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Nemesis-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Sterehorn MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.5
2Avantasia MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.1
3Mindkeepa Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.6
4Mìlkow MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.3
5Kaene MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.1
6Sotharius Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.9
6Redcliffe Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.9
8Vìolét Back To BasicsNemesis-EU587.5
8Dharigaz Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5
10Uglùk MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.1
10Silverlion MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.1
10Brokenknife Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.1
10Luck Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.1
10Rasluka MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.1
10Sengian Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.1
10Nightglory MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.1
17Baitorina Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.0
18Drakula Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.9
19Rhinô Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.8
19Ràfhia Massive DynamicNemesis-EU586.8
19Nadeje MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.8
19Szozzo MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.8
19Pandorä MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.8
24Epicdeath Semper EademNemesis-EU586.7
24Lachèsi Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.7
26Sartras Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.4
26Alphais DamneDNemesis-EU586.4
26Eldamarr DamneDNemesis-EU586.4
26Khalìs Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.4
26Prøcopio MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.4
26Yüki Massive DynamicNemesis-EU586.4
32Adams MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.3
32Malaquire MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU586.3
32Erebus Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.3
32Hishtar Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU586.3
32Sousuke Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU586.3
32Kørñ Semper EademNemesis-EU586.3
32Pegolas Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU586.3
39Thurian Back To BasicsNemesis-EU586.1
40Karnophage Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.0
40Digiø Lambda Tau KaiNemesis-EU586.0
40Boilcadaver  Nemesis-EU586.0Not updated
40Mitology Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU586.0
40Hellsçreem CursedNemesis-EU586.0
40Fabrolus Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.0
40Død Storming KnightsNemesis-EU586.0
40Gearfried Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU586.0
48Tone Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.9
48Blackarrow Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.9
48Elisiah Back To BasicsNemesis-EU585.9
48Lovac Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.9
48Clarissè Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.9
53Aonar Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU585.8
54Demønfrac DamneDNemesis-EU585.7
54Asûra MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU585.7
56Doppiapinta Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.6
56Mylkha InFuryNemesis-EU585.6
56Khoe Back To BasicsNemesis-EU585.6
56Alysar InFuryNemesis-EU585.6
56Caigentan Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.6
56Dreadsoul Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.6
56Blabber Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU585.6
56Blazefury Semper EademNemesis-EU585.6
56Stagna Semper EademNemesis-EU585.6
56Nottefonda Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.6
66Mìchelina Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.5
66Ehtelè Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.5
66Kratoswar BloodlustNemesis-EU585.5
69Neijin Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.4
69Avadakædavra FlamëwingsNemesis-EU585.4
69Koth Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.4
69Amphetamìne EndlessNemesis-EU585.4
69Salenis Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.4
74Neph Semper EademNemesis-EU585.2
74Gimmiridimmi Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.2
74Alerion Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.2
74Demonair Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.2
74Ugobarozzo DamneDNemesis-EU585.2
74Messomalex Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.2
74Il BrotherhoodOfSteelNemesis-EU585.2
81Aleyer Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.1
81Ilparròco InFuryNemesis-EU585.1
81Naïri Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.1
81Druidster Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.1
81Vikyna Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU585.1
81Fui Council of ShadowsNemesis-EU585.1
81Deliveranz Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.1
81Incantatøre Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU585.1
81Cahetel Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.1
81Puntera Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU585.1
91Nobsyde Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.0
91Ænïma Storming KnightsNemesis-EU585.0
91Fireeyes BloodlustNemesis-EU585.0
91Arzèk MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU585.0
91Zìetta Massive DynamicNemesis-EU585.0
96Tryvia  Nemesis-EU584.9Not updated
97Hinoiki DamneDNemesis-EU584.8
97Tartexx MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU584.8
97Garrotatore Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU584.8
100Shufuku Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU584.7

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