxar-US583.8
8Ryanbraun Afk PowernapRexxar-US583.4
9Silentblaze Afk PowernapRexxar-US583.1
10Benshakar Knights of TymeRexxar-US582.9
10Qtcow InertiaRexxar-US582.9
10Andisious A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US582.9
13Guillex A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US582.8
14Crombattlaxe A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US582.5
15Gimic Afk PowernapRexxar-US582.4
16Touchospirit Afk PowernapRexxar-US581.9
17Dohagan Time Well WastedRexxar-US581.7
17Skadooshbag Time Well WastedRexxar-US581.7
19Alcinder Time Well WastedRexxar-US581.5
19Merrcy Time Well WastedRexxar-US581.5
21Fatherofsin Time Well WastedRexxar-US581.3
22Ascèndance  Rexxar-US581.2
23Blackychen A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US580.7
24Eagleman  Rexxar-US580.6
25Silentchill Afk PowernapRexxar-US580.3
26Olur A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US580.1
27Reprimand Time Well WastedRexxar-US579.9
27Dubdruid Time Well WastedRexxar-US579.9
27Amannas just bloodlustRexxar-US579.9
27Jackpackage The ManagementRexxar-US579.9
31Purpledoogle A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US579.8
31Secondskin Time Well WastedRexxar-US579.8
33Belimaw DeliriumRexxar-US579.6
34Diaf The ExiledRexxar-US579.4
34Tokishy The ExiledRexxar-US579.4
36Drakthaug DeliriumRexxar-US579.2
37Dubidin Afk PowernapRexxar-US578.9
38Caedhros just bloodlustRexxar-US578.8
39Felah Time Well WastedRexxar-US578.5
40Pixloch Time Well WastedRexxar-US578.3
41Smeister Time Well WastedRexxar-US578.2
42Stormrragge Afk PowernapRexxar-US577.9
42Elpoonie Rise from the AshesRexxar-US577.9
44Worshipper Advanced CampfireRexxar-US577.8
45Steelscope Time Well WastedRexxar-US577.7
46Lamiamortis Hells MinionsRexxar-US577.6
46Bigsteve The ExiledRexxar-US577.6
48Reptaur A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US577.5
49Neltharius Hells MinionsRexxar-US577.4
49Gotfood Jelly SpottersRexxar-US577.4
49Silenthowlz Afk PowernapRexxar-US577.4
52Bellababe Time Well WastedRexxar-US577.3
53Pandadance A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US577.2
53Aurohealz Afk PowernapRexxar-US577.2
55Nakkash NightbaneRexxar-US576.8
55Notes DeliriumRexxar-US576.8
57Vanoc Afk PowernapRexxar-US576.7
58Mithrios NightbaneRexxar-US576.6
58Resurrector Advanced CampfireRexxar-US576.6
58Babyarm Afk PowernapRexxar-US576.6
61Wahalla just bloodlustRexxar-US576.3
61Forklift NightbaneRexxar-US576.3
63Deathkloc InertiaRexxar-US576.2
64Adámantium Time Well WastedRexxar-US576.1
64Josway Time Well WastedRexxar-US576.1
64Yaramuk Advanced CampfireRexxar-US576.1
64Jollakeratu Advanced CampfireRexxar-US576.1
68Newzshaman InertiaRexxar-US576.0Not updated
69Altbad Time Well WastedRexxar-US575.9
70Timmaytiny The ExiledRexxar-US575.7
71Steakbaby  Rexxar-US575.6Not updated
71Shockra Afk PowernapRexxar-US575.6
73Xanathor DesecrationRexxar-US575.5
74Kaszune Legendary ExilesRexxar-US575.4
75Spocklock  Rexxar-US575.3
75Gallasz The ExiledRexxar-US575.3
75Fistantillus Exalted With Hello KittyRexxar-US575.3
75Xyrath Stands in BadRexxar-US575.3
79Stevenseagal  Rexxar-US575.2Not updated
79Pipsurose One Step FurtherRexxar-US575.2
79Sandowen A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US575.2
82Priapus InLovingMemoryRexxar-US575.1
82Jixxie Hells MinionsRexxar-US575.1
82Infiníte Templars Of DarknessRexxar-US575.1
82Miusx LeverageRexxar-US575.1
86Shadowordmoo InertiaRexxar-US575.0
86Zumo Hells MinionsRexxar-US575.0
86Babyjezus Exalted With Hello KittyRexxar-US575.0
86Ezsdruid Afk PowernapRexxar-US575.0
90Phillybrogue  Rexxar-US574.9
91Enyetò Hells MinionsRexxar-US574.7
91Aiwol A Murder of CrowsRexxar-US574.7
93Cianichop Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US574.6
93Macfly just bloodlustRexxar-US574.6
93Dunstane Rise from the AshesRexxar-US574.6
96Moerte InertiaRexxar-US574.5Not updated
96Jahlives Hells MinionsRexxar-US574.5
98Zingo NightbaneRexxar-US574.4
98Pica Guild Name ProhibitedRexxar-US574.4
100Hyci Guild Name ProhibitedRexxar-US574.3

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