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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Agatys  Ravencrest-EU591.9Not updated
2Deadllyforce Beverly SkillzRavencrest-EU591.5Not updated
3Mììp Plan ERavencrest-EU590.8Not updated
4Nihaó Project Gaming ErrorRavencrest-EU590.7Not updated
5Youwantthis EXRavencrest-EU590.4Not updated
6Throzenfrone SanctumRavencrest-EU590.2Not updated
7Cazirel SanctumRavencrest-EU590.1Not updated
8Aurilien Kickass UnicornsRavencrest-EU590.0Not updated
8Smalle The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU590.0Not updated
10Adstrum DivergentRavencrest-EU589.9Not updated
11Daevva Brothers of the NaaruRavencrest-EU589.6Not updated
11Kessig EpiunionRavencrest-EU589.6Not updated
13Højtaler eXampleRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Coryllus NéfariousRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Irongate Familiar with DramaRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Hirajin Legion VRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Perc The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Cronight Legion VRavencrest-EU589.5Not updated
13Akgrin  Ravencrest-EU589.5Not updated
20Floody Group TherapyRavencrest-EU589.4Not updated
20Inzan Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU589.4Not updated
22Peñtâ EXRavencrest-EU589.2Not updated
22Chitti Plan ERavencrest-EU589.2Not updated
22Zakros The Great DanesRavencrest-EU589.2Not updated
22Deespi Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU589.2Not updated
22Ranexi DawnstarRavencrest-EU589.2Not updated
27Aluzaar Devouring DreamRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Crazyfingers  Ravencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Aeristial Group TherapyRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Shiizu  Ravencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Jammerwamz Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Géz Project Gaming ErrorRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Moonpai Dark SaintsRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Alestórm Dark SaintsRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Názz DivergentRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Hisoka Damage ControlRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Solokìng Dark SaintsRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Mato Legion VRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Kagemoth Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Moudi Group TherapyRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Noirinan  Ravencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Aphorism Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU589.1Not updated
27Zerpentzmvp  Ravencrest-EU589.1Not updated
44Darùs  Ravencrest-EU589.0Not updated
44Previ EthicRavencrest-EU589.0Not updated
44Bergie DivergentRavencrest-EU589.0Not updated
44Versutia Group TherapyRavencrest-EU589.0Not updated
44Punchbox ReactionRavencrest-EU589.0Not updated
44Waratthh The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU589.0Not updated
50Cléavagé But WhyRavencrest-EU588.9Not updated
51Nodacrúx CivitasRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Baluu WE HAVE TABARDRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Eowoe SanctumRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Mysticpaws The GoodfellasRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Asilium Legion VRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Nêux eXampleRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Machetekills CivitasRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Digimørtal CivitasRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Mórmegil UnforgivenRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Catluné Legion VRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Gyliildira OmnicideRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Yuojin SanctumRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Aloi The GoodfellasRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Dehmiyolo BIZZNORavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Hessie The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Cybelè Familiar with DramaRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Deinah Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU588.8Not updated
51Fauris  Ravencrest-EU588.8Not updated
69Powhh Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU588.7Not updated
69Haeyth LumusRavencrest-EU588.7Not updated
69Satamorgana Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU588.7Not updated
69Halibell Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU588.7Not updated
73Kiwes Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU588.6Not updated
73Bailina Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU588.6Not updated
73Hýperx  Ravencrest-EU588.6Not updated
73City  Ravencrest-EU588.6Not updated
73Fanatìk Group TherapyRavencrest-EU588.6Not updated
78Lancette eXampleRavencrest-EU588.5Not updated
79Shaizuko Loot FTWRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Wickedsick One of UsRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Klokkeblomst One of UsRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Deadlyturtle Nocturnal VacationRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Grobianen Beverly SkillzRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Mjôlnir UnforgivenRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Plasmå  Ravencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Genium DivergentRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Nbrz Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Kirinshikato Legion VRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Çharlotte Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
79Touchmé EXRavencrest-EU588.4Not updated
91Aimléss Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Soùl Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Nelle Group TherapyRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Zamzará BIZZNORavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Biskysn ReactionRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Vïvicraft DivergentRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Jagged EthicRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Fluup  Ravencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Solisauce ReactionRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated
91Maxtrigz OmnicideRavencrest-EU588.3Not updated

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