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Ragnaros-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Crusher ALL INRagnaros-EU589.9
2Shasqt ALL INRagnaros-EU589.8
3Tceo Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU589.5
3Zmn SolarisRagnaros-EU589.5
5Innershádow Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.1
5Dranial  Ragnaros-EU589.1
5Ipak Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.1
5Yínn Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.1
5Gimmee Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU589.1
5Hëavy Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU589.1
5Charmedboszi WîpefestRagnaros-EU589.1
12Mcgrûber Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU589.0
12Spitelol Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.0
12Znakharká Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.0
12Bizerk ALL INRagnaros-EU589.0
12Craghacks Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU589.0
12Khazrak ALL INRagnaros-EU589.0
12Protreh ALL INRagnaros-EU589.0
19Manstead SolarisRagnaros-EU588.7
19Okuda Silver RiverRagnaros-EU588.7
21Kissami Silver RiverRagnaros-EU588.6
21Bockscar ALL INRagnaros-EU588.6
21Haver SolarisRagnaros-EU588.6
21Smitekov Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU588.6
21Jordy ALL INRagnaros-EU588.6
21Ankee Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.6
27Arnymacsek Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU588.3
27Finnbow Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.3
27Fatboss ALL INRagnaros-EU588.3
27Tunafish ALL INRagnaros-EU588.3
27Nixii Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU588.3
27Sandman Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU588.3
27Lysiant SolarisRagnaros-EU588.3
27Rahgot FeritasRagnaros-EU588.3
27Bestía WîpefestRagnaros-EU588.3
27Alindia WîpefestRagnaros-EU588.3
27Corbina WîpefestRagnaros-EU588.3
27Xmate Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU588.3
27Flowi ALL INRagnaros-EU588.3
27Dramax AnachronoxRagnaros-EU588.3
41Shayande Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU588.2
41Mazterr Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.2
41Vatti ALL INRagnaros-EU588.2
41Seakee ALL INRagnaros-EU588.2
41Draemii ALL INRagnaros-EU588.2
41Shaantí FeritasRagnaros-EU588.2
41Ryuk Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.2
41Wyil Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.2
41Noosh Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.2
41Vurog Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU588.2
41Ellery Voodoo PeopleRagnaros-EU588.2Not updated
41Skreed ALL INRagnaros-EU588.2
53Cassiopé Memento VeritasRagnaros-EU588.1
54Dekg Voodoo PeopleRagnaros-EU588.0Not updated
55Sheae WîpefestRagnaros-EU587.9
55Daendor Silver RiverRagnaros-EU587.9
55Rorybreaker WîpefestRagnaros-EU587.9
55Kovikâ WîpefestRagnaros-EU587.9
55Quincey Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU587.9
55Daviø Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU587.9
55Lastig Sixteen and PregnantRagnaros-EU587.9
55Vorvingion Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU587.9
55Häruka Silver RiverRagnaros-EU587.9
55Sybarita Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU587.9
55Zeoul ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Zakez Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU587.9
55Sunda Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU587.9
55Misteni Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU587.9
55Shasmvp ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Áchillés SolarisRagnaros-EU587.9
55Devilkee Memento VeritasRagnaros-EU587.9
55Arcaniia Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU587.9
55Zubbé UtvaldaRagnaros-EU587.9
55Eljin SolarisRagnaros-EU587.9
55Quazi ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Nezrim  Ragnaros-EU587.9
55Inthia SolarisRagnaros-EU587.9
55Djshazziex ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Ceverxoxo ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Sigeni ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Funk Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU587.9
55Perfectdark Charlie FoxtrotRagnaros-EU587.9
55Píro WîpefestRagnaros-EU587.9
55Ayén ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Sacurako ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Mojah ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Protectgrow Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU587.9
55Benibubu WîpefestRagnaros-EU587.9
55Aregahz SolarisRagnaros-EU587.9
55Señorkoala ALL INRagnaros-EU587.9
55Lerri Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU587.9
55Kodzsek Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU587.9
55Swarchnegger Deep TranquilityRagnaros-EU587.9
55Sharkerr Not Sure If TrollingRagnaros-EU587.9
95Sumtingwong SolarisRagnaros-EU587.8
95Pávézi Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU587.8
95Tomworgen Memento VeritasRagnaros-EU587.8
98Akrenite Enraged RevolutionRagnaros-EU587.7
99Erminea SolarisRagnaros-EU587.5
99Healinghell Wolf PackRagnaros-EU587.5

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