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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Kinkiyi ARMAGEDONRagnaros-US590.0Not updated
1Aiacøs Bad KarmaRagnaros-US590.0Not updated
1Fumakotaro Eye CandyRagnaros-US590.0Not updated
4Jaya BetrayerRagnaros-US589.9Not updated
4Senji Happy Tree friendsRagnaros-US589.9Not updated
4Nataz AfterdawnRagnaros-US589.9Not updated
7Pyna MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US589.5Not updated
8Holy Bad KarmaRagnaros-US589.1Not updated
8Kiåran Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US589.1Not updated
8Bernoul TheNightmareRagnaros-US589.1Not updated
11Perceptiön Bad KarmaRagnaros-US589.0Not updated
12Jasmìn Trying HardRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
12Dulop AfterdawnRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
12Xailo Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
12Shammuco FearlessRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
12Gunjín Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
12Resentfull Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.8Not updated
18Korgal Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.7Not updated
19Herx Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.6Not updated
20Trollren BlooD ConclavERagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Ursoc TheNightmareRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Mördor Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Cheami MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Arjen Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Quëenofpain Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Unmercÿ Legion de la HordaRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Piinkfloyd TheNightmareRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
20Rallitas Rez PleaseRagnaros-US588.4Not updated
29Sândëy Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Criticalhui Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Shiros MilleniumRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Drackk  Ragnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Yurec  Ragnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Darco Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Nekon Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Donekor Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
29Drkwalo Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US588.3Not updated
38Athanøs Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Raizak Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Qtep Trying HardRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Denom Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Aguis Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Gueva Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Meenu Bad KarmaRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
38Cobraz Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US588.2Not updated
46Fragolapie BetrayerRagnaros-US588.1Not updated
47Hüskar  Ragnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Locomon ExceedRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Zokram Masonic SocietyRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Microxs Morning GloryRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Sulblaka MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Aborach Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Stormstrikez CrysisRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Huevolat Trying HardRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Desmond MilleniumRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
47Mye Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US588.0Not updated
57Yureg Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Guaricho ApotheosisRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Darkhole AfterdawnRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Atreyuz Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Yazhii Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Tiduus Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
57Zekans Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.9Not updated
64Pulqui Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.7Not updated
65Gilby TheNightmareRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
65Xipe AfterdawnRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
65Walterline FearlessRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
65Chitrula Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
65Tesca AnonymousRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
65Kalil Bellum ImperioRagnaros-US587.6Not updated
71Dcane Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Shallow Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Tervuren Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Radeø  Ragnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Shagma Happy Tree friendsRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Bzk Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Silençe Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Chakazulus Happy Tree friendsRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Timbalin Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Abhorash Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Skantkz Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Vyralsíd Bad KarmaRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Bloodblade Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Riviq Trying HardRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Sotov  Ragnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Tervueren  Ragnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Ðreico Neon GenesisRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
71Elzardo ApotheosisRagnaros-US587.5Not updated
89Topdps Trying HardRagnaros-US587.4Not updated
90Tresserhorn ZîøNRagnaros-US587.2Not updated
90Hiperiôn Death ChargersRagnaros-US587.2Not updated
90Leojav B I O H A Z A R DRagnaros-US587.2Not updated
90Moullinrouge CrysisRagnaros-US587.2Not updated
90Kêvb CrysisRagnaros-US587.2Not updated
95Aknot Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.1Not updated
95Dallanita Shameful DisplayRagnaros-US587.1Not updated
95ßunkow Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US587.1Not updated
95Kfe BlooD ConclavERagnaros-US587.1Not updated
95Shäilo AfterdawnRagnaros-US587.1Not updated
95Arimashka ResurrecciónRagnaros-US587.1Not updated

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