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Nera'thor-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Doenis  Nera'thor-EU581.7Not updated
2Mozzie  Nera'thor-EU578.2Not updated
3Stoffknäul  Nera'thor-EU575.7Not updated
4Chachacha  Nera'thor-EU575.3Not updated
5Lesslow Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU573.7
6Bööni  Nera'thor-EU573.6Not updated
7Amaclya XombiumNera'thor-EU572.8Not updated
8Merth  Nera'thor-EU572.3Not updated
9Kryze XombiumNera'thor-EU572.0Not updated
10Virusbomb  Nera'thor-EU571.5Not updated
10Futzî  Nera'thor-EU571.5Not updated
12Triage  Nera'thor-EU571.4Not updated
13Kúron  Nera'thor-EU571.3Not updated
14Alandar morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU570.8
15Daelin  Nera'thor-EU570.7Not updated
16Masticor Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU570.1
17Sarinchen Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU569.9
18Bibamus  Nera'thor-EU569.7Not updated
19Botas Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU568.5
20Mukumuku Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU567.9
21Tamerlan morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU567.7
22Koenîg Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU566.9
23Anadyome ParasiteNera'thor-EU566.8Not updated
24Mônâ morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU566.7
25Rimona  Nera'thor-EU566.4Not updated
26Katsin The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU566.1
26Alucard  Nera'thor-EU566.1Not updated
28Korys  Nera'thor-EU565.7Not updated
28Dúnadan  Nera'thor-EU565.7
30Hansjörg Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU565.6
31Wasabì  Nera'thor-EU565.3Not updated
32Dergil  Nera'thor-EU565.1Not updated
33Papsturban Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU564.9
34Thùndergòd Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU564.7
35Mightymom  Nera'thor-EU564.0Not updated
36Megafrost The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU563.8Not updated
36Toraznar  Nera'thor-EU563.8Not updated
38Darkâ The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU563.5
39Outentish  Nera'thor-EU563.3Not updated
40Ritoz Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU562.9Not updated
41Amfortas The Ghost CompanyNera'thor-EU562.8Not updated
42Nìnìel  Nera'thor-EU562.4Not updated
43Tadolin  Nera'thor-EU562.1Not updated
44Pepperdyne  Nera'thor-EU561.1Not updated
44Kyla Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU561.1
46Rabenfürst  Nera'thor-EU561.0Not updated
47Cecilia NerdRagENera'thor-EU560.8Not updated
47Aegir PunxsNera'thor-EU560.8Not updated
49Clownfish Mach Capslock ausNera'thor-EU560.7Not updated
50Lightshadow morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU560.3
51Sceltury  Nera'thor-EU559.8Not updated
52Ashélia Erdbeer GangNera'thor-EU559.7Not updated
52Zerus Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU559.7
54Walesija morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU558.8
55Shikato The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU558.7
56Rhîno  Nera'thor-EU557.9Not updated
56Seng morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU557.9
58Pernod The Ghost CompanyNera'thor-EU557.8Not updated
59Chåk RareSpawnNera'thor-EU557.7Not updated
59Kurbelzisch Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU557.7Not updated
61Luve shinigamiNera'thor-EU557.6
62Tanea Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU556.8Not updated
63Falschgeld  Nera'thor-EU556.7
64Virdiana Hetaeria LuminisNera'thor-EU556.6Not updated
64Bovan The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU556.6Not updated
66Eisteepaket  Nera'thor-EU556.3
66Bruglir MistviecherNera'thor-EU556.3Not updated
68Shanyá  Nera'thor-EU556.2Not updated
69Darkrigo  Nera'thor-EU556.0Not updated
70Dhino Old Boys ClanNera'thor-EU555.9Not updated
71Alittas Fear Is The EnemyNera'thor-EU555.8Not updated
72Lîmone  Nera'thor-EU555.7Not updated
72Shingles  Nera'thor-EU555.7Not updated
74Gismoo Evil InsideNera'thor-EU555.6
74Ersatzgany XombiumNera'thor-EU555.6Not updated
76Vivenne Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU555.5Not updated
77Frosthammer KesselgemeindeNera'thor-EU555.3Not updated
78Suann Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU555.1
78Gnobbi  Nera'thor-EU555.1Not updated
80Zancoli Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU555.0Not updated
80Hunding Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU555.0Not updated
82Frankey  Nera'thor-EU554.9Not updated
82Wargan  Nera'thor-EU554.9Not updated
84Búzzkill  Nera'thor-EU554.7Not updated
85Simao PrimeNera'thor-EU554.5Not updated
85Mantá Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU554.5
87Iphenius Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU554.4Not updated
87Askai Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU554.4
89Uelidegäl Bati HuntersNera'thor-EU554.2Not updated
90Neani  Nera'thor-EU554.1Not updated
90Indreia ParasiteNera'thor-EU554.1Not updated
90Sîrus  Nera'thor-EU554.1Not updated
93Soñadora Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU553.8Not updated
94Soulkiss Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU553.6Not updated
95Sollina KesselgemeindeNera'thor-EU553.5Not updated
96Moonfighter morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU553.4
97Huntress Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU553.1
98Ulti BoondocksNera'thor-EU552.9Not updated
99Thûndêr Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU552.5
99Gulkhadum  Nera'thor-EU552.5Not updated

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