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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Trustiî Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU591.5Not updated
2Smudda Blood OmenRexxar-EU589.6Not updated
3Sacrimonia Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU588.8Not updated
3Serebra Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU588.8Not updated
5Thranng Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU588.4Not updated
5Pantaenius Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU588.4Not updated
7Jonës Ad RemRexxar-EU588.3Not updated
8Gundrabur Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU587.9Not updated
9Mumbloodhof The MaledictionRexxar-EU587.6Not updated
9Diaboline Blood OmenRexxar-EU587.6Not updated
11Belva Ad RemRexxar-EU587.5Not updated
11Nestil Blood OmenRexxar-EU587.5Not updated
13Moonsilver Blood OmenRexxar-EU587.4Not updated
14Yorri Ad RemRexxar-EU587.2Not updated
14Stierstädter Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU587.2Not updated
14Larunos Blood OmenRexxar-EU587.2Not updated
17Morrigain Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Shievu Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Zyphri Ad RemRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Mynó The WarlordzRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Ellamora Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Hephâistos Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
17Ragnarow Ad RemRexxar-EU587.1Not updated
24Caraniera Blood OmenRexxar-EU586.7Not updated
24Meru Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU586.7Not updated
24Delarí  Rexxar-EU586.7Not updated
24Saranjá Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU586.7Not updated
28Isac Ad RemRexxar-EU586.4Not updated
29Flatty Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU586.3Not updated
29Elòa Ad RemRexxar-EU586.3Not updated
29Arauk Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU586.3Not updated
32Fearit Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU586.1Not updated
33Nightwiish Ad RemRexxar-EU586.0Not updated
33Tiramisù Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU586.0Not updated
33Dasennui  Rexxar-EU586.0Not updated
33Megalos Blood OmenRexxar-EU586.0Not updated
33Veela The WarlordzRexxar-EU586.0Not updated
38Thútmosis  Rexxar-EU585.9Not updated
38Chítose Ad RemRexxar-EU585.9Not updated
38Aremes Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.9Not updated
38Pyrosgyros Blood OmenRexxar-EU585.9Not updated
42Eldryndor Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.8Not updated
42Schnuffli Ära der RebellenRexxar-EU585.8Not updated
44Dípoxer Blood OmenRexxar-EU585.6Not updated
44Axeena Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.6Not updated
44Avelyne Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.6Not updated
44Eyla Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU585.6Not updated
48Belisar Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.5Not updated
48Patrull Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.5Not updated
48Harrydotter Ad RemRexxar-EU585.5Not updated
48Skyfall Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU585.5Not updated
52Tamisha Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Adríen Blood OmenRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Rikzz Ad RemRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Cadderly Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Wafled Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Laureniâ Ad RemRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
52Syalane Royal FlushRexxar-EU585.4Not updated
59Socksy Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU585.2Not updated
59Samânta Ad RemRexxar-EU585.2Not updated
59Phêmos Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU585.2Not updated
59Toccra Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.2Not updated
59Badnews Ad RemRexxar-EU585.2Not updated
64Yuudai ExistenceRexxar-EU585.1Not updated
64Kraunch Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU585.1Not updated
66Arcticblue CøcktailbarRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Vivin Royal FlushRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Professortod Royal FlushRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Atroce CøcktailbarRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Krigdich Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Dracenae Royal FlushRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
66Enyana Ad RemRexxar-EU585.0Not updated
73Persius Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU584.9Not updated
73Hamilius Ad RemRexxar-EU584.9Not updated
73Ysadora Ad RemRexxar-EU584.9Not updated
73Drilli Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU584.9Not updated
77Celinmarie Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU584.8Not updated
77Blásphemer Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU584.8Not updated
77Diví Blood OmenRexxar-EU584.8Not updated
77Curra Ad RemRexxar-EU584.8Not updated
81Xarasy The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.7Not updated
81Dalmia Ad RemRexxar-EU584.7Not updated
81Âragorn Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU584.7Not updated
84Halisstra Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU584.6Not updated
84Darthbâne The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.6Not updated
86Frostbeulé The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.5Not updated
87Kêta Ad RemRexxar-EU584.4Not updated
87Nazo Ad RemRexxar-EU584.4Not updated
87Lycandorus  Rexxar-EU584.4Not updated
87Regathy The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.4Not updated
87Zarim The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.4Not updated
92Thorres Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU584.3Not updated
92Floxic Ad RemRexxar-EU584.3Not updated
92Bitchmage  Rexxar-EU584.3Not updated
95Slimer The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.2Not updated
96Sarvathos Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU584.1Not updated
96Fariak Ad RemRexxar-EU584.1Not updated
96Bircan Blood OmenRexxar-EU584.1Not updated
99Littlekong Royal FlushRexxar-EU584.0Not updated
99Phillie The WarlordzRexxar-EU584.0Not updated

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