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Proudmoore-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Inapropriate Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US574.5
2Amishu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US574.1
3Graveous Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US573.7
4Crusader Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US573.1
4Divinespirit Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US573.1
6Thermogren Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US572.3
7Jammnshaman Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US571.6
8Bonezs Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US570.1
9Hilts Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US569.1
10Mattae Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US568.5
11Quirky Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US568.1
12ßümbüm Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US566.9
12Kerenok Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US566.9
14Phang Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US566.1
15Shadowscream Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US566.0
16Dackla Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US564.4
17Kemistry Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US564.2
18Jahaal Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US563.3
19Nishan Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US561.1
20Evanda Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US559.9Not updated
21Whiskie Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US558.7
21Warrdori Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US558.7
23Exewrk Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US558.6
24Gorsha Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US558.0
25Shelmic Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US557.7
26Çhéijå Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US557.6
27Crod Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US557.3
28Sleazylouisy Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US557.2
29Kittygalore Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US556.9
30Malisander Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US556.3
31Gizmobaggins Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US555.7Not updated
32Naaru Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US555.3
33Tonyxx Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.8
33Burr Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.8
35Huratamus Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.5Not updated
36Roggeth Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.2
36Sneekykitty Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.2
38Rubmabelly Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US554.1
39Vaneera Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US552.9Not updated
39Arcticbone Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US552.9
41Hellrazêr Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US552.6
42Giourmand Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US552.2
43Warmachinê Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US552.0
44Wasuppie Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US551.4
45Pallymcbeil Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US551.2
46Betzi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US551.1
47Actual Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US549.1
48Kreandis Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US547.6
49Cogent Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US546.8
50Vonstrousity Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US546.6
51Viisalka Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US545.5
52Tsetra Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US545.1
53Thumuu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US544.5
54Chintzy Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US544.4Not updated
55Jeanclawd Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US544.3
55Betsi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US544.3
57Rindah Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US544.2
58Shadowspaw Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.6Not updated
58Chrey Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.6
60Vontana Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.5
60Prettycogent Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.5
62Kedya Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.4
62Kàlimün Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.4
64Rutledge Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.2
65Sorrowsong Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US543.0
66Gobsmact Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US542.9
67Renshu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US542.6
68Illikana Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US542.3
69Aruuda Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US541.4
70Deteriora Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US541.1Not updated
71Alaundra Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US540.9
72Amarinthine Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US540.1
73Mordana Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US539.6
74Corzya Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US539.2Not updated
75Mamboka Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US539.1
75Sanguinarius Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US539.1
75Sunnymoo Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US539.1
78Tansha Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US538.8
78Kormodan Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US538.8
80Dannoth Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US538.6Not updated
81Totalbull Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US538.5Not updated
82Pixee Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US537.6Not updated
83Lycayne Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US537.5
84Kostini Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US537.4
85Paile Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US536.8
86Flayanges Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US536.5
87Elehcim Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US536.3Not updated
87Syræ Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US536.3
89Baijiu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US536.2
90Imasores Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.8
90Mattabelle Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.8
92Alktok Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.5
93Saithedo Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.2Not updated
94Coldsores Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.1
95Mattematica Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US535.0
96Hilly Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US534.9
97Youngbear Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US534.6
98Demodori Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US534.4
99Vonsterous Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US534.1
100Naethanyal Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US533.8

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