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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Llane-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Judis NemesisLlane-US589.1Not updated
2Spiradiscia JudgementLlane-US588.6Not updated
3Angua Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US588.0Not updated
3Cassaca JudgementLlane-US588.0Not updated
3Nåyru NemesisLlane-US588.0Not updated
6Slobbydwarf NemesisLlane-US587.9Not updated
7Theia Paradigm ReduxLlane-US587.6Not updated
7Darkjester JudgementLlane-US587.6Not updated
9Amethystdrac NemesisLlane-US587.5Not updated
10Relocatah JudgementLlane-US587.1Not updated
11Raidne NemesisLlane-US586.8Not updated
11Sheezurho KatetLlane-US586.8Not updated
11Drmadheals JudgementLlane-US586.8Not updated
14Ixnay NemesisLlane-US586.4Not updated
14Shanonymous NemesisLlane-US586.4Not updated
14Peaches NemesisLlane-US586.4Not updated
17Justicepries JudgementLlane-US586.3Not updated
17Itchynose Requiem EternumLlane-US586.3Not updated
17Nitesorrow NemesisLlane-US586.3Not updated
20Hexellent NemesisLlane-US586.0Not updated
20Plágued JudgementLlane-US586.0Not updated
20Tørque NemesisLlane-US586.0Not updated
20Uhaveonetoo JudgementLlane-US586.0Not updated
24Shear NemesisLlane-US585.9Not updated
24Trestféll Moon KnightsLlane-US585.9Not updated
24Lasla JudgementLlane-US585.9Not updated
24Willybeamen Stamus In IgnemLlane-US585.9Not updated
28Sheeva JudgementLlane-US585.7Not updated
29Sagestone NemesisLlane-US585.6Not updated
29Matricidal JudgementLlane-US585.6Not updated
29Angusmcdowel NemesisLlane-US585.6Not updated
32Kyllea Irate PiratesLlane-US585.5Not updated
32Quix JudgementLlane-US585.5Not updated
32Szechuan NemesisLlane-US585.5Not updated
35Kinst Red ShadowsLlane-US585.4Not updated
36Dratas JudgementLlane-US585.3Not updated
37Ethershaman JudgementLlane-US585.2Not updated
37Nyima JudgementLlane-US585.2Not updated
37Sawdust SeveredLlane-US585.2Not updated
40Markdees FuseLlane-US585.0Not updated
40Dotcity JudgementLlane-US585.0Not updated
42Zerian JudgementLlane-US584.9Not updated
43Æzura Irate PiratesLlane-US584.7Not updated
44Shartz Requiem EternumLlane-US584.6Not updated
44Trulia  Llane-US584.6Not updated
44Gnomenator Irate PiratesLlane-US584.6Not updated
44Hallowedsins The WolfpackLlane-US584.6Not updated
48Dekken The WolfpackLlane-US584.5Not updated
48Bearlock SeveredLlane-US584.5Not updated
48Brodeur  Llane-US584.5Not updated
51Zetch The WolfpackLlane-US584.4Not updated
51Magemike JudgementLlane-US584.4Not updated
53Click Requiem EternumLlane-US584.2Not updated
53Strov Irate PiratesLlane-US584.2Not updated
55Azakura JudgementLlane-US584.1Not updated
55Nitzi The WolfpackLlane-US584.1Not updated
55Maryjanetree The WolfpackLlane-US584.1Not updated
55Poppinrocks  Llane-US584.1Not updated
59Poppolicious SeveredLlane-US584.0Not updated
60Ariyka Stamus In IgnemLlane-US583.9Not updated
61Reefguy JudgementLlane-US583.7Not updated
61Droiden Red HammerLlane-US583.7Not updated
61Rinzul The WolfpackLlane-US583.7Not updated
61Hippyflip The WolfpackLlane-US583.7Not updated
65Morfury  Llane-US583.6Not updated
65Kerrimeaway JudgementLlane-US583.6Not updated
67Newarak NemesisLlane-US583.5Not updated
68Bisdak AegisLlane-US583.3Not updated
68Camford JudgementLlane-US583.3Not updated
68Jogan Requiem EternumLlane-US583.3Not updated
68Allasst BlackDeathLlane-US583.3Not updated
72Hiten JudgementLlane-US583.2Not updated
72Ninegenerals The WolfpackLlane-US583.2Not updated
72Teenyfists Stamus In IgnemLlane-US583.2Not updated
72Selenè Irate PiratesLlane-US583.2Not updated
72Angelsoft Irate PiratesLlane-US583.2Not updated
72Gloss SeveredLlane-US583.2Not updated
78Dwooid JudgementLlane-US583.1Not updated
79Skulrid Requiem EternumLlane-US582.9Not updated
79Arbsen Irate PiratesLlane-US582.9Not updated
79Adralvan InsomniacsLlane-US582.9Not updated
82Ophj Outlaw JusticeLlane-US582.8Not updated
82Spaztech Irate PiratesLlane-US582.8Not updated
82Gameslayer Requiem EternumLlane-US582.8Not updated
85Jayellous BlackDeathLlane-US582.5Not updated
85Faketank Irate PiratesLlane-US582.5Not updated
87Phuumyn Requiem EternumLlane-US582.4Not updated
87Unseendeth Stamus In IgnemLlane-US582.4Not updated
87Karahip EpignosisLlane-US582.4Not updated
87Lokknar EpignosisLlane-US582.4Not updated
91Meilyn Irate PiratesLlane-US582.3Not updated
92Rashalamun Requiem EternumLlane-US582.2Not updated
92Marvinn Stamus In IgnemLlane-US582.2Not updated
94Crepetiswar Outlaw JusticeLlane-US582.0Not updated
94Kurie Paradigm ReduxLlane-US582.0Not updated
96Keleena Red ShadowsLlane-US581.9Not updated
96Needalight Irate PiratesLlane-US581.9Not updated
96Erikthegreen BlackDeathLlane-US581.9Not updated
96Deathkun Irate PiratesLlane-US581.9Not updated
96Megamedes JudgementLlane-US581.9Not updated

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