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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malfurion-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Deathwynd Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US589.2Not updated
2Jaytamious DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US589.1Not updated
3Zhodios Column of Lost SoulsMalfurion-US588.2Not updated
3Herbnmine  Malfurion-US588.2Not updated
5Atlamillia Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US588.0Not updated
5Jassaris Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US588.0Not updated
7Jaadone Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US587.5Not updated
8Elesplosion Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US587.2Not updated
9Siara Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US587.1Not updated
9Smokingtree Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US587.1Not updated
9Cleopatria Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US587.1Not updated
12Zed  Malfurion-US586.7Not updated
12Krisonna Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US586.7Not updated
12Spoodzx Too CuteMalfurion-US586.7Not updated
12Vraxius  Malfurion-US586.7Not updated
16Adriya MYTHMalfurion-US586.3Not updated
17Dymebag Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US586.0Not updated
18Clawdius Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US585.7Not updated
19Soulofsteel Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US585.6Not updated
19Weenog Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US585.6Not updated
21Pedwik  Malfurion-US585.5Not updated
21Spikesan Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US585.5Not updated
23Litlemidgett DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US585.4Not updated
24Spoodz  Malfurion-US585.2Not updated
24Maximo  Malfurion-US585.2Not updated
26Gwenchan Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US585.1Not updated
27Lyonitis Hallowed Be Thy ReignMalfurion-US585.0Not updated
27Zaidah Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US585.0Not updated
27Koehldemon Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US585.0Not updated
27Glorfinda Forsaken FewMalfurion-US585.0Not updated
31Hâshtag Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US584.8Not updated
32Adonfax Forsaken FewMalfurion-US584.6Not updated
32Jarrem Forsaken FewMalfurion-US584.6Not updated
34Skytear Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US584.4Not updated
34Devíant Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US584.4Not updated
34Slitzmault Forsaken FewMalfurion-US584.4Not updated
34Rasty Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US584.4Not updated
38Oddlyeven Forsaken FewMalfurion-US584.2Not updated
39Resigning  Malfurion-US583.9Not updated
40Atrocity  Malfurion-US583.8Not updated
40Billyblanks Forsaken FewMalfurion-US583.8Not updated
40Tankrocker  Malfurion-US583.8Not updated
43Highprince Arisen From ConflictMalfurion-US583.7Not updated
44Soulbender Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US583.3Not updated
44Kayla Forsaken FewMalfurion-US583.3Not updated
44Victarr Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US583.3Not updated
44Pawpye Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US583.3Not updated
48Soii  Malfurion-US583.2Not updated
48Crawley Forsaken FewMalfurion-US583.2Not updated
50Manaxx  Malfurion-US583.1Not updated
50Russelljones  Malfurion-US583.1Not updated
52Vaycation  Malfurion-US583.0Not updated
53Secndamend Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US582.9Not updated
53Pinne BirdIsTheWordMalfurion-US582.9Not updated
55Irker Going CommandoMalfurion-US582.8Not updated
56Dresial  Malfurion-US582.7Not updated
57Andivory Last Night of the KingsMalfurion-US582.5Not updated
57Leafblighter Last Night of the KingsMalfurion-US582.5Not updated
57Jooju Going CommandoMalfurion-US582.5Not updated
60Zasor  Malfurion-US582.4Not updated
61Wìndführer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US582.3Not updated
61Syrelliia Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US582.3Not updated
63Durenna Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US582.1Not updated
63Spoody  Malfurion-US582.1Not updated
63Diabro  Malfurion-US582.1Not updated
66Snowdancer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US582.0Not updated
67Grimskull Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US581.9Not updated
67Malian Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US581.9Not updated
67Megawizard  Malfurion-US581.9Not updated
67Sudn Forsaken FewMalfurion-US581.9Not updated
67Monsterdk Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US581.9Not updated
72Mlgunit  Malfurion-US581.8Not updated
73Stathris DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US581.7Not updated
74Spiçey Forsaken FewMalfurion-US581.6Not updated
74Niszka Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US581.6Not updated
74Trañquil Going CommandoMalfurion-US581.6Not updated
77Darkdestîny Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US581.5Not updated
78Thuzak Going CommandoMalfurion-US581.4Not updated
79Ishrn  Malfurion-US581.3Not updated
80Babyjoonz  Malfurion-US581.2Not updated
80Mascarade BirdIsTheWordMalfurion-US581.2Not updated
82Ogan DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US581.1Not updated
82Blackfriday DAMAGE INCORPORATEDMalfurion-US581.1Not updated
82Akumaru Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US581.1Not updated
82Pointblanc Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US581.1Not updated
86Nekrophilia Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US581.0Not updated
87Ebbies Last Night of the KingsMalfurion-US580.8Not updated
87Veete  Malfurion-US580.8Not updated
89Candomble Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US580.7Not updated
89Eillesthis UnscrupulousMalfurion-US580.7Not updated
89Kermann SerenityMalfurion-US580.7Not updated
89Monsterhots Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US580.7Not updated
93Pastorpain  Malfurion-US580.6Not updated
94Arkaya Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US580.5Not updated
95Kostaa Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US580.4Not updated
96Lunez Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US580.3Not updated
96Bluefairy  Malfurion-US580.3Not updated
98Mïghtymoo Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US580.2Not updated
98Mcfrosty Forsaken FewMalfurion-US580.2Not updated
100Mischief Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US580.1Not updated

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