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Lothar-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Oldine YARLothar-EU545.7Not updated
2Noriva YARLothar-EU543.7Not updated
3Agam YARLothar-EU538.5Not updated
4Panbärchen YARLothar-EU527.9Not updated
5Villáin YARLothar-EU525.5Not updated
6Zordie YARLothar-EU524.2Not updated
7Shorim YARLothar-EU521.7Not updated
8Ânksunamun YARLothar-EU521.2Not updated
9Fromhéll YARLothar-EU521.0Not updated
10Moxxi YARLothar-EU519.5Not updated
11Skyz YARLothar-EU514.3Not updated
11Yopo YARLothar-EU514.3
13Milenchen YARLothar-EU513.3Not updated
14Shaý YARLothar-EU510.1Not updated
15Veejiin YARLothar-EU508.3Not updated
16Kirchoff YARLothar-EU506.7Not updated
17Trici YARLothar-EU500.9Not updated
18Sebadin YARLothar-EU499.6Not updated
19Deathinda YARLothar-EU496.2Not updated
19Manuelsharkz YARLothar-EU496.2
21Littlewulf YARLothar-EU495.6Not updated
22Pandenjell YARLothar-EU493.3Not updated
23Enidlo YARLothar-EU489.3Not updated
24Manitaurús YARLothar-EU486.8Not updated
25Daimøs YARLothar-EU486.0Not updated
26Haderlump YARLothar-EU485.9Not updated
27Lumilina YARLothar-EU485.4Not updated
28Tictactoe YARLothar-EU484.9Not updated
29Nua YARLothar-EU484.6Not updated
29Slactan YARLothar-EU484.6Not updated
31Volcom YARLothar-EU484.4Not updated
32Nidabes YARLothar-EU483.1Not updated
33Xie YARLothar-EU480.6Not updated
34Totem YARLothar-EU480.1Not updated
35Kargoon YARLothar-EU479.1Not updated
36Kunkka YARLothar-EU476.2Not updated
37Lovély YARLothar-EU476.1Not updated
38Flops YARLothar-EU470.5Not updated
39Manticore YARLothar-EU470.0Not updated
40Mcdru YARLothar-EU467.7Not updated
41Listerna YARLothar-EU466.1
42Rhizan YARLothar-EU461.7Not updated
43Pandemona YARLothar-EU460.7Not updated
44Uhluul YARLothar-EU457.4Not updated
45Hugme YARLothar-EU456.9Not updated
46Weirdo YARLothar-EU455.2Not updated
47Phage YARLothar-EU435.3Not updated
48Radjuin YARLothar-EU434.4Not updated
49Katner YARLothar-EU433.5Not updated
50Sasur YARLothar-EU425.6Not updated
51Screwball YARLothar-EU407.5Not updated
52Yfire YARLothar-EU404.7Not updated
53Shélby YARLothar-EU404.3Not updated
54Bentén YARLothar-EU403.5Not updated
55Runxx YARLothar-EU400.2Not updated
55Vexi YARLothar-EU400.2Not updated
57Mcgriver YARLothar-EU399.6Not updated
58Staurus YARLothar-EU398.6Not updated
59Maven YARLothar-EU395.3Not updated
60Lefatz YARLothar-EU394.9Not updated
61Neilana YARLothar-EU393.8Not updated
62Sinbelore YARLothar-EU393.2Not updated
63Nesaya YARLothar-EU392.4Not updated
64Sidira YARLothar-EU391.8Not updated
65Ioreth YARLothar-EU391.1Not updated
66Volrath YARLothar-EU390.9Not updated
67Finnmar YARLothar-EU390.3Not updated
68Hunsolo YARLothar-EU390.0Not updated
68Mackenzie YARLothar-EU390.0Not updated
70Chainwayne YARLothar-EU389.9Not updated
71Sordino YARLothar-EU389.8Not updated
72Nebalee YARLothar-EU389.7Not updated
73Dónár YARLothar-EU389.4Not updated
74Artewar YARLothar-EU388.7Not updated
74Atrixx YARLothar-EU388.7Not updated
76Lefátz YARLothar-EU388.1Not updated
77Chekovski YARLothar-EU387.5Not updated
78Elliona YARLothar-EU387.0Not updated
79Krosan YARLothar-EU386.9Not updated
80Xór YARLothar-EU384.7Not updated
81Zappzarapp YARLothar-EU383.8Not updated
82Loco YARLothar-EU383.6Not updated
83Klingenwart YARLothar-EU383.0Not updated
84Wodkà YARLothar-EU382.9Not updated
85Vanà YARLothar-EU382.2Not updated
86Bombentroll YARLothar-EU381.5Not updated
87Baylife YARLothar-EU380.2Not updated
87Serioùs YARLothar-EU380.2Not updated
89Próu YARLothar-EU379.7Not updated
90Zotty YARLothar-EU379.6Not updated
91Cowntra YARLothar-EU379.4Not updated
92Zarexa YARLothar-EU377.9Not updated
93Grandpapa YARLothar-EU377.8Not updated
94Whateverest YARLothar-EU377.6Not updated
95Çookymonster YARLothar-EU377.5Not updated
96Livíd YARLothar-EU377.1Not updated
97Sord YARLothar-EU376.3Not updated
97Zuul YARLothar-EU376.3Not updated
99Zaòó YARLothar-EU375.8Not updated
100Goatzta YARLothar-EU375.6Not updated

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