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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Nemesis-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Avantasia MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU593.4Not updated
2Sterehorn MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.9Not updated
3Inidk DamneDNemesis-EU589.6Not updated
4Rasluka MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.5
5Thurian Back To BasicsNemesis-EU589.2Not updated
5Asûra MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.2Not updated
7Waris The KugelblitzsNemesis-EU589.1Not updated
7Màny DamneDNemesis-EU589.1Not updated
7Borghild Drunken CatsNemesis-EU589.1
7Klav HatedNemesis-EU589.1
7Nightsharp MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU589.1Not updated
12Baltazarh Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU589.0Not updated
13Xanda Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU588.8
13Theryon Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.8Not updated
13Infinîty Once Were No LiferSNemesis-EU588.8Not updated
13Bikk Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.8
17Nightglory MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.7Not updated
18Mindkeepa Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.6Not updated
18Drakons MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.6Not updated
18Redcliffe Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.6
18Sotharius Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.6
22Nianne HatedNemesis-EU588.4
22Blackarrow HatedNemesis-EU588.4
22Syrea Semper EademNemesis-EU588.4
22Bürbü HatedNemesis-EU588.4
22Klod Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.4Not updated
22Nadeje MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.4Not updated
22Caigentan The KugelblitzsNemesis-EU588.4Not updated
22Kalaos IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU588.4Not updated
22Ildeb MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.4Not updated
22Kalí Øld BarbariansNemesis-EU588.4
32Tartexx MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.3Not updated
32Neweicke Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.3
32Delights Øld BarbariansNemesis-EU588.3
32Khalìs Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.3Not updated
36Uglùk MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.2Not updated
37Kaene MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.1
38Sthefany Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU588.0
38Nahoko One Night StandNemesis-EU588.0
38Khoe Back To BasicsNemesis-EU588.0Not updated
38Zagonel Best in SlotNemesis-EU588.0
38Shaggrath EnRaGeNemesis-EU588.0
38Heìmdall MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU588.0Not updated
38Alerion The KugelblitzsNemesis-EU588.0Not updated
38Onyzuka HatedNemesis-EU588.0
38Doublesoul Storming KnightsNemesis-EU588.0
38Awari I SenzavoltoNemesis-EU588.0Not updated
38Mìchelina The KugelblitzsNemesis-EU588.0Not updated
49Sartras Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
49Alphais DamneDNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
49Garrotatore Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.9
49Greyhorn TerminusNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
49Eraxe IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU587.9
49Vetus DamneDNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
49Raskio MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
49Sengian Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.9
49Fabrolus Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.9Not updated
58Thayra DamneDNemesis-EU587.8Not updated
59Raizho EnRaGeNemesis-EU587.7
59Girella Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.7
61Rokkar SanctuaryNemesis-EU587.6
61Superskekk Semper EademNemesis-EU587.6
61Akainù HatedNemesis-EU587.6
61Bonzoso SanctuaryNemesis-EU587.6
61Puntera Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.6
61Evilaiolia  Nemesis-EU587.6Not updated
61Morbo Semper EademNemesis-EU587.6
61Evanadium One Night StandNemesis-EU587.6
69Teocrito Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Italianpizza Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.5
69Armaghon MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Doppiapinta  Nemesis-EU587.5
69Gànesh Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5
69Høkuto DamneDNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Pandorä MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Aretè UNUSUALSNemesis-EU587.5
69Nøx PrimeNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Drakula Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Akabane Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Trollallera HatedNemesis-EU587.5
69Unildur Semper EademNemesis-EU587.5
69Shufuku IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU587.5
69Rabican Semper EademNemesis-EU587.5
69Arzèk MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Dharigaz SanctuaryNemesis-EU587.5
69Palumbø Back To BasicsNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Saiki Nameless LegionNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Malaquire MORTE ReloadedNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Aonar Formiche AtømicheNemesis-EU587.5
69Khãtûx Øld BarbariansNemesis-EU587.5
69Vìolét Back To BasicsNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
69Digiø IRON LION ZIONNemesis-EU587.5
69Luck Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.5Not updated
94Kràck Unable Tø ConnectNemesis-EU587.3Not updated
95Secco SanctuaryNemesis-EU587.2
95Neverar EnRaGeNemesis-EU587.2
95Sàlmonella Storming KnightsNemesis-EU587.2
95Fugu DamneDNemesis-EU587.2Not updated
95Blaxine CursedNemesis-EU587.2Not updated
100Kìlian DamneDNemesis-EU587.1

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