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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mannoroth-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Lubio BloodshedMannoroth-EU589.6Not updated
2Bloodnîght EvokeMannoroth-EU588.4Not updated
3Tayra EvokeMannoroth-EU588.0Not updated
4Laiah EvokeMannoroth-EU587.5Not updated
5Jìmmy EvokeMannoroth-EU586.3Not updated
6Hitcha EvokeMannoroth-EU585.9Not updated
6Flyinghorst EntropyMannoroth-EU585.9Not updated
8Wanev EvokeMannoroth-EU585.6Not updated
8Lumyna InsomniaMannoroth-EU585.6Not updated
8Loso Defenders of NonsenseMannoroth-EU585.6Not updated
11Ânimalia EvokeMannoroth-EU585.4Not updated
12Auray  Mannoroth-EU585.3Not updated
13Heími EvokeMannoroth-EU585.2Not updated
13Aks decimateMannoroth-EU585.2Not updated
15Pamii EvokeMannoroth-EU584.9Not updated
16Piran  Mannoroth-EU584.5Not updated
17Arteria PatchworkMannoroth-EU584.3Not updated
18Drklatschko SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU584.0Not updated
19Kabator EvokeMannoroth-EU583.4Not updated
20Celiah EvokeMannoroth-EU583.3Not updated
21Tallia MilklessMannoroth-EU583.2Not updated
22Ultear InsomniaMannoroth-EU583.1Not updated
23Cinast EvokeMannoroth-EU582.9Not updated
24Gollumier BloodshedMannoroth-EU582.5Not updated
25Gammelkopp BloodshedMannoroth-EU582.4Not updated
25Lafurion EntropyMannoroth-EU582.4Not updated
25Kigoria ChargeMannoroth-EU582.4Not updated
25Sidetes decimateMannoroth-EU582.4Not updated
29Bloodysister SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU582.2Not updated
30Mannenntmìch BloodshedMannoroth-EU581.9Not updated
31Gimbi EntropyMannoroth-EU581.6Not updated
32Eleone BloodshedMannoroth-EU581.3Not updated
32Killover SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU581.3Not updated
34Dárkx EntropyMannoroth-EU581.2Not updated
34Lupéng EvokeMannoroth-EU581.2Not updated
34Nidra  Mannoroth-EU581.2Not updated
37Slyze EvokeMannoroth-EU581.1Not updated
37Tirexo We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU581.1Not updated
39Lovemé EvokeMannoroth-EU581.0Not updated
39Kibah EvokeMannoroth-EU581.0Not updated
41Kroas EvokeMannoroth-EU580.9Not updated
41Shóx EvokeMannoroth-EU580.9Not updated
43Hirrnie We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU580.8Not updated
44Golgota BloodshedMannoroth-EU580.7Not updated
45Glare Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU580.6Not updated
46Soulfury EvokeMannoroth-EU580.5Not updated
46Jiggs  Mannoroth-EU580.5Not updated
48Sheryn BloodshedMannoroth-EU580.3Not updated
48Gwindir PatchworkMannoroth-EU580.3Not updated
50Darkhalo  Mannoroth-EU580.1Not updated
51Tigno We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU580.0Not updated
52Sarienchen SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU579.9Not updated
52Noorf SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU579.9Not updated
54Elegba We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU579.8Not updated
55Mieserfeeder EvokeMannoroth-EU579.7Not updated
55Ânonym SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU579.7Not updated
57Tüddy SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU579.6Not updated
58Portós BloodshedMannoroth-EU579.5Not updated
59Rédhead BloodshedMannoroth-EU579.4Not updated
59Mcloviin  Mannoroth-EU579.4Not updated
61Eltalalun BloodshedMannoroth-EU579.3Not updated
62Noosi  Mannoroth-EU579.1Not updated
62Têrrôs  Mannoroth-EU579.1Not updated
64Ârcher BloodshedMannoroth-EU579.0Not updated
64Hugolito EntropyMannoroth-EU579.0Not updated
66Coolanji We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU578.8Not updated
66Lusiyen Nordisch by NatureMannoroth-EU578.8Not updated
66Waterlue  Mannoroth-EU578.8Not updated
66Suja  Mannoroth-EU578.8Not updated
70Lorîanna  Mannoroth-EU578.5Not updated
70Zeepex We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU578.5Not updated
70Urtagh EntropyMannoroth-EU578.5Not updated
70Zhyszhak  Mannoroth-EU578.5Not updated
74Heimì EvokeMannoroth-EU578.4Not updated
74Timegate  Mannoroth-EU578.4Not updated
74Neumond SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU578.4Not updated
77Târîc  Mannoroth-EU578.3Not updated
77Mondfee EntropyMannoroth-EU578.3Not updated
79Røxas SplendidMannoroth-EU578.2Not updated
80Maao BloodshedMannoroth-EU578.1Not updated
81Nebelhorn  Mannoroth-EU578.0Not updated
81Cráshtanker The Crash FamiliesMannoroth-EU578.0Not updated
83Imanje We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU577.9Not updated
84Frostfire  Mannoroth-EU577.7Not updated
85Deadycewl  Mannoroth-EU577.6Not updated
86Bary EntropyMannoroth-EU577.5Not updated
87Kytari InsomniaMannoroth-EU577.3Not updated
88Abahachi DistortionMannoroth-EU577.2Not updated
88Strays InsomniaMannoroth-EU577.2Not updated
88Agóny SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU577.2Not updated
91Kanâ SchattenbrutMannoroth-EU577.1Not updated
91Laborratte Hazard RushMannoroth-EU577.1Not updated
93Beryll BlutsturmMannoroth-EU577.0Not updated
93Yamico  Mannoroth-EU577.0Not updated
93Visø  Mannoroth-EU577.0Not updated
96Mîghtymuh Gnackwatschn KommandoMannoroth-EU576.9Not updated
96Etobahl MilklessMannoroth-EU576.9Not updated
98Yésterdaý BloodshedMannoroth-EU576.8Not updated
98Schams  Mannoroth-EU576.8Not updated
98Éxes  Mannoroth-EU576.8Not updated

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