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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Shannaa UndisputeDMug'thol-EU588.4Not updated
2Kamalon I united IMug'thol-EU587.2Not updated
3Malebolia dream bigMug'thol-EU586.3Not updated
4Muliku poerkedMug'thol-EU586.0Not updated
4Lìght  Mug'thol-EU586.0Not updated
6Spiro  Mug'thol-EU585.7Not updated
7Nipiu clearMug'thol-EU585.2Not updated
8Nirken NecrosisMug'thol-EU584.1Not updated
9Styram Eternâl EvolutiônMug'thol-EU583.9Not updated
10Lyese ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU583.3Not updated
10Aryu poerkedMug'thol-EU583.3Not updated
10Xalaria ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU583.3Not updated
13Yuroki  Mug'thol-EU583.2Not updated
14Koshaelber clearMug'thol-EU582.9Not updated
15Nemerath NecrosisMug'thol-EU582.5Not updated
16Drongostea ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU582.4Not updated
17Salamandraa clearMug'thol-EU582.1Not updated
17Nescha We Arr PíratesMug'thol-EU582.1Not updated
19Beeves NecrosisMug'thol-EU581.8Not updated
20Satyrîa ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU581.5Not updated
21Owhn XindLMug'thol-EU581.2Not updated
22Mâscurando ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU581.1Not updated
23Honest ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU580.8Not updated
24Sweetyy ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU580.7Not updated
25Sayre NecrosisMug'thol-EU580.5Not updated
26Hokulani ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU580.3Not updated
26Zuinera ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU580.3Not updated
28Stinkylord The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU580.1Not updated
29Lâxús ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU579.5Not updated
30Albinomuh ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU579.4Not updated
30Gui ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU579.4Not updated
32Skyliñe NecrosisMug'thol-EU579.3Not updated
32Fendal NecrosisMug'thol-EU579.3Not updated
32Devilzdream ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU579.3Not updated
35Jaenne Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU578.9Not updated
35Deagon Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU578.9Not updated
37Setrollia I united IMug'thol-EU578.8Not updated
37Oksana NecrosisMug'thol-EU578.8Not updated
39Todestaure  Mug'thol-EU578.1Not updated
39Nootau ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU578.1Not updated
41Rongaz Tränen des ZornsMug'thol-EU577.9Not updated
42Gargamehl ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU577.7Not updated
43Feivandra  Mug'thol-EU577.5Not updated
44Artèmìs  Mug'thol-EU577.4Not updated
45Azôg ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU577.1Not updated
46Dnjep poerkedMug'thol-EU577.0Not updated
46Bâbygirl The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU577.0Not updated
48Lîghtlîne hiveMug'thol-EU576.5Not updated
49Shakuza Praise the SunMug'thol-EU576.4Not updated
50Ilrion ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU576.3Not updated
50Beazly Tränen des ZornsMug'thol-EU576.3Not updated
52Andrasthea MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU576.0Not updated
53Haiiley I united IMug'thol-EU575.9Not updated
54Larnard Tränen des ZornsMug'thol-EU575.8Not updated
55Felou  Mug'thol-EU575.3Not updated
56Mii NecrosisMug'thol-EU575.2Not updated
57Thenaurus ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU575.1Not updated
57Kiehl ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU575.1Not updated
59Darleene Praise the SunMug'thol-EU575.0Not updated
60Mârôc Die flauschigen HasenMug'thol-EU574.9Not updated
61Mâlicious ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU574.8Not updated
62Majú NecrosisMug'thol-EU574.7Not updated
62Sevra NecrosisMug'thol-EU574.7Not updated
62Karman ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU574.7Not updated
65Tyroon Eternâl EvolutiônMug'thol-EU574.6Not updated
66Astona Heroes of SilenceMug'thol-EU574.5Not updated
66Tokenizer Praise the SunMug'thol-EU574.5Not updated
68Wantanbo AbadiyaMug'thol-EU574.2Not updated
68Âlbi ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU574.2Not updated
70Gandi Praise the SunMug'thol-EU574.1Not updated
70Larijena clearMug'thol-EU574.1Not updated
70Hatschep SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU574.1Not updated
73Kanjin Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU573.9Not updated
74Sétranó Street WarriorMug'thol-EU573.7Not updated
74Vangoghh  Mug'thol-EU573.7Not updated
76Elliminathor KampfkeksgeschwaderMug'thol-EU573.4Not updated
77Baltasaarr Heroes of SilenceMug'thol-EU573.3Not updated
78Dyonisis ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU572.9Not updated
79Mazara SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU572.7Not updated
79Gifty Praise the SunMug'thol-EU572.7Not updated
81Hixarus MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU572.6Not updated
81Nevvyn I united IMug'thol-EU572.6Not updated
83Stericho Don t call me SchnitzelMug'thol-EU572.5Not updated
83Wylin ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU572.5Not updated
83Culain  Mug'thol-EU572.5Not updated
86Shiloe Hüter der DrachenMug'thol-EU572.3Not updated
87Andáriél The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU572.2Not updated
87Gâbby  Mug'thol-EU572.2Not updated
89Altffour I united IMug'thol-EU572.1Not updated
89Alinana Heroes of SilenceMug'thol-EU572.1Not updated
91Hullnir ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU572.0Not updated
92Viôlêtt Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU571.9Not updated
92Vinata The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU571.9Not updated
94Xáwo  Mug'thol-EU571.7Not updated
94Zauby  Mug'thol-EU571.7Not updated
96Eligoras  Mug'thol-EU571.6Not updated
97Avêrý Its time to say GoodbyeMug'thol-EU571.5Not updated
98Darksidee MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU571.2Not updated
98Líghtnìng hiveMug'thol-EU571.2Not updated
100Ameischen ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU571.0Not updated

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