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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Levn Divine WindProudmoore-US591.1Not updated
2Twylyt PathosProudmoore-US590.2Not updated
3Dokolol PathosProudmoore-US590.0Not updated
4Touchodeath FortisProudmoore-US589.9Not updated
5Garithros Gentlemen and ScholarsProudmoore-US589.6Not updated
6Saldaris AvocadoProudmoore-US589.5Not updated
7Barrymanaløw TranscendProudmoore-US589.4Not updated
8Holykry PathosProudmoore-US589.2Not updated
8Fríjoles Non Combat PetProudmoore-US589.2Not updated
8Calipewpew AvocadoProudmoore-US589.2Not updated
11Kiddiya AvocadoProudmoore-US589.1Not updated
11Fathertopo FortisProudmoore-US589.1Not updated
11Fleshthief Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US589.1Not updated
11Atatuma IQProudmoore-US589.1Not updated
15Grinderzz Game OverProudmoore-US589.0Not updated
16Ashendarei PathosProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Telani Non Combat PetProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Raccoon Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Lefali CAVAGProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Keirnann Non Combat PetProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Bilypilgrim RNG and GearProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Hoyodrood FormalityProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Heuchler PathosProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Maroleb Rage QuitProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Tyrlidon Non Combat PetProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
16Isadorra Game OverProudmoore-US588.8Not updated
27Picosan Game OverProudmoore-US588.7Not updated
28Qirty Game OverProudmoore-US588.6Not updated
28Harkine Game OverProudmoore-US588.6Not updated
28Zate Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US588.6Not updated
31 OuroborosProudmoore-US588.5Not updated
32Sykic  Proudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Hoyochan FormalityProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Sanary AvocadoProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Nicorobin The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Nightress FormalityProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Ghurp RisenProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Jelloslock Game OverProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Klokwork  Proudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Zanzebar OuroborosProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Treasures Gentlemen and ScholarsProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Conflicted FormalityProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Fexes Non Combat PetProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Viritty Game OverProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Malvesti IQProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
32Blizzunt TranscendProudmoore-US588.4Not updated
47Axe TranscendProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Icanttrap Alliance Brute SquadProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Strikedead Rage QuitProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Batousi RuinedProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Laylin Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Bombadil OuroborosProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Badbread Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Kaltio RuinedProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
47Donnieyen Game OverProudmoore-US588.3Not updated
56Galenos Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Misericõrd Game OverProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Yarilo  Proudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Tsuyu Gentlemen and ScholarsProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Alcar Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Liki OuroborosProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Xaiaku RuinedProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
56Katen Game OverProudmoore-US588.2Not updated
64Savallia OuroborosProudmoore-US588.1Not updated
65Admoz I Rebels IProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Debatable TCProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Shadowxm  Proudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Dotem Best KoreaProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Shifterzx TranscendProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Whatsarouge SchïsmProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Roco Sparkle MagicProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Perdicious PathosProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Zarethorne IQProudmoore-US588.0Not updated
65Dravyk  Proudmoore-US588.0Not updated
75Kal Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Skrewpa FormalityProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Senirra Clothing OptionalProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Kardea OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Dravenor Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Thelonemoose Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Atc Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Orban FormalityProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Nydusmvp FormalityProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Niko FortisProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Sítta Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Laralina Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Deltronzero Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Sunnie RuinedProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Amasis Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Zhanji TranscendProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Kushmaster Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Narumata OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Steag OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Terrill OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Hootz OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Oxtavio Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Narix Game OverProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Uthelart Silent AscensionProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Nobeard OuroborosProudmoore-US587.9Not updated
75Ethiliel Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US587.9Not updated

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