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Moon Guard-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Ralgore WarforgedMoon Guard-US589.0
2Gralloch WarforgedMoon Guard-US588.3
2Dagolith WarforgedMoon Guard-US588.3
2Innervoid WarforgedMoon Guard-US588.3
5Dingoro WarforgedMoon Guard-US588.2
5Kiralae WarforgedMoon Guard-US588.2
7Faüste  Moon Guard-US587.9
7Pawko WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.9
9Cyrath WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.5
9Burzum  Moon Guard-US587.5
9Jindo WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.5
12Taskie WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.4
13Zumia WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.1
13Zulabär WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.1
13Kronosh CondottieriMoon Guard-US587.1
13Absorbed WarforgedMoon Guard-US587.1
17Valakris CondottieriMoon Guard-US586.8
18Sandyeggo WarforgedMoon Guard-US586.4
18Mordeghai WarforgedMoon Guard-US586.4
20Kairipta CondottieriMoon Guard-US586.3
20Zhulin CondottieriMoon Guard-US586.3
22Nelíous Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US586.0
22Lodikrad WarforgedMoon Guard-US586.0
24Sitka WarforgedMoon Guard-US585.9
24Rocksbury Pew ProfessionalsMoon Guard-US585.9
26Meciel Ice Lance IncMoon Guard-US585.7
27Sarcssarc FenrirMoon Guard-US585.5
27Carah WarforgedMoon Guard-US585.5
27Sardronys MurrMoon Guard-US585.5
27Euphora Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US585.5
27Decimal  Moon Guard-US585.5
27Endai Windsong Productions LLCMoon Guard-US585.5
33Kroto Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US585.4
33Dk Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US585.4
33Fuzzyyumyum Dont Inspect MeMoon Guard-US585.4
36Pockitcow WarforgedMoon Guard-US585.2
37Taltharis WarforgedMoon Guard-US585.1
37Niralath The Grey HandMoon Guard-US585.1
39Aznoodle Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US584.9
39Däe MurrMoon Guard-US584.9
41Cutesthunter Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US584.7
41Alior BiohazardMoon Guard-US584.7
43Paizley ArchangelMoon Guard-US584.6
43Pookcat Dont Inspect MeMoon Guard-US584.6
45Onieros SalvationMoon Guard-US584.5
45Arcas CondottieriMoon Guard-US584.5
47Aderin The Grey HandMoon Guard-US584.4
47Quidnixille WarforgedMoon Guard-US584.4
49Alshor Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US584.3
50Aratcom Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US584.1
51Gemcity Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US584.0
51Criticalista Windsong Productions LLCMoon Guard-US584.0
53Eon Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US583.9
53Phoenix Wrath of the FallenMoon Guard-US583.9
53Noriele Daughters of SilenceMoon Guard-US583.9
56Nexira ArchangelMoon Guard-US583.8
57Divinedavex WarforgedMoon Guard-US583.7
57Zerrahki WarforgedMoon Guard-US583.7
57Heremod Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US583.7
60Omusa CondottieriMoon Guard-US583.5
61Hindookoo MurrMoon Guard-US583.4
62Keeja Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US583.3
62Gravius Devils CutMoon Guard-US583.3
64Famori Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US583.2
65Tofuramen  Moon Guard-US583.1
65Lauraberry Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US583.1
67Kalrad CondottieriMoon Guard-US583.0
68Hellßurner  Moon Guard-US582.9
68Pìxíe ArchangelMoon Guard-US582.9
68Shaedrix WarforgedMoon Guard-US582.9
71Nicoletti CondottieriMoon Guard-US582.8
71Seferos ArchangelMoon Guard-US582.8
71Aurlon Insurmountable OddsMoon Guard-US582.8
74Mordred Shadow of the BetrayedMoon Guard-US582.7
74Daemortia Red Royal TradingMoon Guard-US582.7
74Järheäd MurrMoon Guard-US582.7
77Rylaná WarforgedMoon Guard-US582.6
78Zachang ArchangelMoon Guard-US582.5
78Zeap MurrMoon Guard-US582.5
78Estric Devils CutMoon Guard-US582.5
78Millie Angels of ExileMoon Guard-US582.5
78Reanai WarforgedMoon Guard-US582.5
83Arraice Dont Inspect MeMoon Guard-US582.4
83Ireldi WarforgedMoon Guard-US582.4
83Davie AxiomMoon Guard-US582.4
83Azagal  Moon Guard-US582.4
87Minywheats WarforgedMoon Guard-US582.3
88Wrastelas CondottieriMoon Guard-US582.2
89Karwin  Moon Guard-US582.1
89Ymer EinherjarMoon Guard-US582.1
89Ayroneil Tower GreywatchMoon Guard-US582.1
89Toastydoot  Moon Guard-US582.1
89Detheater Dont Inspect MeMoon Guard-US582.1
94Vendreck  Moon Guard-US582.0
94Zylian Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US582.0
94Khrob  Moon Guard-US582.0
94Archamedius Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US582.0
94Phoêbê ArchangelMoon Guard-US582.0
94Draisien EinherjarMoon Guard-US582.0
94Torukk VerendusMoon Guard-US582.0

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