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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravenholdt-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Fáde RR IncRavenholdt-EU588.7Not updated
2Cayna Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU588.4Not updated
3Kagemoth RR IncRavenholdt-EU588.3Not updated
3Demonicangel RR IncRavenholdt-EU588.3Not updated
3Démonicangel  Ravenholdt-EU588.3Not updated
6Mishel RR IncRavenholdt-EU588.2Not updated
6Azone RR IncRavenholdt-EU588.2Not updated
8Valkynaz RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.9Not updated
8Bláze RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.9Not updated
8Hoolyz RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.9Not updated
11Jayee RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.6Not updated
11Hadaal RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.6Not updated
13Ralathon RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.5Not updated
13Mahmouge Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU587.5Not updated
15Znak RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.3Not updated
16Kann RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.2Not updated
16Stevethedave Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU587.2Not updated
18Lyralei RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
18Saqa RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
18Sardin RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
18Trembles RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
18Szark RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
18Râgath RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.1Not updated
24Locobigbelly RR IncRavenholdt-EU587.0Not updated
25Tylus Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU586.8Not updated
25Marienka RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.8Not updated
25Korberus RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.8Not updated
28Iluvalex Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU586.7Not updated
29Archanius RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.6Not updated
30Szàrk RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.4Not updated
30Pøøga RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.4Not updated
30Solased RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.4Not updated
33Dysphoria Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU586.3Not updated
33Fourcher RR IncRavenholdt-EU586.3Not updated
33Mikkelsson  Ravenholdt-EU586.3Not updated
36Yuketsu Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU586.1Not updated
37Icediamond Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU586.0Not updated
38Xevak Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU585.9Not updated
38Loeka RR IncRavenholdt-EU585.9Not updated
38Dignition Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU585.9Not updated
38Addìct  Ravenholdt-EU585.9Not updated
42Moonforest Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU585.6Not updated
42Chairn Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU585.6Not updated
42Lunaty Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU585.6Not updated
42Defner Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU585.6Not updated
46Hoodpa RR IncRavenholdt-EU585.5Not updated
47Hikenzu RR IncRavenholdt-EU585.1Not updated
48Fiskur RR IncRavenholdt-EU585.0Not updated
48Wicherek Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU585.0Not updated
50Zeechet RR IncRavenholdt-EU584.9Not updated
51Amaranthiné Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU584.7Not updated
52Stydzia NietykalniRavenholdt-EU584.6Not updated
52Bytemee Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU584.6Not updated
54Znakharka RR IncRavenholdt-EU584.3Not updated
54Sáqa RR IncRavenholdt-EU584.3Not updated
54Kreppy RR IncRavenholdt-EU584.3Not updated
57Carlitos Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU584.1Not updated
57Ondrak Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU584.1Not updated
59Afflicted RR IncRavenholdt-EU583.7Not updated
59Cathe RR IncRavenholdt-EU583.7Not updated
61Wishie RR IncRavenholdt-EU583.4Not updated
62Xonom Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU583.3Not updated
63Fáb RR IncRavenholdt-EU583.1Not updated
64Fusian Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU582.5Not updated
64Kannada RR IncRavenholdt-EU582.5Not updated
66Macov Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU582.4Not updated
66Caltharn Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU582.4Not updated
68Mechrite Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU582.0Not updated
69Rendama RR IncRavenholdt-EU581.9Not updated
69Folgarr RR IncRavenholdt-EU581.9Not updated
69Tsabue RR IncRavenholdt-EU581.9Not updated
72Tarasis Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU581.6Not updated
73Xadasio Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU581.1Not updated
74Dårklord RR IncRavenholdt-EU581.0Not updated
75Hallfiremoon Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU580.9Not updated
76Songokul Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU580.7Not updated
77Kinndy RR IncRavenholdt-EU580.3Not updated
78Howier RR IncRavenholdt-EU579.9Not updated
78Mäyene RR IncRavenholdt-EU579.9Not updated
80Sajokan Battle ToadsRavenholdt-EU579.7Not updated
81Limitbreaker  Ravenholdt-EU579.4Not updated
81Morcovi  Ravenholdt-EU579.4Not updated
81Blackalf PhoenixRavenholdt-EU579.4Not updated
84Asterikx Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU579.2Not updated
84Alaira Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU579.2Not updated
86Koebeeste Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU579.1Not updated
87Crazzione RR IncRavenholdt-EU578.9Not updated
88Meradon RR IncRavenholdt-EU578.5Not updated
89Balmozar Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU577.9Not updated
90Bagatelle RR IncRavenholdt-EU577.8Not updated
91Cicamaca RR IncRavenholdt-EU577.1Not updated
91Simalakama Pejantan TangguhRavenholdt-EU577.1Not updated
93Folgar RR IncRavenholdt-EU576.8Not updated
93Gromzul Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU576.8Not updated
95Wanjin RR IncRavenholdt-EU576.7Not updated
95Nyiblorong Pejantan TangguhRavenholdt-EU576.7Not updated
97Quartie Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU576.5Not updated
98Isildûr PhoenixRavenholdt-EU576.3Not updated
99Zenia RR IncRavenholdt-EU575.9Not updated
100Garthdon RR IncRavenholdt-EU575.7Not updated

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