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Laughing Skull-US ILevel
GuildRealmItem Level
1Xaide VoidLaughing Skull-US578.4
2Deerty VoidLaughing Skull-US578.3
3Stabbay VoidLaughing Skull-US577.6
4Penndamonium VoidLaughing Skull-US577.5
5Eyeheelgud The SourceLaughing Skull-US577.4
6Powertoke The SourceLaughing Skull-US577.3
6Masato The SourceLaughing Skull-US577.3
8Bobërt The SourceLaughing Skull-US577.1
8Gavvy VoidLaughing Skull-US577.1
10Crzed VoidLaughing Skull-US576.9
11Zilasaur The SourceLaughing Skull-US576.8
12Casa VoidLaughing Skull-US576.7
12Troladin One Shot At GloryLaughing Skull-US576.7
14Nyxandra PrevengeLaughing Skull-US576.5
14Darkestdion Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US576.5
16Injected VoidLaughing Skull-US576.4
16Senkä The SourceLaughing Skull-US576.4
16Ineedheal The SourceLaughing Skull-US576.4
19Whiteràh VoidLaughing Skull-US576.3Not updated
20Kadushi PrevengeLaughing Skull-US576.2
20Shoeonymous VoidLaughing Skull-US576.2
20Winterella Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US576.2
20Vasvara SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US576.2
24Bubleheart VoidLaughing Skull-US576.1
24Sevenseeker The SourceLaughing Skull-US576.1
24Chooch The SourceLaughing Skull-US576.1
27Bellexi Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US576.0
27Ballpooner VoidLaughing Skull-US576.0
29Moe The SourceLaughing Skull-US575.9
30Blz VoidLaughing Skull-US575.8
30Smathunt The SourceLaughing Skull-US575.8
30Outcold VoidLaughing Skull-US575.8
33Cäzadora The SourceLaughing Skull-US575.7
33Bootzie The SourceLaughing Skull-US575.7
35Huntre Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US575.4
36Windcaster The SourceLaughing Skull-US575.1
37Bhai PrevengeLaughing Skull-US574.9
38Zenorc The SourceLaughing Skull-US574.8
38Jukebocks PrevengeLaughing Skull-US574.8
38Madikin SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US574.8
41Terias VoidLaughing Skull-US574.6
42Atheismftw VoidLaughing Skull-US574.5
42Rezica PrevengeLaughing Skull-US574.5
44Jèssicà  Laughing Skull-US574.4
44Lucratibon The SourceLaughing Skull-US574.4
44Elemaniac SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US574.4
44Douevnuplift VoidLaughing Skull-US574.4
48Coldlock The SourceLaughing Skull-US574.3
49Corpsel Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US574.2
49Phoebos SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US574.2
51Bazilfaultie PrevengeLaughing Skull-US574.1
52Squishyshamm Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US574.0
53Pogzor Hyjal Kids Hyjal WivesLaughing Skull-US573.9
54Deimos SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US573.6
55Hunttin Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US573.5
55Unpossibru VoidLaughing Skull-US573.5
55Bahtila The SourceLaughing Skull-US573.5
58Miriel PrevengeLaughing Skull-US573.2
58Bormes The SourceLaughing Skull-US573.2
58Gimpy The SourceLaughing Skull-US573.2
58Blitzwerk Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US573.2
62Thradrena PrevengeLaughing Skull-US573.1
63Urndal SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US572.8
63Pwndaria  Laughing Skull-US572.8
65Fattz Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US572.7
65Rügër  Laughing Skull-US572.7
65Ezraela PrevengeLaughing Skull-US572.7
65Tsali Burning AdrenalineLaughing Skull-US572.7
65Malucö Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US572.7
70Nosten Burning AdrenalineLaughing Skull-US572.5Not updated
71Bigstach Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US572.4
72Felamuñe PrevengeLaughing Skull-US572.3
72Braesong  Laughing Skull-US572.3
74Gummers PrevengeLaughing Skull-US572.2
75Ermonnix Forsaken AfflictionLaughing Skull-US572.1
76Mandate It FitsLaughing Skull-US572.0
76Razhumikinn Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US572.0
78Frostedflake SinForsakenLaughing Skull-US571.9
79Goocheymane  Laughing Skull-US571.6
79Dirkdiesel Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US571.6
79Rassypanx PrevengeLaughing Skull-US571.6
79Ilovechicken  Laughing Skull-US571.6
83Nìnna PrevengeLaughing Skull-US571.5
83Frank AltercationLaughing Skull-US571.5
83Fardochette Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US571.5
86Grohn Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US571.4
87Jitt  Laughing Skull-US571.2
87Manrick It FitsLaughing Skull-US571.2
89Loobu Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US571.1
90Milarose PrevengeLaughing Skull-US571.0
91Litebulb VoidLaughing Skull-US570.9
91Marzalas Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US570.9
91Jojosez Almost ClassicLaughing Skull-US570.9
91Hoosnext Sons of AnarchyLaughing Skull-US570.9
95Garth Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US570.8
95Nexsis Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US570.8
95Soulstained PrevengeLaughing Skull-US570.8
98Cheezydilla The SourceLaughing Skull-US570.7
98Finally  Laughing Skull-US570.7
98Miltänk VoidLaughing Skull-US570.7

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