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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Zäk RevolutïonLothar-US589.2Not updated
1Lilnumbers RevolutïonLothar-US589.2Not updated
3Annmarie Kingdom of DamnationLothar-US588.3Not updated
4Nouheal The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US588.0Not updated
5Vlademir Tornado of SoulsLothar-US587.2Not updated
6Foarce RevolutïonLothar-US587.1Not updated
7Sleger  Lothar-US586.7Not updated
8Iranianmusic  Lothar-US586.4Not updated
9Velius The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US586.3Not updated
9Lohrok RevolutïonLothar-US586.3Not updated
11Xtroyes RevolutïonLothar-US586.0Not updated
11Pyroblayze The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US586.0Not updated
13Ysgramol The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.9Not updated
14Jackwhacker The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.6Not updated
15Blakekevin RevolutïonLothar-US585.5Not updated
15Sält RevolutïonLothar-US585.5Not updated
17Buzwho RevolutïonLothar-US585.2Not updated
18Staldia The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.1Not updated
18Darkthion The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.1Not updated
18Claiss The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.1Not updated
18Creeping DPSLothar-US585.1Not updated
22Rufflegut The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US585.0Not updated
23Aenloran DPSLothar-US584.9Not updated
24Valliana Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US584.8Not updated
24Damae RevolutïonLothar-US584.8Not updated
26Balronix Silver BannersLothar-US584.5Not updated
27Emaytete The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US584.4Not updated
28Shaojun  Lothar-US584.1Not updated
28Rithanur Kingdom of DamnationLothar-US584.1Not updated
28Lohkie RevolutïonLothar-US584.1Not updated
31Starvatíon Mission AccomplishedLothar-US584.0Not updated
32Vindemiatri The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US583.9Not updated
32Bdelicious Mission AccomplishedLothar-US583.9Not updated
34Wipperwil The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US583.8Not updated
35Face RevolutïonLothar-US583.7Not updated
35Lohkin RevolutïonLothar-US583.7Not updated
37Dzd  Lothar-US583.4Not updated
38Zenhunter Mission AccomplishedLothar-US583.3Not updated
38Xxicarus RevolutïonLothar-US583.3Not updated
38Vunkilla Mission AccomplishedLothar-US583.3Not updated
41Xerel  Lothar-US583.2Not updated
41Heartshots RevolutïonLothar-US583.2Not updated
41Mogio  Lothar-US583.2Not updated
44Peppercat Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US583.1Not updated
45Elpoonie Kingdom of DamnationLothar-US582.9Not updated
45Andelain The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US582.9Not updated
47Brokenwisdom  Lothar-US582.8Not updated
48Ammitsol The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US582.5Not updated
49Baeofqts RevolutïonLothar-US582.4Not updated
50Stronglock El Toro LocoLothar-US582.3Not updated
50Sweetbee Primal OnslaughtLothar-US582.3Not updated
52Hyle Mission AccomplishedLothar-US582.0Not updated
52Azrafine The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US582.0Not updated
52Haxmage Mission AccomplishedLothar-US582.0Not updated
52Seyoth RevolutïonLothar-US582.0Not updated
56Canà  Lothar-US581.9Not updated
56Shebangs EndureLothar-US581.9Not updated
56Dömittus RevolutïonLothar-US581.9Not updated
59Lolalee RevolutïonLothar-US581.5Not updated
59Aberne Mission AccomplishedLothar-US581.5Not updated
59Catheree The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US581.5Not updated
59Domittus RevolutïonLothar-US581.5Not updated
63Mckelvina The UnboundLothar-US581.3Not updated
64Derwin  Lothar-US581.2Not updated
64Hunthor DPSLothar-US581.2Not updated
66Allric The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US581.1Not updated
66Strongpan El Toro LocoLothar-US581.1Not updated
66Bariirr RevolutïonLothar-US581.1Not updated
69Bellatorius Silver BannersLothar-US581.0Not updated
70Baleburne  Lothar-US580.7Not updated
70Nastyfoo Primal OnslaughtLothar-US580.7Not updated
70Kalyana  Lothar-US580.7Not updated
73Zareksol The Ancient CrusadeLothar-US580.6Not updated
74Gordomon AlphasLothar-US580.3Not updated
74Zandiin Tornado of SoulsLothar-US580.3Not updated
76Otterpop Primal OnslaughtLothar-US580.2Not updated
76Naipillo Silver BannersLothar-US580.2Not updated
78Elbrujaso Silver BannersLothar-US580.0Not updated
78Rutro  Lothar-US580.0Not updated
78Pureheaven Primal OnslaughtLothar-US580.0Not updated
81Dugray El Toro LocoLothar-US579.9Not updated
81Natmonk El Toro LocoLothar-US579.9Not updated
83Rogio BOPELothar-US579.8Not updated
84Masakari Volatile RumLothar-US579.7Not updated
85Bringthepain Primal OnslaughtLothar-US579.6Not updated
86Flashdance  Lothar-US579.3Not updated
86Bonq CelestialLothar-US579.3Not updated
86Barrage El Toro LocoLothar-US579.3Not updated
86Eite Primal OnslaughtLothar-US579.3Not updated
86Zaaga KriegsmarineLothar-US579.3Not updated
91Azraille Mission AccomplishedLothar-US579.2Not updated
91Xeno El Toro LocoLothar-US579.2Not updated
91Alcinia LAWL PatrolLothar-US579.2Not updated
94Lobo RevolutïonLothar-US579.1Not updated
94Mitrixx Mission AccomplishedLothar-US579.1Not updated
94Awefull RevolutïonLothar-US579.1Not updated
97Holyhooters Tornado of SoulsLothar-US579.0Not updated
97Kae Full Blown RaidsLothar-US579.0Not updated
99Yunzi El Toro LocoLothar-US578.9Not updated
99Onewingmonk DPSLothar-US578.9Not updated

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