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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lordaeron-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Hàákôn Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU588.8Not updated
1Chìyo Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU588.8Not updated
1Sqxx UnitedLordaeron-EU588.8Not updated
4Yperit de la SolLordaeron-EU588.7Not updated
5Êrzêngêl de la SolLordaeron-EU588.6Not updated
5Voxdeii de la SolLordaeron-EU588.6Not updated
7Soilbreak KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU588.4Not updated
8Henriette de la SolLordaeron-EU588.3Not updated
9Racanos NíghtfallLordaeron-EU588.2Not updated
10Bellator NíghtfallLordaeron-EU587.9Not updated
10Dreizehen ExceedLordaeron-EU587.9Not updated
10Nephoi de la SolLordaeron-EU587.9Not updated
10Sarturia  Lordaeron-EU587.9Not updated
10Kyujutsu de la SolLordaeron-EU587.9Not updated
15Galdoctil de la SolLordaeron-EU587.5Not updated
15Abbendis de la SolLordaeron-EU587.5Not updated
15Augustinos de la SolLordaeron-EU587.5Not updated
15Siouv de la SolLordaeron-EU587.5Not updated
15Generino de la SolLordaeron-EU587.5Not updated
20Nod de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Ràwry de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Jogkjöld de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Anthorin TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Insbeth de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Ellita de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Crashendo de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Woltanus de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Whitefang de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
20Jaysaw de la SolLordaeron-EU587.1Not updated
30Kimika Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU586.9Not updated
31Sreyk de la SolLordaeron-EU586.8Not updated
31Pixxlpwn NíghtfallLordaeron-EU586.8Not updated
31Mehriadon de la SolLordaeron-EU586.8Not updated
34Ontello TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU586.7Not updated
34Elentâri de la SolLordaeron-EU586.7Not updated
36Lìselotte de la SolLordaeron-EU586.5Not updated
37Fiodien  Lordaeron-EU586.4Not updated
37Illumina Extreme RageLordaeron-EU586.4Not updated
37Summervale NíghtfallLordaeron-EU586.4Not updated
37Mekania StormbornLordaeron-EU586.4Not updated
41Kunax Crit HappensLordaeron-EU586.3Not updated
41Nûrag RavenheartsLordaeron-EU586.3Not updated
41Cyfer Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU586.3Not updated
41Iceyy Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU586.3Not updated
45Jatao UnitedLordaeron-EU586.0Not updated
45Màgic de la SolLordaeron-EU586.0Not updated
45Âenima de la SolLordaeron-EU586.0Not updated
48Vefilia de la SolLordaeron-EU585.9Not updated
48Adelmond  Lordaeron-EU585.9Not updated
48Smitty NíghtfallLordaeron-EU585.9Not updated
48Dameha  Lordaeron-EU585.9Not updated
48Sphinx NíghtfallLordaeron-EU585.9Not updated
53Fränklyn de la SolLordaeron-EU585.6Not updated
53Titusonkelz PowerschlübberLordaeron-EU585.6Not updated
55Shádowclaw ElunariLordaeron-EU585.5Not updated
55Gundrabar TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU585.5Not updated
55Zimilia NíghtfallLordaeron-EU585.5Not updated
55Ryun Misanthropic ArtLordaeron-EU585.5Not updated
55Glôw de la SolLordaeron-EU585.5Not updated
60Hoholy UnitedLordaeron-EU585.4Not updated
61Mondalia UnitedLordaeron-EU585.3Not updated
62Némpos StormbornLordaeron-EU585.2Not updated
62Sambama de la SolLordaeron-EU585.2Not updated
62Shattra de la SolLordaeron-EU585.2Not updated
62Mikana TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU585.2Not updated
62Obikeyfix  Lordaeron-EU585.2Not updated
67Doómlord TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU585.0Not updated
67Marmora UnitedLordaeron-EU585.0Not updated
69Allizze Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Yirara UnitedLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Phophos Rising FireLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Sarira  Lordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Púg You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Escalibur UnitedLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Mekash Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
69Damagedieter TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU584.8Not updated
77Jeeper Kingdom of LordaeronLordaeron-EU584.6Not updated
77Ardennardo TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU584.6Not updated
77Naderian KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU584.6Not updated
77Dranira StormbornLordaeron-EU584.6Not updated
81Vîncênt KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
81Blindbear UnitedLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
81Epôna NíghtfallLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
81Cerion UnitedLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
81Trithôn KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
81Warbandit TeufelswerkLordaeron-EU584.5Not updated
87Meradesch Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU584.4Not updated
88Fairdevil Kingdom of LordaeronLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
88Laffitte KriegsgedonnertLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
88Xayides StormbornLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
88Dabrax NíghtfallLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
88Holunder NíghtfallLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
88Mattdevil UnitedLordaeron-EU584.2Not updated
94Elmagic Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU584.1Not updated
94Dakario NíghtfallLordaeron-EU584.1Not updated
94Borga Awesome RaidingLordaeron-EU584.1Not updated
94Unicorn You Dont Know MeLordaeron-EU584.1Not updated
98Nøsferatu  Lordaeron-EU584.0Not updated
98Zimy NíghtfallLordaeron-EU584.0Not updated
100Alfies de la SolLordaeron-EU583.9Not updated

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