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Malorne-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Shmadu The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.9
2Mickfiler The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.5
2Wizzora The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.5
2Weretiger The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.5
2Velocious The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.5
6Awe The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.2
6Tiggër The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.2
6Robert The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.2
6Doadin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US577.2
10Zhyrus Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US577.1
11Moi  Malorne-US576.6
12Dk The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US576.5
13Gromíx The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US576.3
14Concequence Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US576.2
14Srgtwaffles Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US576.2
16Charles Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US576.1
17Hope The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US576.0
18Saristin Flaming GoatsnugglersMalorne-US575.9
19Czaafum The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US575.7
20Cuteables The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US575.6
21Nightfall Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US575.3
22Shoclate A Violent ReactionMalorne-US575.2
22Baki Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US575.2
24Bobodaklown The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US574.9
25Beefshamburg Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.8
25Drinz Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.8
25Shmydu  Malorne-US574.8
28Minersxtynin Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.5
28Emilios Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.5
30Metronomes The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US574.4
30Mef Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.4
32Cheezypoofs Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.0
32Reyndorian Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US574.0
34Zoreia Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US573.6
35Klaris Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US573.5
35Notfire BlacklístedMalorne-US573.5
37Serenity Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US573.2
38Ihealulontim Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US573.1
39Gromix The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US572.9
40Veruka GankstasMalorne-US572.8
41Clamens Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US572.3
42Jackiesmuurf Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US572.0
42Bhxatomos Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US572.0
44Pastafactory Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US571.9
45Ichorus Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US571.8
46Proudhorn Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US571.5
47Nekumori Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US571.3
48Dessein Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US571.2
49Truths BlacklístedMalorne-US571.1
49Mustrum Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US571.1
51Skraps BlacklístedMalorne-US570.9
52Droplet Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US570.8
52Jambalya Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US570.8
54Sintre Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US570.6
54Victius BlacklístedMalorne-US570.6
56Finalhero Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US570.5
57Garrdor BlacklístedMalorne-US570.4
58Monpère Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US570.2
59Korndawg Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US570.1
59Atath Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US570.1
61Assasinátion Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US570.0
62Soltron Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US569.9
62ßhx Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US569.9
64Almalixeiro Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US569.8
64Meisce  Malorne-US569.8Not updated
66Zolani Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US569.7
67Rottagin Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US569.6Not updated
67Trollzyamon Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US569.6
69Chaoticism BlacklístedMalorne-US569.3
70Pyhirei Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US569.2
70Treebore Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US569.2
72Reiria Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US568.8
73Fizz Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US568.3
74Denigration BlacklístedMalorne-US568.1
75Misschaotica Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US567.9
75Malzanna Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US567.9
77Reeb Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US567.5
78Tìmmy BlacklístedMalorne-US567.3
78Dryer Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US567.3
80Farsoothe BlacklístedMalorne-US567.2
81Hellesious WickedMalorne-US567.0
82Brewsleë WickedMalorne-US566.8
83Jecthyra WickedMalorne-US566.7
83Taurenturtle WickedMalorne-US566.7
85Chãrlondo Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US566.6
86Dapple StaticMalorne-US566.5
87Licentious Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US566.3
87Buenasalud Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US566.3
89Bamanoske StaticMalorne-US566.2
90Klowt WickedMalorne-US565.9
91Sipjin WickedMalorne-US565.8
92Smexygrowl WickedMalorne-US565.5
92Zugslag Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US565.5
94Draxylon WickedMalorne-US565.4
95Makaiver Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US565.3
95Jamesgc killers of the nightMalorne-US565.3
95Gobø WickedMalorne-US565.3
95Avannis Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US565.3
95Nooblord WickedMalorne-US565.3
100Rubz Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US565.2

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