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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Zlocko GeneticsOutland-EU589.4Not updated
2Eftalia GeneticsOutland-EU589.1Not updated
2Shadowstorm GeneticsOutland-EU589.1Not updated
4Grisfest IncinerateOutland-EU588.8Not updated
4Deeyjaa GeneticsOutland-EU588.8Not updated
6Iridessaa GeneticsOutland-EU588.7Not updated
7Mushuii IncinerateOutland-EU588.6Not updated
8Supremor InnervateOutland-EU588.4Not updated
8Felstav FatalisOutland-EU588.4Not updated
10Skyyjze Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU588.3Not updated
10Thedax Emeis kai EmeisOutland-EU588.3Not updated
12Tigzz GeneticsOutland-EU588.2Not updated
12Jollyhip SynthesisOutland-EU588.2Not updated
14Nimodie FatalisOutland-EU588.0Not updated
14Hyjaahl FatalisOutland-EU588.0Not updated
14Rêlìzã Pater ComponatOutland-EU588.0Not updated
17Csirmi AwakeningOutland-EU587.9Not updated
18Dimnir FatalisOutland-EU587.6Not updated
18Shparkzz HüljatudOutland-EU587.6Not updated
18Veqe GeneticsOutland-EU587.6Not updated
18Socka Pater ComponatOutland-EU587.6Not updated
18Vanakuri HüljatudOutland-EU587.6Not updated
18Freefeelings InnervateOutland-EU587.6Not updated
24Dimacharka Enter The ExiledOutland-EU587.5Not updated
24Mekela GeneticsOutland-EU587.5Not updated
24Boblaxx FatalisOutland-EU587.5Not updated
27Lukcy  Outland-EU587.2Not updated
27Ammaterásu IllumínatiOutland-EU587.2Not updated
29Aelivia GeneticsOutland-EU587.1Not updated
29Crastix FatalisOutland-EU587.1Not updated
29Spóòk SynthesisOutland-EU587.1Not updated
29Vukishiro IncinerateOutland-EU587.1Not updated
33Mirreformado GeneticsOutland-EU586.9Not updated
34Phenomal FatalisOutland-EU586.8Not updated
35Gadkoj I korpens skuggaOutland-EU586.7Not updated
35Lycansolodis GeneticsOutland-EU586.7Not updated
35Skölden FatalisOutland-EU586.7Not updated
35Aphroditte Enter The ExiledOutland-EU586.7Not updated
39Bitex GeneticsOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Rajv  Outland-EU586.4Not updated
39Trailing IncinerateOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Thalâssa GeneticsOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Leonøre IncinerateOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Demgainz Enter The ExiledOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Orissa ParahidiaOutland-EU586.4Not updated
39Highlandeer Enter The ExiledOutland-EU586.4Not updated
47Ðrsnugglesx GeneticsOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Minpojke Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Chíva WinterFallOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Tyga IncinerateOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Soolan GeneticsOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Themfkiller FatalisOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Odysseuz HüljatudOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Joyaux Pater ComponatOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Kadamudi AbyssOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Almz FatalisOutland-EU586.3Not updated
47Soma IncinerateOutland-EU586.3Not updated
58Branveins AbyssOutland-EU586.2Not updated
59Keppimies IncinerateOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Aaltrix GeneticsOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Srkzz GeneticsOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Stenbord Flex ArmyOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Møkkmedvifte FatalisOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Beitzi GeneticsOutland-EU586.0Not updated
59Andiih GeneticsOutland-EU586.0Not updated
66Lymmel ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Bravada Just One More PatchOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Zethry Outland ChampionsOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Andelora IncinerateOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Mammavarg Pater ComponatOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Ànnatar GeneticsOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Iolbob Ingenious SwedesOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Xidoes Conquest CappedOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Zassain AsagudarnaOutland-EU585.9Not updated
66Kiryela GeneticsOutland-EU585.9Not updated
76Vìvi Avengers of FaithOutland-EU585.8Not updated
76Slythx si señorOutland-EU585.8Not updated
78Sneakurdi GeneticsOutland-EU585.6Not updated
78Divan Ingenious SwedesOutland-EU585.6Not updated
78Pressure Pater ComponatOutland-EU585.6Not updated
78Namiswaan FatalisOutland-EU585.6Not updated
78Mustkass HüljatudOutland-EU585.6Not updated
83Eranarebirth EpochOutland-EU585.5Not updated
83Junifire Dead CellOutland-EU585.5Not updated
83Lizánná Just One More PatchOutland-EU585.5Not updated
83Cozmaffios Det behövs ny patch IRLOutland-EU585.5Not updated
83Laserbeak FenimoOutland-EU585.5Not updated
83Roxiè GeneticsOutland-EU585.5Not updated
89Dragosel Enter The ExiledOutland-EU585.4Not updated
89Habbla Memories of Those DaysOutland-EU585.4Not updated
89Windnippless Honor CappedOutland-EU585.4Not updated
89Yaewynn  Outland-EU585.4Not updated
89Deansymule HüljatudOutland-EU585.4Not updated
89Sõjasorts HüljatudOutland-EU585.4Not updated
89Áyne ZØMßIESOutland-EU585.4Not updated
96Sigex IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU585.3Not updated
97Sellion FatalisOutland-EU585.2Not updated
97Nezemen GeneticsOutland-EU585.2Not updated
97Nuzse FatalisOutland-EU585.2Not updated
97Highsmith HüljatudOutland-EU585.2Not updated

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