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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nightsong-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1伊莉蕬 家的感覺Nightsong-TW596.5Not updated
1Longshine AsgardNightsong-TW596.5Not updated
1仨人必有我尸 AsgardNightsong-TW596.5Not updated
1曙光哥布林 BaLanceNightsong-TW596.5Not updated
5花醉三千客 Evolution of HeresyNightsong-TW596.4Not updated
6舞玥妖妖 軒冰舞雪Nightsong-TW596.1Not updated
6琉璃天舞 BaLanceNightsong-TW596.1Not updated
6Alva 自由之風Nightsong-TW596.1Not updated
6史塔爾巴克斯 AsgardNightsong-TW596.1Not updated
10紫宸曦 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10你的雨天 AsgardNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10不列的迷思 Grand LineNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10碎楓無痕 AsgardNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10蛋蛋魂 佩爾修斯皇家精英怪Nightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10樂正綾 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10雲赤霄 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10Entropius HesperusNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10秀气小蘭 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
10請給我食物 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.8Not updated
20Junitas AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20麻木不仁 OGCNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20Lintia AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20晴音雨韻 AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20劍語情 AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20紫紗炫舞 軒冰舞雪Nightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20遺失過去 AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20暮蟬悲鳴時 AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20蘇舞舞 無恥工會有個下流會長帶著無節操的會員做運動Nightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20Piapiapia AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20靈小眸 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20Diddy BaLanceNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20夜行丸 AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
20Kristija AsgardNightsong-TW595.7Not updated
34Blattardos AsgardNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34Puturgun AsgardNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34瀟湘寒月 AsgardNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34笑傲風雲 WannaNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34蕾咪莉婭 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34葉琳娜 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
34一滴的滴 AsgardNightsong-TW595.4Not updated
41花花早早 WannaNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41Anatasia AsgardNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41陳威廉 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41鳥居美雪 AsgardNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41腎虛公子 WannaNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41Fintia AsgardNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41五月天下知 ReturnNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41泰瑞爾光誓 AsgardNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41王牌冷箭 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
41歐若菈 WannaNightsong-TW595.3Not updated
51強壯的小貓 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.2Not updated
51紫晨曦 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.2Not updated
53黑小兔 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
53卡卡小牛 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
53Triplelift AsgardNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
53李沉舟 BaLanceNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
53怒眼雷震 AsgardNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
53海洋星 AsgardNightsong-TW595.0Not updated
59青青野草 AsgardNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59查克林 AsgardNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59寂寞不解釋 Evolution of HeresyNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59回憶音樂盒 ReturnNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59琴心劍魄 AsgardNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59獅子的鬃毛  Nightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59靈飲 AsgardNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59野性小噗 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59姐啊姐不靈 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59Takhysis AsgardNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
59子休智 ValueNightsong-TW594.9Not updated
70Chaoz AsgardNightsong-TW594.7Not updated
71戰者 ReturnNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71小胖胖拉比 幸福泉源Nightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71Leonardos AsgardNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71菩薩蠻 AsgardNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71Cran AsgardNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71Grinbear BaLanceNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71雲卿小兔兔  Nightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71Tayler AsgardNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71挑燈夜戰 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
71楓織心 AsgardNightsong-TW594.6Not updated
81馬林艾斯 WannaNightsong-TW594.5Not updated
81死亡喪鐘 血色羞到怨Nightsong-TW594.5Not updated
81綠野移動 復仇者聯萌Nightsong-TW594.5Not updated
81米兒莉芙 Myth renewedNightsong-TW594.5Not updated
81槍火與玫瑰 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.5Not updated
81幽靈戰車 WannaNightsong-TW594.5Not updated
87Goulfox BaLanceNightsong-TW594.4Not updated
87嬡莉婭 AsgardNightsong-TW594.4Not updated
89小辣辣 AsgardNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89悠哉遊哉 WannaNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89桂萍兒 ReturnNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89紫綾妖妖 軒冰舞雪Nightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89Pacha MindcircleNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89華蝴蝶 佩爾修斯皇家精英怪Nightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89洪七公在此 AsgardNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89萬聖夜南瓜 月朦朧鳥朦朧醉朦朧醒朦朧我旁邊怎是你冏好朦朧Nightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89瀟湘織夢 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89小呆酥  Nightsong-TW594.2Not updated
89內褲沒洗 BaLanceNightsong-TW594.2Not updated
100奪命闇騎士 AsgardNightsong-TW594.1Not updated

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