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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Vennetta Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US590.6Not updated
1Melodyuu VisionsMal'Ganis-US590.6Not updated
1Razelli Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US590.6Not updated
4Teenaw Log HorizonMal'Ganis-US590.3Not updated
5Rinh Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US590.2Not updated
5Bromosapien VigilMal'Ganis-US590.2Not updated
7Vannisshh Semi RespectableMal'Ganis-US589.9Not updated
7Pallymarco Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US589.9Not updated
7Ilpad SeraphMal'Ganis-US589.9Not updated
10Cryptic VintageMal'Ganis-US589.8Not updated
11Chibob OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US589.6Not updated
12Abyss SeraphMal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
12Crispiesz Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
12Bohbasaur teamLUSTMal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
12Sprout Chosen GamingMal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
12Zealsie VigilMal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
12Sneakychai  Mal'Ganis-US589.5Not updated
18Óz DeliriumMal'Ganis-US589.2Not updated
18Aldaric VigilMal'Ganis-US589.2Not updated
18Roiid OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.2Not updated
21Yunera Chosen GamingMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Lukillith SeraphMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Vyrocksx OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Falliel MonsterMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Styyle OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Gazhad Semi RespectableMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Xorren Sanguine ProphecyMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
21Joeywinsly OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.1Not updated
29Archimtiros OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Dharok Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Narsul OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Kobrakai OvertureMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Blazedmayhem VintageMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Montez Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Collision OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
29Laracrõft VileMal'Ganis-US589.0Not updated
37Blvckmvgic SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Thewarmancer OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Marvon Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Chiyoye Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Korgarr DeliriumMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Orcanicwater VileMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Starserg Thats Soo RaidinMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
37Chitwerk Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US588.8Not updated
45Keziaa Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
45Sunloungerr VintageMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
45Thyrí VigilMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
45Rüb VileMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
45Duckeylol OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
45Cyvusx OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.7Not updated
51Oenghus MonsterMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Delessar VintageMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Monârch VigilMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Hollowness Stand by Your VanMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Garr SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Xiaojang SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Yogiz OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
51Aldrinna MonsterMal'Ganis-US588.6Not updated
59Jaycore VileMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Záyl WarfareMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Sadcatdiary WarfareMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Chows Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Gotchacoverd MilitantMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Sçott SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Eynx MilitantMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Hela Narwhals On FireMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Chaoscannon SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Macxz OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Drakeprism Chosen GamingMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
59Äo SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.4Not updated
71Lip OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Magster CliqueMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Shadøwcaster MonsterMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Dente MonsterMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Precizion VigilMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Sagane VigilMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Spinalcrack VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Jubeka SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Jôhnmcclane Echoes of EternityMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71You Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Druiman VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Licked OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Jayunya CliqueMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Mythorfir  Mal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Kroxxar VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Nnamdi SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Maxweii VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Boblette Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Ÿuno Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Vox VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Icchi OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Eazycheeze VintageMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Ntchrist OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Haeler DeliriumMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Xerxus Chosen GamingMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Doomkhai SeraphMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Foulbbqfeign OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Thetruealpha OvertureMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Sacer OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated
71Vigilicious OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US588.3Not updated

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