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Mannoroth-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Piran  Mannoroth-EU584.5Not updated
2Nidra  Mannoroth-EU581.2Not updated
3Jiggs  Mannoroth-EU580.5Not updated
4Mcloviin  Mannoroth-EU579.4Not updated
5Têrrôs  Mannoroth-EU579.1Not updated
5Noosi  Mannoroth-EU579.1Not updated
7Suja  Mannoroth-EU578.8Not updated
8Zhyszhak  Mannoroth-EU578.5Not updated
9Timegate  Mannoroth-EU578.4Not updated
10Târîc  Mannoroth-EU578.3Not updated
11Nebelhorn  Mannoroth-EU578.0Not updated
12Frostfire  Mannoroth-EU577.7Not updated
13Deadycewl  Mannoroth-EU577.6Not updated
14Visø  Mannoroth-EU577.0Not updated
14Yamico  Mannoroth-EU577.0Not updated
16Strays  Mannoroth-EU576.9Not updated
17Schams  Mannoroth-EU576.8Not updated
18Ænígma  Mannoroth-EU576.4Not updated
18Kabator  Mannoroth-EU576.4Not updated
20Styxstek  Mannoroth-EU576.2Not updated
21Tamilaa  Mannoroth-EU576.1Not updated
21Ultear InsomniaMannoroth-EU576.1Not updated
23Nexev  Mannoroth-EU575.9Not updated
24Lanytik  Mannoroth-EU575.8Not updated
25Evilschoice  Mannoroth-EU575.7Not updated
26Nitchi  Mannoroth-EU575.6Not updated
26Skodir  Mannoroth-EU575.6Not updated
28Lèátherman  Mannoroth-EU575.2Not updated
28Røxas  Mannoroth-EU575.2Not updated
30Ayscha  Mannoroth-EU574.8Not updated
31Braline  Mannoroth-EU574.5Not updated
32Tylsar  Mannoroth-EU573.9Not updated
32Yuzi PatchworkMannoroth-EU573.9Not updated
32Pantherlé  Mannoroth-EU573.9Not updated
35Londogirl  Mannoroth-EU573.8Not updated
36Elegba  Mannoroth-EU573.6Not updated
37Weissbart The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU573.5Not updated
38Sanori  Mannoroth-EU573.4Not updated
38Brewbeear  Mannoroth-EU573.4Not updated
40Gallandró  Mannoroth-EU573.3Not updated
41Neav  Mannoroth-EU573.1Not updated
41Trubsi  Mannoroth-EU573.1Not updated
41Rasghul  Mannoroth-EU573.1Not updated
44Waterlue  Mannoroth-EU572.8Not updated
45Xamothos  Mannoroth-EU572.7Not updated
46Lien  Mannoroth-EU572.2Not updated
46Floriansch  Mannoroth-EU572.2Not updated
48Schwhupp  Mannoroth-EU571.9Not updated
48Miirey  Mannoroth-EU571.9Not updated
48Brobafat  Mannoroth-EU571.9Not updated
51Fumaro  Mannoroth-EU571.8Not updated
52Cocoalol  Mannoroth-EU571.7Not updated
52Vapian  Mannoroth-EU571.7Not updated
54Chipower Sententia MortiferaMannoroth-EU571.6
55Dönerbwy  Mannoroth-EU571.2Not updated
55Genjuline  Mannoroth-EU571.2Not updated
57Kataya  Mannoroth-EU570.9Not updated
57Sojî  Mannoroth-EU570.9Not updated
59Totenfrost  Mannoroth-EU570.8Not updated
59Axeros  Mannoroth-EU570.8Not updated
61Cruncher  Mannoroth-EU570.4Not updated
62Aayla  Mannoroth-EU569.7Not updated
63Zingo  Mannoroth-EU569.5Not updated
64Grendulf  Mannoroth-EU569.2Not updated
65Mylehia  Mannoroth-EU569.1Not updated
66Barolane  Mannoroth-EU568.8Not updated
67Tennos ThanatosMannoroth-EU568.6Not updated
67Groldor  Mannoroth-EU568.6Not updated
69Jessus  Mannoroth-EU568.5Not updated
70Hydo  Mannoroth-EU568.3Not updated
71Féé Epic TeamMannoroth-EU568.1Not updated
72Nhema  Mannoroth-EU567.9Not updated
72Consiglier  Mannoroth-EU567.9Not updated
72Vishous Ich ChefMannoroth-EU567.9Not updated
72Nazura  Mannoroth-EU567.9Not updated
72Klârbautêr  Mannoroth-EU567.9Not updated
77Styxs  Mannoroth-EU567.0Not updated
78Zerumos  Mannoroth-EU566.9Not updated
79Nigri  Mannoroth-EU566.8Not updated
80Xaphian  Mannoroth-EU566.7Not updated
80Tandramir  Mannoroth-EU566.7Not updated
80Zoodiac  Mannoroth-EU566.7Not updated
80Einharjar  Mannoroth-EU566.7Not updated
84Kodj  Mannoroth-EU566.6Not updated
85Takakzul  Mannoroth-EU566.5Not updated
86Dâgôbert  Mannoroth-EU566.4Not updated
87Sosano  Mannoroth-EU566.3Not updated
88Loso Defenders of NonsenseMannoroth-EU566.2Not updated
89Pandanoisy  Mannoroth-EU566.1Not updated
90Wéchknaller  Mannoroth-EU566.0Not updated
91Sturmjäger Mystical WarriorsMannoroth-EU565.9Not updated
92Meriana  Mannoroth-EU565.8Not updated
92Yumeki  Mannoroth-EU565.8Not updated
92Abahachi  Mannoroth-EU565.8Not updated
95Sayerolf  Mannoroth-EU565.7Not updated
95Cptawesome  Mannoroth-EU565.7Not updated
97Phêên Mystical WarriorsMannoroth-EU565.6Not updated
98Tìa DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU565.4Not updated
99Ravién  Mannoroth-EU565.3Not updated
99Nierea  Mannoroth-EU565.3Not updated

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