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Madoran-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Cadaveous HordecoreMadoran-US587.9
1Cee HordecoreMadoran-US587.9
3Alexander HordecoreMadoran-US587.5
4Tewk HordecoreMadoran-US587.1
5Brionik HordecoreMadoran-US586.7
5Gnorf MatadorMadoran-US586.7
7Antifu What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US586.4
8Ragè What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US586.0
9Unlikely What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US585.9
10Neró HordecoreMadoran-US585.8
11Teetsie What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US585.6
12Kateraa HordecoreMadoran-US585.5
13Crueltyok HordecoreMadoran-US585.3
14Jordinn What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US585.2
15Imaginos Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US584.9
16Legault MatadorMadoran-US584.4
16Drava What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US584.4
16Mastamagee HordecoreMadoran-US584.4
19Exotera HordecoreMadoran-US584.3
19Trystero HordecoreMadoran-US584.3
19Karamatsu HordecoreMadoran-US584.3
22Moxxy SKey GamingMadoran-US584.0
23Kiwee HordecoreMadoran-US583.9
24Kaylia Rising SunMadoran-US583.7
25Zappìt HordecoreMadoran-US583.3
25Daeby MatadorMadoran-US583.3
27Rodcet MatadorMadoran-US583.2
28Cowboykillér MatadorMadoran-US583.1
29Backstabs Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US582.6
30Marson Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US582.5
30Lionellá What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US582.5
32Phanex HordecoreMadoran-US582.3
33Oddsy Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US582.0
34Aryen EmpiricalMadoran-US581.9
34Zixeh HordecoreMadoran-US581.9
34Jenevive MatadorMadoran-US581.9
34Shadowsprite Rising SunMadoran-US581.9
38Tanymoonkin  Madoran-US581.7
39Hemihammer Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US581.6
39Nogusta HordecoreMadoran-US581.6
41Hedionist SKey GamingMadoran-US581.2
41Skarzog What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US581.2
43Quañchi Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US581.1
44Vissili Rising SunMadoran-US580.7Not updated
44Greyhaize Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US580.7
46Lickm ImpulseMadoran-US580.4
46Ànso MatadorMadoran-US580.4
48Ryzen Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US580.3
49Zawe HordecoreMadoran-US580.0
49Sostyria HordecoreMadoran-US580.0
51Gäijin HordecoreMadoran-US579.9
51Kørøbar What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US579.9
51Darober Rising SunMadoran-US579.9
51Bitterday HordecoreMadoran-US579.9
55Dansmorpher Madoran MaraudersMadoran-US579.6
56Belue HordecoreMadoran-US579.5
56Jordid HordecoreMadoran-US579.5
58Dariul Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US578.9
59Azzreal Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US578.8
60Vuh HordecoreMadoran-US578.7
61Aralisha SKey GamingMadoran-US578.6
62Doglured Rising SunMadoran-US578.5
62Mooce ØbsessionMadoran-US578.5
64Holö MatadorMadoran-US578.4
65Shoklaterain What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US578.3
66Vole HordecoreMadoran-US578.1
66Tyrianth ImpulseMadoran-US578.1
68Aeroflunkey SKey GamingMadoran-US578.0
68Huntildead EmpiricalMadoran-US578.0
70Glorfindell Rising SunMadoran-US577.9
70Solàce MatadorMadoran-US577.9
72Bashfulz  Madoran-US577.8Not updated
73Noreda BaylifeMadoran-US577.7
74Wounds HordecoreMadoran-US577.6
75Tricemus What Does Dog ThinkMadoran-US577.5Not updated
76Darní MatadorMadoran-US577.4
76Vênom BaylifeMadoran-US577.4
78Gandalt Legion of the UndyingMadoran-US577.3
79Spacedonkey SKey GamingMadoran-US577.1
79Brionickq BaylifeMadoran-US577.1
81Dungus MatadorMadoran-US576.8
81Decayna ImpulseMadoran-US576.8
81Goromere BaylifeMadoran-US576.8
84Faithine BaylifeMadoran-US576.7
85Schneidder MatadorMadoran-US576.6
86Zorcan KhaosMadoran-US576.5
86Blues ImpulseMadoran-US576.5
86Kazzadoom MatadorMadoran-US576.5
86Craigërs ImpulseMadoran-US576.5
90Rayketh HordecoreMadoran-US576.4
90Mancis ImpulseMadoran-US576.4
92Shoguñ ImpulseMadoran-US576.3
93Thêrä SKey GamingMadoran-US576.2
93Yunikita NightwishMadoran-US576.2
95Jascin The Dirty HordeMadoran-US576.1
96Barríck Sad PandaMadoran-US575.7
97Goldwine HordecoreMadoran-US575.6Not updated
98Maverran R e l o a d e dMadoran-US575.5
98Avvi KhaosMadoran-US575.5
100Keifam InsomniaMadoran-US575.4

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