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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightbringer-EU ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Oxxie Crayola IncLightbringer-EU589.9Not updated
1Free Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU589.9Not updated
3Sornok Dark FusionLightbringer-EU589.2Not updated
4Yarog Crayola IncLightbringer-EU589.1Not updated
4Consortius Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU589.1Not updated
4Charmandria Crayola IncLightbringer-EU589.1Not updated
7Rained Crayola IncLightbringer-EU589.0Not updated
7Redsparowe Crayola IncLightbringer-EU589.0Not updated
9Samdalf Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.8Not updated
10Haximusprime Crayola IncLightbringer-EU588.7Not updated
11Yew Crayola IncLightbringer-EU588.6Not updated
11Lyricals Crayola IncLightbringer-EU588.6Not updated
13Bebulini Dark FusionLightbringer-EU588.4Not updated
13Koritsu FuriousLightbringer-EU588.4Not updated
13Zhagath Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.4Not updated
13Tapaturma Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.4Not updated
13Moraven Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.4Not updated
18Kebaboy Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.3Not updated
18Martiini Crayola IncLightbringer-EU588.3Not updated
18Jinx Crayola IncLightbringer-EU588.3Not updated
21Latéralus Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU588.2Not updated
21Smashychan Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU588.2Not updated
21Juked Et lux in tenebris lucetLightbringer-EU588.2Not updated
24Seliuz Pia VindexLightbringer-EU588.0Not updated
24Ainarox DestinationLightbringer-EU588.0Not updated
26Ductile Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Elyanis The RisingLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Zunia Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Feudal Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Treacherous Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Aranellis Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Posix Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Gwooswayne Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Hunní Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Aons Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Ballin Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Zensonïa Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
26Kyrushilol Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.9Not updated
39Azreas Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Fallensoul Et lux in tenebris lucetLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Xzll Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Arc Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Etluxie Et lux in tenebris lucetLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Wocatuf Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Pinti Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Zelkypooh Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Tundradmg Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Mikkeri Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Abdirkin Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
39Tjasa Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.5Not updated
51Stripgirl Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.2Not updated
51Hilaz Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.2Not updated
51Daegranos Dark FusionLightbringer-EU587.2Not updated
54Vuukilicious Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Frööse Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Hotsstuff Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Magistino Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Plåzm Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Flîfluff Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Jessismage The RisingLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Affliction Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Xerosaur Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Munq Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Dxilence Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Backzy Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Elvira Pia VindexLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Oxxy Crayola IncLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
54Alviarin Dark FusionLightbringer-EU587.1Not updated
69Igniter Pia VindexLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
69Dhanir Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
69Shannox Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
69Husti Pia VindexLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
69Zylana Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
69Stönner DestinationLightbringer-EU586.8Not updated
75Egg DestinationLightbringer-EU586.7Not updated
75Kilgrim Dark FusionLightbringer-EU586.7Not updated
77Strafe OverExposureLightbringer-EU586.6Not updated
78Nakentjej Crayola IncLightbringer-EU586.5Not updated
78Seth Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.5Not updated
80Supershaman Crayola IncLightbringer-EU586.4Not updated
80Iustitiæ FuriousLightbringer-EU586.4Not updated
80Wolfroguee FuriousLightbringer-EU586.4Not updated
80Pumpaction Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.4Not updated
84Ozma The RisingLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
84Yunalèsca The RisingLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
84Barriguete DestinationLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
84Arcys Pia VindexLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
84Patronise Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
84Bluepanda Dark Portal MonkeysLightbringer-EU586.3Not updated
90Habarotta Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.2Not updated
91Lertsu Pia VindexLightbringer-EU586.0Not updated
91Thaé Crayola IncLightbringer-EU586.0Not updated
91Ziivha Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU586.0Not updated
94Kaikury Dark FusionLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Wutbut  Lightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Reignsupreme Unknown EntityLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Extraneous Dark FusionLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Soulchild FuriousLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Nuria DestinationLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated
94Fluffycatbg FuriousLightbringer-EU585.9Not updated

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