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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Maelstrom-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Dinexa Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US588.7Not updated
2Ygrett Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US587.5Not updated
3Knotrandall Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US587.1Not updated
3Fflewdyr Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US587.1Not updated
3Stonefinger Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US587.1Not updated
3Soaringeagle Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US587.1Not updated
7Irónknuckle Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US587.0Not updated
8Zamle WoeMaelstrom-US586.8Not updated
9Kaynub Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US586.7Not updated
10Gerrus Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US586.6Not updated
11Octavane Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US586.4Not updated
11Zarbin Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US586.4Not updated
11Arcynias Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US586.4Not updated
14Heisénberg Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US586.3Not updated
14Aetaxia Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US586.3Not updated
14Jofixit Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US586.3Not updated
17Xavier  Maelstrom-US586.0Not updated
18Ackanar Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US585.9Not updated
18Noteworthy Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US585.9Not updated
18Trollbrudda Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US585.9Not updated
18Fièrydeath Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US585.9Not updated
22Carmi Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.7Not updated
23Puncher Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US585.6Not updated
23Akrilo Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.6Not updated
23Zibi Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.6Not updated
26Kataklysim Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.5Not updated
26Abelf Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US585.5Not updated
28Gnancy Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US585.4Not updated
29Skylira Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US585.0Not updated
29Rokdas Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.0Not updated
29Aethrogate Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US585.0Not updated
32Imbalorcl Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US584.9Not updated
33Drezzaklok Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US584.8Not updated
34Darthbubble Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.6Not updated
35Trickster Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US584.5Not updated
35Rohto Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US584.5Not updated
37Primrose Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US584.4Not updated
37Sanor Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.4Not updated
39Dathion Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.3Not updated
40Ergalla WoeMaelstrom-US584.2Not updated
41Theson Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.1Not updated
41Jjookkeerr  Maelstrom-US584.1Not updated
43Junox Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.0Not updated
43Wim Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US584.0Not updated
45Jammerz Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US583.8Not updated
46Kalconahm Ex Cinis CinerisMaelstrom-US583.7Not updated
46Lycaræ Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US583.7Not updated
46Tankthat Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US583.7Not updated
49Thewärden Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US583.6Not updated
49Upsmash Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US583.6Not updated
49Animata Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US583.6Not updated
52Tokiha Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US583.5Not updated
53Ariesian Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US583.4Not updated
54Kulhwch Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US583.3Not updated
54Samle WoeMaelstrom-US583.3Not updated
54Chalkie Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US583.3Not updated
57Shivist  Maelstrom-US583.2Not updated
58Bergtrocity Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US583.1Not updated
59Kennori Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US582.9Not updated
59Pigpen WoeMaelstrom-US582.9Not updated
59Rwarwen Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US582.9Not updated
62Claire WoeMaelstrom-US582.8Not updated
62Arrakos Ex Cinis CinerisMaelstrom-US582.8Not updated
64Yodared Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US582.7Not updated
64Colamitus Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US582.7Not updated
66Jeiricho Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US582.6Not updated
67Saraden Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US582.5Not updated
68Ecclesiastes Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US582.4Not updated
68Sastisma Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US582.4Not updated
68Ashantinalis Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US582.4Not updated
68Foxxi Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US582.4Not updated
72Paindemic Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US582.3Not updated
72Duglaz The Exiled WarlordMaelstrom-US582.3Not updated
74Rubebarlow Ancient KnowledgeMaelstrom-US582.1Not updated
75Orîginal Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US582.0Not updated
76Rarìty Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US581.9Not updated
77Douchemd WoeMaelstrom-US581.6Not updated
77Preystalker Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US581.6Not updated
77Gorhoof WoeMaelstrom-US581.6Not updated
80Deathtauren Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US581.5Not updated
80Moment Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US581.5Not updated
80Vile AvalonMaelstrom-US581.5Not updated
83Pwyll Bloodfang RaidersMaelstrom-US581.3Not updated
84Mialeah  Maelstrom-US581.2Not updated
84Nakuta Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US581.2Not updated
86Aremi Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US581.1Not updated
86Braktog Xrills ArmyMaelstrom-US581.1Not updated
86Flamingcat Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US581.1Not updated
89Rhalanis Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US581.0Not updated
90Ekinacea Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US580.9Not updated
90Samdog  Maelstrom-US580.9Not updated
90Syrhyn Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US580.9Not updated
93Drezaria Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Najibfixit Ancient KnowledgeMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Nagishon For RequiemMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Jomeo Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Emmã Since VanillaMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Demophon Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Gnatalie Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated
93Asahhealer Ancient KnowledgeMaelstrom-US580.7Not updated

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