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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Light's Hope-TW ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Extase 喵魂Light's Hope-TW599.5
2Brynhilda 喵魂Light's Hope-TW597.9
3Platina 喵魂Light's Hope-TW596.5
3Amina 同班同學Light's Hope-TW596.5
5Hanplus 熱血Light's Hope-TW596.1Not updated
6天使舞儿 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.8
6Simplemage 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.8
6四月凛冬 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW595.8Not updated
6零式之火 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.8
6曙光希望 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.8Not updated
11Aminamagic 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.7
11兇鳥 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.7
11天使月儿 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.7
11貓貓的小兔子 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
11Elviszuo 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
11黯天使乂無顏 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.7
11悠萊  Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
11壞壞的月光 聯盟烏托邦休閑會所Light's Hope-TW595.7
11焰扉 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
11深童 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
11可愛的屁屁 合作社Light's Hope-TW595.7Not updated
22黑暗可兒 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW595.5
23翦瞳 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.4Not updated
23Syahu MYTH from BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW595.4Not updated
23Liudavid 熱血Light's Hope-TW595.4Not updated
23洛神冰封 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.4
27Nie 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.3
27巧月玲瓏 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.3
27遠阪翎  Light's Hope-TW595.3Not updated
27輕言細語 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.3
27一艾維娜一 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.3Not updated
27Tornado 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.3Not updated
27落羽熊熊 聯盟烏托邦休閑會所Light's Hope-TW595.3
27扎克飛 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.3Not updated
27藥師寺漾兒 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.3Not updated
36天使飛楊 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.2
36屎爺 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW595.2
38夢卡卡  Light's Hope-TW595.0Not updated
38輕舞飛摥 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.0
38瑟坦特 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW595.0
38Randgrith 喵魂Light's Hope-TW595.0
38阿妮婭 USTLight's Hope-TW595.0Not updated
43不給捏捏 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.9
43逤夜 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.9
43不死鞭 奧格瑪神秘金庫職員Light's Hope-TW594.9
43迴逆十六夜月 莫失莫忘Light's Hope-TW594.9Not updated
43天使可可儿 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.9Not updated
43梅迪西斯 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.9
49小小凌月靈 ICBCLight's Hope-TW594.7Not updated
50奈奈格敻迪 天空殿Light's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
50心肝 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
50貓了個咪的 天空殿Light's Hope-TW594.6
50Ballay Eternal MythLight's Hope-TW594.6
50終末之毀傷  Light's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
50月影飛雪 USTLight's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
50習小薇 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
50舞櫻千世 熱血Light's Hope-TW594.6Not updated
58殘心獵人  Light's Hope-TW594.5
58玄狼 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.5
58妹狐狸 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.5
58劭桓 天下有情Light's Hope-TW594.5
58逐風之吻 Light ElvesLight's Hope-TW594.5
58Lovelystars  Light's Hope-TW594.5Not updated
58萌萌的露露炭 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW594.5Not updated
58曉風南 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.5
58Catarions 天空殿Light's Hope-TW594.5Not updated
67Milfs 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.4
67左手揮刀 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW594.4
67納米斯 娃娃軍團Light's Hope-TW594.4Not updated
70小比嘉愛未 ICBCLight's Hope-TW594.3
70Lostmemories 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.3Not updated
72靈音紫光琉璃  Light's Hope-TW594.2Not updated
72魅妮  Light's Hope-TW594.2Not updated
72流淚的冰糖 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.2
72弒神魔影 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW594.2
72Hermia 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.2
72田中兆群 SparkleLight's Hope-TW594.2
72怪怪舞 USTLight's Hope-TW594.2Not updated
72善變的他 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.2
72Yokamozs ICBCLight's Hope-TW594.2Not updated
72Thekratos 天空殿Light's Hope-TW594.2
72Darkprison  Light's Hope-TW594.2Not updated
83老火魚 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW594.1Not updated
83洛可夏拉 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW594.1
83Aminahunter 同班同學Light's Hope-TW594.1
83愛吃糖的喵 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.1
83迷失旅途 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW594.1
83蕾姬咩咩 雙城Light's Hope-TW594.1
83捏捏可兒 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.1Not updated
83馬哥哥 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.1
83捏捏貓貓 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.1Not updated
83曼曼的微笑  Light's Hope-TW594.1Not updated
83呥兒 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.1
83Hanpanda 熱血Light's Hope-TW594.1Not updated
95聞太師 喵魂Light's Hope-TW594.0Not updated
95天使貓貓 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.0Not updated
95肚子咕咕叫 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW594.0Not updated
95一安魂一 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW594.0Not updated
95Kenwai 但丁神曲Light's Hope-TW594.0Not updated
100中國式同居 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW593.9

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