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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Thanje PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU587.1Not updated
2Sukideep PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU586.7Not updated
3Kyokushinkai  Ner'zhul-EU586.4Not updated
4Titouminator Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU586.3Not updated
4Nyssä Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU586.3Not updated
6Muresn Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU585.6Not updated
7Kaldanor PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU585.5Not updated
8Nyssâ Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU585.1Not updated
8Élaïna PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU585.1Not updated
10Wartist la MeuteNer'zhul-EU585.0Not updated
11Mizor PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU584.9Not updated
11Gangnamstyle PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU584.9Not updated
13Dzmage  Ner'zhul-EU584.8Not updated
13Doclego  Ner'zhul-EU584.8Not updated
15Arthurffx SentenceNer'zhul-EU584.5Not updated
16Talibone PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU584.4Not updated
17Rouhblard GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU584.0Not updated
18Ornélia RécidiveNer'zhul-EU583.9Not updated
19Titouminette Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU583.7Not updated
20Xayne RécidiveNer'zhul-EU583.5Not updated
21Hounä RécidiveNer'zhul-EU583.3Not updated
22Boiler  Ner'zhul-EU583.2Not updated
23Elisabeth Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU582.8Not updated
23Kameshennain RécidiveNer'zhul-EU582.8Not updated
25Couard CRASH TESTNer'zhul-EU582.6Not updated
26Wîtyx Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU582.5Not updated
27Bouffemiel GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU582.4Not updated
28Sukiette PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU582.0Not updated
28Palouna GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU582.0Not updated
30Nobad Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU581.9Not updated
31Nephanae MominousNer'zhul-EU581.2Not updated
32Carpediem Joe Bar TeamNer'zhul-EU581.1Not updated
32Sylveheal Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU581.1Not updated
34Hassakura NéoNer'zhul-EU580.7Not updated
34Bibivalt Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU580.7Not updated
36Kopijka  Ner'zhul-EU580.3Not updated
37Selestria RécidiveNer'zhul-EU580.2Not updated
37Réprouvette GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU580.2Not updated
39Nahuas Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU580.1Not updated
39Kädoc CohésionNer'zhul-EU580.1Not updated
41Leffes  Ner'zhul-EU579.9Not updated
41Neegaz Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU579.9Not updated
43Wolfen Dogs Of WarNer'zhul-EU579.7Not updated
44Safarte InvictusNer'zhul-EU579.6Not updated
45Allastor SentenceNer'zhul-EU579.5Not updated
46Shimere MominousNer'zhul-EU579.4Not updated
47Murcof Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU579.2Not updated
48Gwernahy RécidiveNer'zhul-EU579.1Not updated
49Nael NéoNer'zhul-EU579.0Not updated
49Rhapsødy Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU579.0Not updated
51Solkthar PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU578.8Not updated
52Sukimonk PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU578.6Not updated
53Olörin  Ner'zhul-EU578.5Not updated
54Kamøu  Ner'zhul-EU578.4Not updated
55Nyssâret Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU578.2Not updated
56Titounette Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU578.1Not updated
57Arésius  Ner'zhul-EU578.0Not updated
58Pyther SentenceNer'zhul-EU577.9Not updated
58Farfouille MominousNer'zhul-EU577.9Not updated
60Badgorz GobelinStyleNer'zhul-EU577.8Not updated
61Sukiforyou PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU577.7Not updated
62Amälya RécidiveNer'zhul-EU577.5Not updated
63Shynra RécidiveNer'zhul-EU577.1Not updated
63Givrodant Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU577.1Not updated
63Zboûmm PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU577.1Not updated
66Jaakd Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU577.0Not updated
67Xhot  Ner'zhul-EU576.9Not updated
68Tiaana RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576.8Not updated
69Arcidre Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU576.7Not updated
69Nébysa InvictusNer'zhul-EU576.7Not updated
69Kääya RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576.7Not updated
69Kaßoo NéoNer'zhul-EU576.7Not updated
73 RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576.6Not updated
73Horyu RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576.6Not updated
75Revañ  Ner'zhul-EU576.4Not updated
76Kamewar RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576.3Not updated
76Nyssax Once And AgainNer'zhul-EU576.3Not updated
76Kedja NéoNer'zhul-EU576.3Not updated
79Dohko Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU576.2Not updated
79Shamiakha Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU576.2Not updated
81Dnbforthewin Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU576.1Not updated
81Philimat InvictusNer'zhul-EU576.1Not updated
81Maryska InvictusNer'zhul-EU576.1Not updated
84Labourrine  Ner'zhul-EU576.0Not updated
85Tomei Joe Bar TeamNer'zhul-EU575.9Not updated
85Kamaraboo RécidiveNer'zhul-EU575.9Not updated
87Drekan RécidiveNer'zhul-EU575.7Not updated
88Heavÿ  Ner'zhul-EU575.6Not updated
89Athénaïs RécidiveNer'zhul-EU575.5Not updated
90Zaggzagg Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU575.4Not updated
90Tûco GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU575.4Not updated
92Ericnouveau la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU575.3Not updated
92Rocheranain MadnessNer'zhul-EU575.3Not updated
94Destinovia RécidiveNer'zhul-EU575.1Not updated
94Kogaan SentenceNer'zhul-EU575.1Not updated
96Ignominious CRASH TESTNer'zhul-EU575.0Not updated
97Authary PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU574.9Not updated
97Hiladonf Joe Bar TeamNer'zhul-EU574.9Not updated
99Mílfurion PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU574.8Not updated
100Clouc SentenceNer'zhul-EU574.7Not updated

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