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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Minahonda-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Rasplas Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU589.5
2Grunder Ner zhulMinahonda-EU589.2
3Netso Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU588.8
3Settzerbutt Ner zhulMinahonda-EU588.8
5Quincy Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU588.4
6Tauritano Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU588.3
7Mänverû ExødarMinahonda-EU588.0Not updated
7Estirlan Ner zhulMinahonda-EU588.0
7Häinder Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU588.0
10Kálathos Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU587.9
11Znibia Ner zhulMinahonda-EU587.6
12Blackcrack Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU587.5
12Voelfo Ner zhulMinahonda-EU587.5
12Amantexx Masters of WarMinahonda-EU587.5
12Reniara Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU587.5
12Markiløl Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU587.5
12Tutoymuete Everlasting kingdomMinahonda-EU587.5Not updated
18Superfluo APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU587.2
19Mefliposola El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU587.1
19Zandres Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU587.1
19Tîto RevolutionMinahonda-EU587.1Not updated
22Andrahil  Minahonda-EU586.7Not updated
22Xerp Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU586.7
22Myöne Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU586.7
22Pástorcilla AvalonMinahonda-EU586.7
26Arctodus Ner zhulMinahonda-EU586.4
26Kroxion Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU586.4
26Pitvader Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU586.4
29Hefesto TsunamiMinahonda-EU586.3
29Pepemoncho DesidiaMinahonda-EU586.3
29Dastän Ner zhulMinahonda-EU586.3
29Irren Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU586.3
29Ulthanor El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU586.3Not updated
34Pizcalin TsunamiMinahonda-EU586.2
35Beøgolfa RevolutionMinahonda-EU586.0
35Jinray ExødarMinahonda-EU586.0
35Talian Everlasting kingdomMinahonda-EU586.0
38Drakaruk Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.9
38Zämor Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.9
38Cacho Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.9
38Därkmae  Minahonda-EU585.9Not updated
38Asmodeanh DesidiaMinahonda-EU585.9
38Dárksoul Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.9
44Igrez ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU585.8
44Annphi Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.8
46Ulquiôrra Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.6
46Zälera Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.6
46Tsubanari  Minahonda-EU585.6Not updated
49Noitraa Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU585.5
49Elera Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.5
49Walkyrie ExødarMinahonda-EU585.5
49Frostygirl  Minahonda-EU585.5Not updated
53Tsuteya El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU585.4
53Guinner Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU585.4
55Petruss Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.2
55Nik Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.2
57Shoem Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.1
57Delolin Ner zhulMinahonda-EU585.1
59Patwen  Minahonda-EU585.0Not updated
59Misuri Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU585.0
61Linbicus Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.9
61Elantarion Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.9
63Kerveroos Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU584.8
63Naut Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.8
65Büji Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.7
65Payorange Dark AllianceMinahonda-EU584.7
65Peppermint ExødarMinahonda-EU584.7Not updated
68Foxylady Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU584.5
68Ashrad Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.5
68Shaedeath DesidiaMinahonda-EU584.5
68Tzugah Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU584.5
68Skundiu Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU584.5
73Sark ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU584.4
73Xeipeke Ner zhulMinahonda-EU584.4
73Gröllëm Ner zhulMinahonda-EU584.4
73Nélida Dark DragonMinahonda-EU584.4
77Raykage ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU584.2
78Mèrlïn Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU584.1
78Jexx Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU584.1Not updated
78Rojjo ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU584.1
78Jokar DesidiaMinahonda-EU584.1
78Nightmarë DesidiaMinahonda-EU584.1
78Sushi ExtasisMinahonda-EU584.1Not updated
78Ferrobata Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU584.1
78Tottenwolf Ner zhulMinahonda-EU584.1
78Sakuriss Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU584.1
78Shamoon DesidiaMinahonda-EU584.1
88Toad Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU584.0
88Miyanih  Minahonda-EU584.0Not updated
90Caghina ExødarMinahonda-EU583.9
90Levantafalda Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU583.9
92Devastadorr  Minahonda-EU583.8Not updated
93Valino  Minahonda-EU583.7Not updated
93Cerøir El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU583.7
93Agrael Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU583.7
93Zyid Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU583.7Not updated
93Eruwen DesidiaMinahonda-EU583.7
93Hirako Dark DragonMinahonda-EU583.7
93Naikhary APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU583.7
93Albevil Øne PieceMinahonda-EU583.7

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