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Nazjatar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Owlol Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU587.1
2Teutoni Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU586.4
3Xarên Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU586.3
4Khalíe Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU585.5
5Dakushaman Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU585.3
6Tirapeibo Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU584.7
7Dima Inc un soNazjatar-EU584.6
8Spârks Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU584.5
9Tenirá Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU584.2
9Terran Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU584.2
11Pecmaan Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU582.9
11Gruftbeule Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU582.9
13Corvas Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU582.7
13Sartan Inc un soNazjatar-EU582.7
15Sereinâ Inc un soNazjatar-EU582.4
15Kröte The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU582.4
15Vrogoth Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU582.4
18Desmo Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU582.3
19Arachnotron Inc un soNazjatar-EU581.9
20Kupinio Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU581.8
21Hultrok Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU581.6
21Voven Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU581.6
23Zanbit SolutionNazjatar-EU581.4
24Gândi Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU580.8
24Lelìana Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU580.8
24Shøck Inc un soNazjatar-EU580.8
27Blackshot Inc un soNazjatar-EU580.4
28Lhiannan Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU580.3
28Aboynamedsue AddictedNazjatar-EU580.3
30Fadetoblack Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU580.1
30Nojustice AddictedNazjatar-EU580.1
30Lûmen Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU580.1
30Kardel Inc un soNazjatar-EU580.1
34Inominê SolutionNazjatar-EU580.0
35Insomia Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU579.9
35Kumbaja AddictedNazjatar-EU579.9
35Dubie Late NightNazjatar-EU579.9
38Aelenia SolutionNazjatar-EU579.4
39Gränsvors Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU578.5
39Svenealavate Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU578.5
41Artumes Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU578.3
42Hulkî AddictedNazjatar-EU577.8
43Athara ExiliaNazjatar-EU577.6
44Shinfel Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU577.5
45Agbonlahor AddictedNazjatar-EU577.1
46Knaßter AddictedNazjatar-EU576.6
47Magra SolutionNazjatar-EU576.4
48Tarrlos Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU576.3
48Avaa Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU576.3Not updated
50Ellhijas SolutionNazjatar-EU576.1
50Crushèr DuffeDNazjatar-EU576.1
52Nessar  Nazjatar-EU576.0
53Rîsîng Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU575.9
54Mochoqueya Inc un soNazjatar-EU575.7
55Tâirâ AddictedNazjatar-EU575.3
55Thálarius Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU575.3
57Vamdarel AddictedNazjatar-EU575.2
58Arlekina Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU574.6
59Sinclar Late NightNazjatar-EU574.5
60Pyranea Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU574.4Not updated
61Örmit Loca infernaNazjatar-EU574.3
62Geonight Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU574.2
62Klärchen Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU574.2
62Wuuffles Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU574.2
65Saphîraa Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU574.1
65Bezebub Coyote UglyNazjatar-EU574.1
67Ténchi DuffeDNazjatar-EU573.9
68Leonidazz Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU573.8Not updated
69Wendol Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU573.7Not updated
70Niago Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU573.6Not updated
71Corgen Inc un soNazjatar-EU573.5
71Silsenia Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU573.5
71Athme Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU573.5
74Bubbles DuffeDNazjatar-EU573.4
75Derwolf Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU573.3
76Coupon  Nazjatar-EU573.2
76Thapia Late NightNazjatar-EU573.2Not updated
78Hautspalter Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU573.1
78Jokono Late NightNazjatar-EU573.1
80Ubiza Inc un soNazjatar-EU572.9
80Larka SolutionNazjatar-EU572.9
80Gränsvour Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU572.9
83Velicity Supreme JusticeNazjatar-EU572.7
83Mutzgal PrototypNazjatar-EU572.7
83Gigantex  Nazjatar-EU572.7Not updated
86Asmôdis Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU572.5
87Bakita Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU572.4
88Pandres Late NightNazjatar-EU572.3Not updated
88Hpsmoran DuffeDNazjatar-EU572.3
88Tîggi For the HordeNazjatar-EU572.3
91Kiryava Supreme JusticeNazjatar-EU572.2
91Sookiê DuffeDNazjatar-EU572.2
93Brán Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU572.1
94Kasimirà DuffeDNazjatar-EU572.0
95Zexitus SolutionNazjatar-EU571.7
95Mooya AddictedNazjatar-EU571.7
97Jæral DuffeDNazjatar-EU571.6
98Jinay Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU571.2
98Ârâcheal ÐeliriumNazjatar-EU571.2
100Sláver AddictedNazjatar-EU571.1

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